Dr. Ald

Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 Is to be kept inside containment at all times and monitored by 2 Armed Mobile Task Force Nu-7 “Hammer Down” units. SCP-4000 Is to be given Meat daily after each 9 hours.

When approaching SCP-4000 personnel must approach in a non-aggressive position and not make it feel scared or is being attacked”. SCP-4000 Is to have a Shock Collar on the neck to stun if it gets aggressive or attempts to [DATA EXPUNGED] cameras are to be placed on Nu-7 units to record everything that happens. Any personnel bitten by SCP-4000 is to be terminated quickly with permission by 2 supervisors.

SCP-4000 Is contained in a Large containment cell in Sector-4. Infected persons bitten by SCP-4000 after 2 hours effects will start to animate infected persons to bite other humans and mammals to grow. After the effects the infected persons will become SCP-4000-2. SCP-4000-2 is to be terminated on sight in case of a SCP-4000 breach One Guard should be holding the button. SCP-4000 is kept at Site 31. Personnel entering to feed SCP-4000 are to always be looking at SCP-4000 in case of it pouncing on a personnel or moving towards. SCP-4000 is to be patrolled and watched daily each 3 hours for 20 minutes by two security department units.

Description: SCP-4000 Is a big entity with Black Fur and has yellow eyes with a Blue tail. SCP-4000 Attacks with its bite or claws. Any personnel Bitted by SCP-4000 Will be placed in a observation chamber. SCP-4000 appears to be friendly when giving its food. 0.6 meters in height and large. SCP-4000 Barks and howls like a regular wolf. SCP-4000 Hunts and kill with its main weapon “Teeth”.

SCP-4000 is a carnivorous, moving quickly to take down prey. It barely uses its claws, claws are used to rip into flesh and meat. SCP-4000 Goes for large and small prey when it is hungry. SCP-4000 Is reported to almost be invisible in the dark. SCP-4000 Bite is seen to be able to spread. SCP-4000 infection will start with a bad Headaches making infected personnel cough a lot. Stage 2 is when personnel start to feel hungry a lot and making infected personnel throw up and gag. Last Stage, Infected persons will begin banging there head on the wall/glass next will fall to the ground next turn into SCP-4000-2.

SCP-4000-2 Will intend to kill and not infect, there is a high chance of not getting infected but will die by the killings. SCP-4000-2 Consumes victims if hungry or not, any chances to cure infected persons from SCP-4000 bite is [REDACTED] Ways to terminate SCP-4000-2 Is shooting it in the head or bashing something into its head

Addendum-4000-A: SCP-4000 Was discovered in Russia ████ at a docking. After ██ American Travelers discovered dead. █ Went missing bodies were not found. Moscow Citizens were frightened and Russia Police Could not find the █ lost bodies. This incident got high attention of it going all on the Moscow news. A Mobile Task Force Re-containment team was sent out to capture the entity, one survivor was found in the nearby cabin. Scientist stationed there questioned the survivor. Survivor told The Mobile Task Force That it was hiding in a cave over there. Stunner was used to contain it.

Interview Log-█



Dr. ███: D-2621, can you hear me?

-D-2621 Does not respond.-

Dr. ███: If you don’t respond you will be placed back into quarantine.

D-2621: The hell do you want you ███ ███.

Dr. ███: Answer the following questions or you will be placed back into quarantine.

Dr. ███: What do you feel right now?

D-2621: I-i don’t know, i feel happy.

-D-2621 Stares at the camera and does not look back at the doctor for the next 10 seconds-

Dr. ███: Okay, next question. -Dr.███ Notes the Answer down- Okay, anymore?

-D-2621 Would look at the table staying silent-

Dr. ███: What did you see. And what do you feel right now?

-D-2621 Stares at the doctor-

D-2621: How should i feel doctor, i'm a slave working here in your ███ing facility getting bitten for

Dr. ███: Its for research and for the best of humanity. Next question: Do you have a headache?

D-2621: No.

