Certainly Not [Redacted]
Containment Procedure: Scp-XXXX must have complete sound muting headphones on at all times. Scp-XXXX is to be kept in a 10x10x10 meter room lined with foam padding, and be at least two meters in thickness and made of iron and concrete alloy. Scp-XXXX’s door is to be at least two meters in thickness, and made out of an iron and concrete alloy to prevent containment breach. Sedative gas is to be pumped into the containment chamber at all times from a vent located on the ceiling of the chamber. There are to be at least four armed guards stationed outside of the chambers doors at all times. Guards are instructed to only communicate through symbols and are to only speak under extreme circumstances. Scp-XXXX’s chambers are to be located at least five miles from any other Scp containment chambers.

Description: Scp-XXXX appears to be a caucasian middle aged man weighing 168.93 lbs.height of 6’2’. All hair, facial hair and other hair does not seem to increase in length, unless during and for a short period after an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 appears. Scps eye color varies depending on whether or not it is a white silver or red level event. Scp-XXXX aslo has a long scar down the middle of its chest measuring 19 in. 21 in. 22 in. 24 in. Scp-XXXX was discovered in 1997 In Cardiff wales after an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 aperad while Scp-XXXX was auditioning for a local play.

Scp-XXXX is very social and acts as a normal human, but does not require any forms of nutrition except for during and for a short period after an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 apperears. Scp-XXXX reacts normally to all contact and verbal expressions, except when referred to as [Redacted]. Scp-XXXX will then go extremely docile for less than a minute before then falling over in pain for 5-15 minutes. Then Scp-XXXX’s chest will begin to bludge before the scar on Scp-XXXX’s chest will pull open, displaying an array of teeth varying in sizes and shape, and appear to be teeth resembling those of the creatures in the near vicinity of Scp-XXXX this does not include scps this does not include inanimate Scps. Behind the opening there appears to be tube coated in red slime, and other kinds of grime and human excrement, this chamber measures approximately two feet in diameter, and seems to go back for 4 feet 10 feet an unknown length. A Period of exactly one minute and 37.89 seconds will go by before sounds resembling those of all creatures in the near vicinity begin to come from the hole. Another 22.11 seconds will go by before an instance of SCP 4000-1 will crawl from the tube. SCP 4000-1 is a creature made up of the parts of other creatures within a five mile vicinity Scp-XXXX. Scp-XXXX-1 will attack anyone that called SCP 4000 [Redacted]. Unless during an red level event people that mention Scp-XXXX as [Redacted] without Scp-XXXX being aware will not be targeted. If someone -In progress-

There are three different event levels that Scp-XXXX goes through on a seemingly random cycle White level and silver level seem random, but red can be triggered by Scp-XXXX becoming aware of the scar in its chest or any other anomalous properties involving Scp-XXXX, or when brought in contact with [redacted]. The classifications are white silver and red. During a white level event Scp-XXXX’s pupils turn completely white, with no visible features to them. This is Scp-XXXX’s most common state. During this time being called [Redacted] will lead to an instance of Scp-XXXX-1. During a silver level event Scp-XXXX’s pupils and turn reflective and appears partially see through and have been described as “foggy glass” during this stage if Scp-XXXX hears the name [Redacted] it will create an instance of Scp-XXXX-1. During a red level event the scar on Scp-XXXX’s chest will open and stay open for long stretches of time, but usually 4-6 hours. During a red level event if someone thinks about Scp-XXXX as [Redacted] writing a five mile radius Scp-XXXX will create an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 extremely fast, usually taking around 10 seconds before an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 is created. During a red level event all class B and class A personnel are to be removed from the site for a twenty four hour period. During a red level event all personnel that are aware of Scp-XXXX’s anomalous properties are to be moved to a designated location at least five miles from Scp-XXXX’s containment until the red level event has ended and Scp-XXXX is secure in containment.

Test XXXX-1 A
White level event

D-47891 was equipped with a headset to prevent Scp-XXXX from overhearing conversation.

D-47891 enters the room.

Scp-XXXX gets up from sitting on the floor.

D-47891: What exactly do you want me to do, doc?

Dr. Wolf: I need you to call him [redacted]. Then you may leave.

D-47891: Ok, uh, [redacted]

Dr. wolf: You must call Scp-XXXX [Redacted], not simply say [Redacted].
Scp-XXXX: Is this an interview? I blacked out after the last one, i’m very sorry about that.

Dr. Wolf: Do it D-47891, now!

D-47891: So your name is [Redacted], right?

Scp-XXXX then goes very docile and falls over and begins screaming

D-47891: Holy shit doctor! He’s fucking dying!

Dr. Wolf: D-47891 please stay, calm.

11.21 minutes go by before the scar opens displaying somewhat human teeth.

D-47891: What’s going on! I’m so confused, doc! All I did was call him [Redacted].

After two minutes and instance of Scp-XXXX-1 appears resembling the same proportions as Scp-096, but with the head of Dr. .

Dr. : Is audible horrified and can be heard scrambling away from the microphone, along with other inaudible words of fear.

D-47891: Doc! Help! What the fuck is that! How did that even fit through!
Scp-XXXX-1: Can

Audio Log from interview XXXX-1
Dr. WO. Enters room

Scp-XXXX: (Talking at near yell due to lack of sound reference for long periods) Why am I here? Did I do something wrong? I haven't broken the law in my life, I just want to go home.

Dr. : Please lower your voice, Scp-XXXX.

Scp-XXXX: (Talking quieter) Is that me? Is that my number?

Dr. : Yes, Scp-XXXX, that is your “number”. Now, please I have questions for you.

Scp-XXXX: But I just won’t to go home! Why won’t you let me go home!

Scp-XXXX stands up angrily

Dr. : Please sit down! We can answer some of your questions, if you cooperate.

Scp-XXXX sits down

Dr. : Ok, let’s begin. Where did you gain the scar on you chest?

Scp-XXXX: What scar?

Dr. : There is a unusually long scar on your chest.

Scp-XXXX: No I don’t!

Scp-XXXX lifts up shirt

The rest of the log is [redacted]

Incident log containment breach #_
Red level event
During a red level event Scp-XXXX broke containment during and created an instance of Scp-XXXX-1 resembling human figure, but with skin resembling that of Scp-682. This resulted in the death of 13 on sight researches and guards, the deaths of 12 D-Class, and the paralyzation of one member of the 05 council. As of now this instance of Scp-XXXX is still alive and in similar continent to that of Scp-682. This instance of Scp-XXXX-1 is awaiting Scp status, as it has now been in containment for _
days, and caused two other containment breaches without Scp-XXXX.