Dr Chess - Dr. Steele's Research Group

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Audiofile 4921-S Transcript:

Welcome to Dr. Steele's Research group, Site-███.

It's good to see you wonderful ladies and gentlemen here today. Thank you for choosing to join this project of ours. I'm sure most of you know exactly why you are here, but let me give the run-down again for those who may have… ah… forgotten. The purpose of this project is to uncover all of the mystery regarding the recent demise of Site-███, now referred to as Area-██. We'll use the name "Ground 12" from here on out, as this is my 12th endeavor at such a project. Mind you, not with this Area!

We'll be training you first, seeing as some of you aren't exactly fit for the field. That'll take about a week, but don't you worry about that. We'll have you in shipshape by Saturday. Remember, you didn't come here for fun. This is a research and reconnaissance project. Now, again, none of you are to tell anyone you are doing this, hm? …Yes? Good.

Alright. Our first order of business is to make sure all of you know how to handle yourselves in the field. You're going to need to know how to use a gun, how to defend yourself without one, how to record the data that you find, how to…

Yeah right.

Coal looked uneasily at the polished metal folding chair in front of him. He really didn't want to be here— his boss had forced him to come from his comfy London office. He'd never held a gun in his life, and he hardly knew how to conduct a valid research project. Dr. Edison was sitting next to him, legs crossed, listening attentively to the man in front of them. He was the only person in the selected group whose name Coal knew, but that was probably going to change soon. Dr. Steele finally finished his long monologue.

"Hey!" he said in that awful, hollow voice of his. "You there! Were you listening at all?"

Steele stared at him for a few seconds, but they felt like an eternity under a burning sun. "What did I say about the teams?" he finally asked.

"Er…," Coal mumbled; he had locked himself in with his thoughts at the mention of a gun. What had he said? Think, think…. no, he hadn't heard anything about teams.

Edison poked him and flashed three fingers in the corner of his eye, making a chopping motion in three different directions. Immediately, Coal knew he had a friend in this man.

"Three teams, right sir? Each for different jobs."

Steele was silent for a moment. "I guess you were listening, then. On that note! The teams will be divided according to those who you work under. Conveniently, your armbands that told you where to sit are also your team color. Please find your teammates now."

Coal looked desperately at Edison's armband to see what color it was. Red, just like his. Good. The two got up and walked off to the side of the room to wait for other reds. Three people joined them, and the rest found their ways to green and blue.

"Right!" blared Steele. "We'll work this in daily rotations. Green, you will start with combat and field training. Blue, you will be instructed on the facility and containment procedures. Red, you'll be learning about our research methodology and communications. Please follow your lovely guides to your respective rooms." He tipped an imaginary hat and walked away, probably to some fancy office of his.

Coal tapped Edison on the shoulder. "Thank you for the help. I think you might have saved my skin there." He laughed awkwardly— not intentionally.

"Don't worry about it, kid. Dr. Steele's a real tough guy; it ain't decent to just let someone get thrown under the bus as soon as they get here." He cleared his throat. "Name's Edison. You?"

"Coal." He smiled weakly… he already knew that.

"Coal? Like, the the rock? Never heard that one before."

"Sorry, no, it's not my real name. Just… what everyone calls me. I don't much care for my real name anyway."

"'Aight then. Whatever you prefer."

As they walked down the sterile, tiled hallway, a girl who hardly looked old enough to be there popped up from behind and greeted them with a cheery smile.

"Hello, you two! How are we doing this morning?"

"Better than yesterday," said Edison in an indifferent tone.

Coal just awkwardly nodded and mumbled something under his breath that vaguely outlined "lovely."

"Well I'm Andromeda, and I'm gonna be a doctor! But you can call me Andy," said the very-much-not-old-enough-to-be-a-doctor. "What are your names?"


"Er… Coal."

"A pleasure! I'm sure if I get to know you two we can be great partners! The other two over there made their own silly little group but it's not nearly…" Coal started ignoring her as soon as he saw she was going off on a tangent. Trying to look as if he was still paying attention, he studied the door they were about to enter. It was a big, shiny hulk of an airlock that looked as cartoon-y as it did dangerous; a fitting thing for a place like this, he thought. It opened slowly and they proceeded into a huge room of concrete walls and fluorescent lights. A huge Foundation logo was plastered on the far wall, and dusty-looking desks lined the edges of the area.

"Welcome to our Education Center," said the guide. "This is where you will be learning all about standard procedure at this location. Please take a seat at a desk; no more than one person to one desk."

Oh just swell, they were going to