Dr Chess - "Curveball"
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[Obvious Note: Just a draft; it is nowhere near complete. But please, do critique.]


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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a large, 75 cm-thick steel secured chamber, no less than 77 by 122 by 31 meters. Walls must also be lined with lead and a climate-controlled environment should be maintained. 80% of the flooring must be covered in "turf;" however, organization is irrelevant. All surveillance footage must be kept on a reel-to-reel video recording system without use of a modern digital processor.* SCP-XXXX must be "played with" once weekly for at least an hour to prevent wandering.

Description: SCP-XXXX resembles a standard MLB baseball from circa 1920. Blemishes and marks are evident all across its surface, and the red stitching is frayed in multiple places. There is, however, no manufacturer information or stamp of any kind on it, other than that which identifies it as previously described. It does not seem to have any sort of visual uniqueness at first glance, which is likely what allowed it to remain unnoticed for so long.

Contrarily, upon closer inspection, the seemingly worn "leather" surface is completely smooth. Using even the highest-power microscope provided, absolutely no variance from a perfect spherical form can be detected other than where threads stitch the segments together, which in turn only varies by 6.2 nm. This extremely fine tolerance results in difficulty grasping and holding the object. It also emits harmless traces of alpha radiation, but fine measurement of its mass has determined that it remains constant.

SCP-XXXX exhibits a preference for location within a structure it determines to be a "baseball diamond." A diamond constitutes of an open space no less than 77 by 122 by 31 meters, roughly translating to the minimum dimensions of a USA Major League baseball diamond. 80% of the ground surface must be covered in a material similar to lawn grass. When further than 100 m from a designated "diamond" for more than 5-7 minutes, the entity will [DATA EXPUNGED], and begin accelerating directly towards the nearest one, starting at approximately 17 kph and reaching speeds of upwards ███ kph. SCP-XXXX will not slow for anything or anyone between it and its destination, penetrating even tempered steel walls and layered concrete.

Upon arrival, it will immediately drop to the ground and cease activity. Notably, during travel, it will not damage any structure associated with the diamond, instead preferring to maneuver around said structures, going so far even as to infiltrate closed areas through ventilation passages. This effect stops past 60 m from the diamond's inner boundary.

This characteristic was discovered upon attempted transfer of SCP-XXXX from █████████ Field to a local museum for display. A hole was found punched through the back of the moving truck used, and a path of perforated structures was traced to its previous containment facility. It was found sitting on the center of the pitcher's mound, unmoving. No witnesses were found as to its actual travel, but the effects of its flight path were obvious.

While inside any given "diamond," the entity will exhibit normal behavior and function as any given mundane baseball would, with two exceptions. When struck with any object other than a bat, it will break through said object and a sound similar to an adult male calling "STRIKE" will be made. The voice has a distinctly Northeastern United States accent, similar to the way an individual from Boston, Massachusetts might speak. If three consecutive "strikes" are made, the entity will immediately cease all activity within the diamond and become immobile for 24 hours. Attempts to move it are met with failure. Any object other than one specifically made for the purpose of hitting baseballs will be affected by this. However, any "approved" object will function as normal.

Secondly, when not "played with" for longer than a week, SCP-XXXX will begin to appear in random locations throughout the diamond. It seems to have a preference for the "field" itself, but may appear anywhere within attached structures, such as bleachers, concession stands, restrooms, and hallways. Occasional phrases are spoken, including but not limited to: "Batter up!" "Get back in the game!" "Get outta here!" "Just take the walk, kid!" and, notably, "Stop layin' around and get back on the field!" All phrases are spoken in the same Boston-ish intonation. This last quotation is one of the more complex, and is rarely used. No phrase to date has been exactly repeated; similar ones are used, but the wording tends to be slightly altered between occurrences.

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