The Chef

Item #: XXXX (To Be Determined)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures

SCP-XXXX is contained within a simple human containment module, with basic furnishing and a separate restroom. The containment module must have at least a small sized kitchen and bookshelf holding a variety of recipe books. The kitchen must have at least the following items: An electric stove, an oven, at least two cutting boards and a range of kitchen utensils. There should also be at least one refrigerator, pantry or freezer, which SCP-XXXX is allowed to store ingredients in. There must also be a bin, lined with a bag, which SCP-XXXX can use to discard food waste.

If SCP-XXXX requests for certain ingredients, or extra cooking utensils, the request must be reviewed by at least one Level 2 personnel before the request is allowed to go through. Any recipes created by SCP-XXXX are to be copied and archived. Every week, the ingredients stored in a pantry are to be replaced. Every 2 weeks, or at SCP-XXXX’s request, the bag lining the waste bin is to be replaced. Ingredients stored in a refrigerator are to be replaced every month, and every 4 months for ingredients in a freezer. Cooking utensils are to be replaced whenever SCP-XXXX uses a hazardous substance to produce a meal. SCP-XXXX is also allowed to request for a new book to write recipes in, in which case the previous book is to be stored in the bookshelf provided in the containment module.

In the event of a containment breach, SCP-XXXX is to be found using the tracking device attached to SCP-XXXX, subdued using non-lethal methods and returned to its module.


SCP-XXXX appears to be a 26-year-old European male, who is able to understand and speak fluent English. After interrogation, researchers found that SCP-XXXX liked the name Oliver, and quickly associated itself with the name. It is 178 cm in height and prefers to wear typical chef attire or casual clothing and has been observed to do basic human actions. it has been observed to enjoy the action of preparing meals and spends most of its time either thinking of recipes for meals or making meals. The recipes created by it can range from general everyday foods to exotic meals containing inedible substances.

From testing done on SCP-XXXX, it has been found to be able to prepare a meal out of any substance and has been observed to cut uranium using the standard kitchen knife, and morphed into what seemed to be slices of tomato. This morphing effect has only been observed to happen on inedible substances. SCP-XXXX was also unaffected by the severe radiation poisoning which a human would usually express. Testing the slices revealed that the chemical composition was identical to that of a Better Boy Tomato. Other inedible substances which SCP-XXXX has been able to morph into food items are:

  • aluminum foil, which became lettuce
  • red clay, which SCP-XXXX grated into parmesan cheese
  • small rocks, which SCP-XXXX put into the oven provided, turning the rocks into cooked potatoes.

Note: all of the equipment used by SCP-XXXX was inspected afterward, and showed no signs of anomalous properties.

When test subjects were asked to consume food created by SCP-XXXX, their first remark was how delicious or tasty the meal was, which seemed to make SCP-XXXX smile in assumed happiness. Approximately 8 hours after the meal was eaten by a subject, if the meal contained a hazardous substance they would take on the side effects of eating the hazardous substance, usually resulting in death. When SCP-XXXX was asked about the deaths of the subjects, it refused to respond.

Addendums including discovery etc are likely to come soon.
I chose safe classification because deaths caused by SCP-XXXX can be easily prevented