SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Scp 5174 is to be contained in a humanoid containment cell furnished with a bed, a TV and a bookcase full of books arranging from fiction to fantasy and ect.

DESCRIPTION: Scp 5174 is a male humanoid entity that resembles to a 18 to 19 year old. it got into the custody of the foundation due to reports of seeing the same entity with a black and white hoodie on and wearing a white mask that covered the top half of its face in different places such as cartoons, video games, movies, comics and ect. it was found wandering the streets of ** while humming a tune that is from the game DDLC (Doki Doki Literature Club). upon interacting with scp 5174, it shows no aggression whatsoever so we classed it as safe but due from incident 1, we had to put its class as Euclid. here is what happened.

INCIDENT 1: Scp 5174 was seen wandering its containment cell as any of the scps do but its behaviour was different, closer inspection shown that scp 5174 was holding something in its hands, roughly the size of a rubix cube but with more sides than a rubix cube. As scp 5174 was frantically trying to solve it, it finished putting the colours in its right order and places it down at where it stands and wandered away from. extraction of the object found in scp 5174's containment cell shown no anomalous properties when solved but when the order of the colours are jumbled up, anyone closest to the object feels a unbearable urge to put the colours back to its right order. If not solved in a period of unknown time, the affected subject would collapses and then outbursts of coloured paints would bleed out of the subjects eyes causing extreme irritation followed by overwhelming dehydration. if parts of the object are completed before collapsing will reduce the time of how long the subject face the consequence for not finishing in time.

And we thought we didnt need to boost scp 5174's class up to keter until incident 2.

INCIDENT 2: scp 5174 was found standing in the centre of its containment cell staring right at the camera as if its looking at something. suddenly piles of notes manifested on the desk next to where the camera feed was broadcasting to. Half of the notes were drawings while the rest are written in a untidy manner as if rushed. Some of the notes read "Trapped" or "lonely" while other has full sentences such as "They dont know what they are doing, one day they will see that they made a terrible mistake" and "I dont know how long i can stand seeing the same room every single day" while there was this one note that seemed to be burnt and crinkled and torn "IT He They done did this this to me". upon reading this note, a sudden wave of energy surged through the entire foundation causing all personnel and/or others to collapse to their knees as if bowing to something before getting up. Another wave of energy surges through the foundation after the first wave causing all class D to * themselves due to suddenly feeling overwhelming feelings which made even the tough of the class D's break. suddenly the camera feed would start to glitch as if some electrical faults are interfering with it .anyone and/or anything entering into scp 5174's containment during the glitching causes the subject and object to deform into different shapes while their entire appearance changes as well. Their changes of appearance matches the same appearance of scp 5174 as it was sighted in the different places. After an hour has passed and the camera feed stops glitching, all subjects and/or objects affected by it will returned back to their original appearance. some objects were found permanently frozen in a appearance the glitches has caused, such as a chair that its legs got twisted into spirals as well as the seat which inflated like a balloon. anyone that tries to sit on this chair would act as if its just a chair with a cushion. no anomalous effects were found in the chair nor in the parts that were changed, a Coffee mug that is now holding a viscous yellow liquid similar to a concoction of raw honey and lemon that when poured seem to be infinite. anomalous properties were found and the mug was then contained within a small glass box and placed in its own containment cell and classed as scp 5174-2.

We thought it was over until.. until.. i cant remember what happened after this.. What has happened after this? do we even know if he is even safe or even euclid or keter.. what am i even talking about again.. i think… i think i should lie down..

REPORT 1: Original writer of this document Dr * was found dead in his office. cause of death was lack of sleep followed by other such as starvation, dehydration, lack of vitamins and ect. I had to take over from Him due to his sudden death, which i dont have that much knowledge of this scp and not even sure what its capable of.. but i wont try to overwork myself like he did or i would end up with the same fate. I should interview this scp to see if I could get some information out of it.

Scp 5174 was wandering it containment cell when suddenly it saw it

ok I have arranged a meeting and its going to happen soon so i might take some time to think of some questions to ask it while im waiting.


*Mr * has walked into the interview where scp 5174 was staring right at the one way window"

MR : "good morning.. uh. scp 5174?"

*scp 5174 was staring blankly at the one way window as if its oblivious of Mr 's arrival*

*Dr * slammed his fist on the table which got scp 5174's attention, scp 5174 almost fell out of the chair it was sitting in*

Mr **: "now then lets us begi-"

scp 5174: "why do they have to watch us?"

