Dr. Allen Devox

Item #: SCP-Unkown

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Proceedures:


SCP-Unkown is easily contained. This does not, however, mean that it is safe. SCP-Unkown is to be kept in a 10 cubic meter hermitically sealed room lined with electromagnets spaced 1 meter apart in all directions on every surface of the containment chamber. Outside of the containment unit should be a singular hallway of the same make as the room, stretching approximately no less than 50 meters. 25 meters down said hall, there is to be a hermitically sealed door. Each hermitically sealed door is to be lined with electromagnets as they seem to be the only lasting mode of containment. Additionally, there are to be two cameras within the containment unit along with two on either end of the hallway leading to the containment unit. This is to monitor both the containment chamber and the hallway in it’s entirety.

There are to be two armed gaurds that have been pychologically screened by an off-site psychologist guarding the door to the hallway at all times. Additionally, two more armed gaurds are to be stationed at the entrance door to the containment chamber at all times.

All personnel assigned to SCP-Unknown are required to wear hermitically sealed suit. Additionally, after every test, experiment, watch, interview, and the like all personnel are to be medically screened to ensure containment. All personnel working with SCP-Unknown are to discard and store any metallic objects before entering the containment chamber. Those with medically implanted metal implements are not authorized to enter the containment chamber. Any personnel that disregard this procedure will be transferred to a different site immediately.

There should be no other SCPs housed adjacent to SCP-Unkown at any time including transport as of ██/██/20██, incident SCP-Unknown-1(a). See Addendum-01 for testing parameters involving other SCPs.

It has been decided that SCP-Unknown should under no circumstance be allowed direct contact with any member of staff with extensive knowledge of the foundation beyond the bare minimum, eliminating personnel with security clearance higher than level 4. This does not exclude personnel with higher clearance from overseeing containment, testing, or interviews via the cameras. This was decided by O5-[DATA EXPUNGED] after incident SCP-Unknown-1(a) which led to the creation of SCP-Unknown-2.

Testing at this point is only to be carried out after recieving the written approval of at least two on site administrators or from Dr. ████.


SCP-Unknown in it’s dormant state appears as a shapeless liquid metallic substance, resembling the appearance of liquid mercury, however the resemblance ends there as the mass is composed of an unknown matieral. Aside from very slight ripples in it’s surface SCP-Unknown lies motionless until object reaches the required range (approximately 5 meters) for commencement of anomalous behavior. ( See addendum Uknown- 01).

Anomalous behavior is as follows:
When subject enters SCP- Unkown’s exposure radius (5 meters from mettalic mass) spores composed of the mass are inhaled thereby entering into the bloodstream and attaching to all regions of the brain. See addendum Unkown-02 for more details. The spores then begin to communicate back to the mass via a yet undiscovered transmission sequence.

As this occurs the mass exhibits vigorous movement with no apparent energy source, nor fluctuation in temperature, constructing itself into a perfect likeness of the victim, even losing is glossy mettalic appearance.

The victim appears to enter a trancelike state of docility, unaware of the movement exhibited by the mass. Victim then begins to enter into conversation with SCP-Uknown, though nothing can be heard to come from the mass. For human victims, approximately 157 minutes elapse before victim begins to heave, apparently vomiting and metallic substance is expelled and attachs to the face of the victim covering the face in it’d entirety. The victim, whom has apparently left the trance begins to attempt, in vain, to remove the substance. this continues until the body lies still, then later begins to convulse violently before lying still permenantly, indicating the victims death. After cessation of movement has occurred, the metallic substance, later verified to be identical to SCP-Unknown, continues to spread over the body until it is fully covered. No further occurrence is shown for 8 to 12 minutes after (depending on size of victim) in which the form dissolves into a shapeless mass resembling the original in it’s dormant state.

Whilst this occurs, the orignal mass begins to take the shape of the the victim following in unison with the metallic substance covering the victim’s body.( i.e. as the head is covered, the head is formed and so on). This continues until a perfect likeness if formed, though the body remains motionless, as if sleeping until the orignal dissolves into the dormant metal mass.
It is then the “Mimic” seems to awaken