Aers' Sandbox

Item #: SCP-X

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: TODO

Description: SCP-X is the collective term for 9 anomalous members of the Ursus arctos horribilis species.1 SCP-X are fully sapient and are capable of vocalization. SCP-X instances show greater dexterity than ordinary U. a. horribilis, and can ambulate on their posterior legs for indefinite periods of time.

When introduced to a bar, restaurant or nightclub setting with an unused stage, SCP-X will manifest revealing clothing and immediately begin to perform one or more of the following:

  • Barbershop Quartet
  • Vocal Solo with Piano
  • American Burlesque
  • Striptease

Addendum X-A: Interview Log

Interview Log #001

Interviewer: Researcher ████
Interviewee: SCP-X-1

<Begin Interview>

████: So, SCP-X-1. How long have you been performing?

SCP-X-1: Hey, it's you! I remember you from tonight's show. How was it?

████: I thought-

SCP-X-1: (interrupting) What am I saying? Of course you liked it. Why else would you be coming for my autograph?

████: I'm not here for your autograph.

SCP-X-1: Oh! Well, I guess I could give you my number. You sly dog.

SCP-X-1 winks at Researcher ████

████: Wha- did you- you know what, sure. But, back on topic, how long have you been performing?

SCP-X-1: Now that's testing my memory… I think we started back in the summer of '88. Never was really into it, to be honest; too revealing. I just tagged along because my friends were into it.

████: And what did you want to do?

SCP-X-1: I always wanted to be an entertainer. But the more wholesome kind, you know? Fun for all the family. I wanted to run a carnival. Raffles, How-many-sweets-in-a-jar, coconut shies and the like. I had it all set up, but- man… I guess you just lose sight of these things, huh?

████: How close were you?

SCP-X-1: I had the funds and the name. That was about it. Man, I loved the name. I guess I'll never make my dream into reality. My grizzly fête, I suppose.

<End Interview>

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