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Item #: SCP-3279

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3279 is to be kept in a sound-proof room measuring 2x3x3 meters in size within Site-17. No verbal conversation between SCP-3279 and any personnel is to be permitted outside of testing. Only D-Class personnel are permitted to participate in verbal interviews during testing with SCP-3279.

In the case that SCP-3279 must be moved for any reason, two (2) level two security personnel wearing noise-cancelling headphones must enter the cell and gag SCP-3279 before removing it from the cell.

Addendum 3279-A: During verbal testing using repeat D-Class interviewers, the interviewer must be handcuffed to the interviewing table out of reach of SCP-3279.

Description: SCP-3279 is a physically unremarkable Caucasian male humanoid that is twenty-three (23) years of age at the time of writing. SCP-3279 claims that its abilities manifested █ years ago, shortly before containment. SCP-3279 was recovered from the █████████ Jail after being charged with seven different homicides following being detained for sixty-one (61) hours, in spite of having its alibi confirmed after forty-three (43) hours.

Any human that comprehends speech made by SCP-3279 for the first time experiences the cognitohazardous effect of perceiving SCP-3279 as an extremely trustworthy individual, regardless of their knowledge of this effect. This effect does not manifest in written transcriptions, audio recordings, or vocalizations made by SCP-3279 that do not form complete, coherent sentences.

Continued exposure to intelligible vocalizations from SCP-3279, however, gradually reduce this effect, with the subject becoming increasingly less trusting of SCP-3279 as they converse. This effect will continue to reduce until the subject does not believe anything that SCP-3279 tells them, regardless of the validity of the statements. Interaction with SCP-3279 at this stage causes aggression in the behavior and speech of many subjects, although it is unknown whether this is the result of an additional cognitohazardous effect of SCP-3279, or is simply the result of agitation from the subject perceiving being lied to. The rate of deterioration varies in each subject, with total disbelief of SCP-3279's statements taking from as short as two (2) hours to as long as seventy-two (72) hours of continued contact.

Although testing has shown it to be capable of intentionally lying, SCP-3279 has been largely cooperative in testing.