Mini golf
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Item #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Six (6) foundation personnel are to be stationed at SCP-xxxx-1. Any civilian that tries to enter SCP-xxxx-1 are to be detained and anesised. SCP-xxxx-1 must be played by two D class personnel on saturday every week during anomalous event A-22641 from happening.

Witnesses to an A-2264 event are to be detained and anesised. Any audio and/or video recording from any civilian phones are to be deleted. Procedure EP-56647 is to be initiated on SCP-xxxx-2 to stop it.

Description: SCP-xxxx-1 is an indoor mini golf course called “Mini golf fun land”. The golf course consists of fifty (50) courses. The building has 10 floors and is twenty eight yards (28) to twenty eight yards (28) in ███████,California. The anomalous properties of SCP-xxxx-1 is that the golf course has some abnormal holes. These golf holes sometimes consist of the ground being moved in a wave formation to a suction tube that takes the ball to the top floor of the building.

The last hole at the top of the building is a giant tree. When a player get’s a hole in one at the hole the ball will teleport to the ball collection at the beginning of the course. But if the player does not get a hole in one the ball will roll all the way down in a tube to the ball collection and the player who did not get the hole in one will have a picture of themselves with the words “world worst mini golf player” under the picture at the register. The picture will change if someone else does not get a hole in one at the last hole.2

If the mini golf course has not played in a week on Anomalous event A-2264 will occur. To stop the event two people have to play the golf course. The loser will automatically be killed regardless if the player got a hole in one or not by the anomaly. The winner will have his picture on the first hole with the words “The world's best mini golf player” under the picture and will change if someone else were to win during the event.

SCP-xxxx-2 is a collection of golf puts and golf balls that appear where anomalous event A-2264 occurs. When it appears it will begin to kill the losing play’s from the previous games. The only way to stop it is procedure EP-56647 in which it is told that mini golf is not good3 in two (2) mins SCP-xxxx-2 will vanish.

Addendum xxxx-1: Anomalous event A-2264 is an event that will start on saturday on every week in which all previous losers will go to nearby mini golf and wait for SCP-xxxx-2. At SCP-xxxx-1 a sign will appear at the front door saying “mini golf competition, come one come all and win a great prize”.4 To stop the event two people play the course before midnight when the SCP-xxxx-2 kills them. The event will begin at 8:00am and end at 12:00am.

Addendum xxxx-2: list of notable golf holes in SCP-xxxx-1