Dr. ███: What the hell? How are you not having a headache.. Wait he.. Threw up already! Guards now!

-D-2621 Would jump on the doctor biting him on the shoulder-

Security Guard: Get the damn thing off him! Get him now!

-Several gunshots would be heard before the interview Log closes-


Incident-4000-1: A Class A lockdown was issued after the interview accident SCP-4000 was put in the chamber of 173 as temporary containment.

O5-█”I want that damn thing transported back to Site-██!”

MTF Nu-7 Combat Log
Mobile Task Force Nu-7 Combat Log




-At the start of the log it would have been almost T-6:20 hours from the time the breach has started-

Nu-7-1-1: We are entering Heavy Containment Zone, we will start proceeding to SCP-4000 Chamber for re-containment.

Nu-7-1-2: Roger.

Nu-7-1-3: Heh. Doc clearly fucked up on this one.

Nu-7-1-4 Shut the fuck up.

Nu-7-1-1: Quiet now!

Nu-7-1-3: What the fuck was that?

Nu-7-1-2: What did you hear Charlie ?

Nu-7-1-4: Probably his girlfriend screaming.

Nu-7-1-1: Shut the hell up both of you.

-Screams of agony would be heard-

Nu-7-1-2: The hell was that ?

Nu-7-1-1: I hear running. Watch out up ahead.

Nu-7-1-4: Hmh what ya hear ?

-Nu-7-1-4 Would be dragged into the shadows-

Nu-7-1-2: What the fuck was that ?!

Nu-7-1-1: Fuck.. fuck.. We lost him, he got swallowed up by something. We gotta get to SCP-4000 Now. Nine tailed fox will handle with the rest.

-Nu-7-1,Nu-7-2,Nu-7-3 Run out of the area towards SCP-4000 Containment Area-

-Nu-7-1-2 Would stop and look left of him-

Nu-7-1-1: Fuck. Here we are search the area.

Nu-7-1-2: Thats a fucking researcher arm.-Nu-7-2 would be pointing at a arm with a white sleeve left on it-

Nu-7-1-3: That doesn’t matter now, let´s hunt down SCP-4000.

-Loud running would be heard-

Nu-7-1-1: The fuck is that ?

-A researcher would pop around the corner-


-The researcher would be sucked into the ground while screaming-


Nu-7-1-1: Everyone run!

-The Rest Of The Squad Runs and escapes 106 Including they find SCP-4000-

Nu-7-1-2: Jesus christ that was close, activating shock collar.

-SCP-4000 would get aggressive after seeing the weapons of Nu-7 members and would strike his claws through Nu-7-1-3-

Nu-7-1-1: Fucking open fire!

-Multiple Gun Shots Would be Heard Firing-

Nu-7-1-2: That was fucking close -Nu-7-1-2 would move close to Nu-7-1-3-

Nu-7-1-1: We got lets get it in the fucking cage!

-At this moment Nu-7-1-2s leg would get ripped off by SCP-4000-

-Nu-7-1-1 Uses the stun gun on SCP-4000 To stun it-

Nu-7-1-2: Fu-Fucking hell He-He got me…

Nu-7-1: Holy shit.. Control! Control! SCP-4000 Ripped off Nu-7-2’s fucking leg!

Nu-7-1-2: Jus- Continue witho-ut me…

Command: Hang in there Nine Tailed Fox are in the facility at Gate A.

-Nu-7-1-2 Would pass out from blood loss-

Nu-7-1-1: What the fuck are those guys! SCP-4000-2 Spotted!

-SCP-4000-2 Would begin digesting Nu-7-1-2-

-Multiple Gun Shots Can Be Heard-

Nu-7-1-1: Fuck fuck! Ahh—

-Screaming And gunshots could be heard.

Mobile Task Force Unit E-11 Is now entering Heavy Containment Zone.

Nu-7 Squad 1’s K.I.A’s:

Nu-7-4: K.I.A
Nu-7-3: K.I.A
Nu-7-2: K.I.A
Nu-7-1: K.I.A