Mr **: "uh- who?"

*scp 5174 then points straight at the one way window at which the scientist were documenting scp 5174 at this time*

Mr *: "uh.. dont mind them.. now lets answer some questions.."

Scp 5174: "Ok.. First question"

Mr : "ok.. what has brought you to this reality"

Scp 5174: "well nothing much really.. I just stumbled upon this place and well.. you know me when i meet a different place like the others, i explore to see what it has in store"

Mr **: "you mentioned others.. do you mean those sightings of an humanoid entity were you? you dont even have a mask.."

Scp 5174: "well.. im pretty sure thats me.."

Mr *: "prove it."

*scp 5174 then raises it arm in front of it and then pulls a mask out of thin air*

Scp 5174: "does this prove my existence?"

*Mr * went silent*

scp 5174:"whats wrong? did i do something to blow your mind away?"

*The scientists were discussing irrelevant topics during this time"

Mr *:"well thats enough for today.. you go back to your containment now"

After the interview, Mr went to his office and didnt come back out.

scp 5174 wanted to run from it but there was nothing

After 92 days has past, Mr * unlocked his office door and went outside. His hair were like curtains as they covered his eyes and his fingernails were like sharpened knives. Mr *'s personality has completely changed showing complex signs of insanity. in his hands were drawings of some sort of eye symbol that was made out of two brackets, three lines connecting to the top bracket and bottom bracket And one big dot in the centre of the two brackets. His eyes were shocked with tiredness but he shown no signs of fatigue nor sleeplessness. He says "HE IS MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE" before throwing one of the drawings of the eye symbols in front of where he is standing before sprinting back to his office. After authorised termination of Mr ** has been finished, All drawings of the eye symbols were then reported to be surrounding scp 5174. scp 5174 was observing the eye symbols in confusion while muttering "Am i really more than meets the eye?" to itself as it turns to get a good view on the full circle of paper surrounding it. only authorisation from 05 council to enter scp 5174's containment

Scp 5174 tried to search for a way to break free of its chains but were unsuccessful
\ | /

REPORT 2: we authorised to give scp 5174 a pen a sheets of paper to see if it could write, scp 5174 took some time observing the pen and paper and then began to write down full sentences as well as drawing a couple of drawings in gaps of where it finished a paragraph. The hand writing matched the same writing on the notes during incident 2. so we dont have any reason to keep going but we let it finish using all the paper we gave it. It finished writing after 5 to 17 hours has passed. It placed the pen next to the paper and then waddled towards the book shelf to read a book or just to observe the covers. Extraction of the written work of scp 5174 was successful as scp 5174 didnt actually care for us to add or remove or even replace something in its containment cell, it seems to be almost content of being in its surroundings due from incident 2. i dont know why we bring that up but thats how we roll. This is what Scp 5174 wrote.

Hello, My name is Cherome Chrome and I used to be your average teenager that goes by and says hello to anyone they meet.. i dont have that much memory of how i got these abilities that i have now but it looks like i have mestered mastered them pretty eaasily easily. before you guys shown up and gave me a place to rest my head, i was wandering through countless realities. Each with their own style and concept on how it exists and how everything works. These realities like this one is my favourite.

A reality where everyone has different hair colour such as red green and pink following with having a abillity ability or "quirk" they call it and go to this HUGE school to master it.

A reality where monsters roam the dark undergrounds, most of them are friendly while most are not.. striking them causes a yellow bar to appear whcih which slowly turns red evrytime every time you strike them until they combust into dust.. trust me… do not trust the flower.. its plotting something and i dont know what..

A reality that is hard to explain due to one entity keeps changing the look as well as the surroundings.. i dont know why she wears a huge bow but we became best friends after some time i have been there.

And many more! but.. i feel like you all just wanted to get information out of me but its fine… not like i would hurt you or anything.. oh by the way… i didnt mean to cause thouse those incidents there so sorry..
/ | \

and then rest of the writing was written in a unknown symbols similar to wingding.

Future inspections as well as testing its abilities are to be put on hold as we let it rest.

Scp 5714 was trying to find a way to get out of THEIR grasp….

