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SCP-XXXX in its inert state.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is contained within a 35m3 chamber to accommodate it and its activation radius at any point in the chamber without personnel in the adjacent corridor or operating suite coming to harm. All sentient entities who have not passed Genealogy Test XXXX-1 (At time of writing no members of Foundation personnel have passed Genealogy Test XXXX-1, any persons claiming so are to be disciplined) are prohibited from entering SCP-XXXX’s chamber for their own safety.

Movement of SCP-XXXX within its chamber for the purposes of documentation and experimentation is performed by a pair of mechanical arms controlled by an operator in an adjacent suite. For safety purposes, during testing, independent variables are introduced into SCP-XXXX’s chamber from the operating suite via a slot underneath the viewing window. When SCP-XXXX is not being tested on or documented it is inserted in a pedestal in the centre of the chamber, it is to be noted that this does not inhibit SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties. In the event that a member of Foundation personnel passes Genealogy Test XXXX-1 the operating suite is to be repurposed as an observation chamber.

If a historical document with information pertaining to SCP-XXXX and its anomalous properties is discovered it is to be acquired, under the pretence of preservation if in some manner of collection, studied for useful information, stored and then copied with all references to SCP-XXXX and its anomalous properties removed, this altered copy is then to be returned to the origin point of the original document. If a member of the public notices the discrepancy, they and anyone they inform are to be detained, interrogated and then administered a Class-C amnestic.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a steel broadsword dating from the 10th century AD and measuring 7cm wide, 110cm long and weighing 1.5kg. the only irregular property of SCP-XXXX’s physical appearance is a seires of runes in an unknown script (see Addendum XXXX-2) that run the length of the blade and which emanate a purple glow when SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties are active.

The anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX manifest when one or more sentient entities enter its activation radius. In the case that only one sentient entity has entered the activation radius of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX will begin moving towards the entity at speeds recorded as up to ██ mph, penetrating surfaces up to ██ cm thick1 and levitating up to ██ cm of the ground if necessary to reach its target. Once SCP-XXXX reaches its target it will impale itself into the chest of the target resulting, invariably, in the cessation of life function. If more than one sentient entities enter the activation radius of SCP-XXXX at one time, SCP-XXXX will “choose” one of the entities on a currently unknown criteria, though it is theorized that is based on the wrongdoing of the entity (see Addendum XXXX-2) (use of D-Class personnel for A/B testing of the criteria has been denied by the Ethics Committee). Once it has selected one of the entities it will then pursue the “chosen” entity in the same manner as stated above.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was acquired by the Foundation on ██/██/██ at the ████ Museum, ████,England. SCP-XXXX came to attention of the Foundation when it broke out of its display case, where it was on exhibit and terminated a civilian, field agents ████ and ███ were dispatched to contain it. When they arrived, agents ████ and ███ scouted the area to evaluate if any other anomalous GOIs were present, assessing that there were not any other anomalous GOIs present and moved into the museum and administered class-A amnestics to the crowd of civilians present, agent ███ then proceeded to remove SCP-XXXX from the chest of the civilian it had terminated, this led it to terminate agent ███. Assessing the situation, agent ████ carried the body of agent ███ to the exfil, upon arrival back at Site-41, SCP-XXXX was placed in its chamber after its construction and agent ███‘s body was incinerated. How SCP-XXXX had not terminated anyone previously to this incident despite many people having to have entered its activation radius is currently a matter of investigation.

Addendum XXXX-2: after coordination from linguists from Site-41, Site-77, Site-13, Site-9 and forced cooperation from SCP-███ and SCP-████ the runes on the blade of SCP-XXXX were deciphered. The following is and abridged version of the script, as listing it in its entirety would exceed data capacity, for the full script see Document XXXX-1.

Oh, what have we here?
The first to find me
By the will of the creators
I am beholden to only the will of your blood
And those who bend what is

Oh, what have we here?
Grandson of the first
They know you as the [EXPLETIVE]
But when you cross the water and take the crown
They will know you by something better

Oh, what have we here?
He who has the heart of a lion
At least that is what they say
Maybe it is true maybe it is not
But your kingdom is at the whims of a forest-born thief

Oh, what have we here?
A king whose subjects are most displeased
They will make sign, whether you like it or not
This great charter of theirs
I literally cannot say I disagree

Oh, what have we here?
Spliter of churches and spliter of women
They will make a song of the latter
You like to toast so here is a toast
Here is to your descendants being less repugnant

Oh, what have we here?
The first to wear the crown without a Y chromosome
This is the best of times
This is the worst of times
For a cousin you will fell

Oh, what have we here?
A monarch quite mad
You will lose the colony across the sea
They will take your position as superpower
But what do you care, you are mad

Oh, what have we were?
A dark and damp collection of curiosities
Hardly befitting my station
But here I will wait
For another of the line

Oh, what have we here?
Jailers of shadows, keepers of light
At least, that is what you tell yourselves
Keep me here, keep me there I do not care
One day, they will come for me

Following the deciphering of text, SCP-XXXX was upgraded to Euclid and Genealogy Test XXXX-1 was implemented.