Recent reports have shown scp 5174 drawing a strange symbol taking a form of an eye on a piece of paper dropped by one of the personnel after authorized interviewing, it looked at the symbol after completing the last part of the symbol for a couple of hours before clenching his forehead and collapsing onto the containment cells floor. unconscious Paper with the eye symbol was retrieved out of the cell. Further investigations are in progress.

Scp 5714 recovered as the paper with the unknown eye symbol was incinerated due to not finding any anomalous properties. closer inspections shown that the symbol somehow triggered something inside scp 5174 that caused it to experience minor headaches before collapsing. Scp 5174 cannot explain what it was. repeating the phrase "more than meets the eye" before shaking its head in a a tone of not knowing what to say.

further surveillance has been added to catch scp 5174 drawing that eye symbol again to test again. weeks has past and scp 5174 has not redrawn the eye symbol in the same way, the symbol took many shapes and colours such as a eye symbol made out of dots of a blood red crayon and a sunset yellow pen and a poorly drawn eye symbol similar to a child's drawing between 8 to 9 years. other forms on the eye symbol were described "over worldly" which doesn't surprised most of the staff.

All paper of the eye symbol are gathered up and stored in a file cabinet under no surveillance due to not having any anomalous but has a frequent member of staff checking on them time to time to take notes or just to make sure they are all there.

INCIDENT 3 surveillance footage shown that scp 5174 has began to draw more than one eye symbol on the piece of paper given. all eye symbols took the form of realistic drawings of eyes similar to the ones who were observing scp 5174 during the time. Suddenly a sharp pain was felt to anyone who was closest to scp 5174's drawing at that time. The pain felt like a very sharp knife running across the centre of the affected eyes. Reports shown that the one that were affected went blind as long they were in range of the drawing. Scp 5174 realised what was going on and then ripped the drawing in half. The drawing then combusted in fragments of ashes and a high pitch screaming was heard in the audio that faded as the ashes all collect into a pile on the floor. Scp 5174 then retreated to the corner of its cell showing high emotions of anxiety after experiencing what just happened. every personnel that was affected regain their eye sight on destruction of the drawing.
\ | /

REPORT 3 a class D personnel was instructed to go into scp 5174's containment and draw the eye symbol on a piece of paper before showing it at scp 5174. upon seeing the eye symbol, scp 5174 looked at it in a confused expression. "how did you.. draw that" it muttered to the class D before snatching it drawing out of the class D's hands to take a closer look at it. The class D was starting to report feeling slight dizziness and sharp pains before touching their forehead and realizing it was bleeding. surveillance footage shown that the eye symbol the class D drawn out has been transferred to their forehead in the form of it being carved into their head by a surgical instrument similar to a scalpel. The class D experience no pain nor fear on how the symbol got there. The class D was then taken out of the containment cell and then tested for anomalous properties . no anomalous properties were found and the class D personnel was then terminated and then incinerated.

A daily interview protocol has been determined by the higher ups to make sure that scp 5417 is in a fine and healthy state.


Dr ***: Hello scp 5174.. how are you doing today?..

(scp 5174 ignored Dr by look at the interviewing room door)

Dr : how are you doing today..

Scp 5174: please call me by my name..

(Dr shuffled through his paper and then cleared his throat)

Dr ***: ok then.. Chrome.. so how are you doing today..

(scp 5174 stopped looking at the door and engages with the interview)

Scp 5174: well.. i was kind of getting bored seeing the same surroundings all time in my cell..

Dr ***: but you have the ability to change the properties and shape of objects.. so why not change your surroundings..

(Scp 5174 began tapping the table with a spare pen Dr had in case his other pen ran out)

Scp 5174: I.. im not that strong yet to change all of my surroundings all at once yet..

Dr : When you say not strong yet.. what do you mean by that.

Scp 5174: well… if i tried to explain it you.. you wouldn't believe me that much due to your minds not able to comprehend what i have been experiencing my entire lifetime..

DR : But care to explain one sentence or words to describe what your trying to say if you can

(Scp 174 then went silent, its eyes began flickering like static on a tv screen before making an answer)

/ |
Scp 5174: …Static… flashing colours.. …void.. …awakening… …rifts.. …more than meets the eye..

(after scp 5174 has said those words, the camera feed connects to an unknown source which shown static, flashing colours from red, green and blue before switching to black followed up by a animation of a drawn eye opening before closing and disappearing from view and the camera feed then cuts back to the interview room. further investigations following what had happened during that time.)