Entry Log: Dr.Choi

Item #: SCP-3172

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3172 is currently in the Heavy Containment Zone, and is being watched 24/7. If there was to be a Containment Breach, then all around the facility, a special gas will be injected. The gas will not effect any staff or other SCPs, but it ill severly paralyze SCP-3172 and the staff could place it back into its Containment area. This SCP is currently in Site-61 and hasn't tried to escape Containment. Yet. It is contained in a 6m by 6m cell and has cameras in every angle of the cell. SCP-3172 has to stay in its cell or it could to severe damage to human beings.

Description: SCP-3172 was detained when a guard not on duty saw it crawling on the ground and it creeped up behind a Male about 5'8. Its hands seemed to "Phase through" the Male's body and ripped out the Male's heart. The Male fell and bled to death. SCP-3172 has the ability to phase its body parts through things/humans/SCPs and has a appetite for organs of any kind.

Interview with SCP-3172: Conducted By Dr.Choi
Dr.Choi: How do you feel when your in containment?
SCP-3172: Must FEED give ORGANS….
Dr.Choi: So why do you think you need to be in containment?
SCP-3172: Because… I NEED ORGANS
Dr.Choi: Okay you need to get back into containment.
Dr.Choi: Bring in the guards take him away.
*Transmission TERMINATED*

Victims of SCP-3172

  1. Victor F. Male: 21
  2. Graci K. Female: 23
  3. Kyle C. Male: 27
  4. Henry G. Male: 27
  5. ???? ?. Unknown: ?

Dr.Choi's Personal Notes: SCP-3172seems to feed on only young organs such as people from the 20-30 age range. After the interview I felt something missing inside of me and found out SCP-3172has taken one of my Kidneys. After transplant of a new organ, most of the guards that were in charge of SCP-3172's containment, was found into the transplant room shortly after their shifts.

Updated 23 hours ago:
Dr Choi has been found at the transplant sector the 4th time. Guards that were stationed at SCP-3172's cell have been terminated. Most of the guards were found limp against the wall and blood was splilling out of the back and mouth. SCP-3172's cell is now guarded not by human guards, but with automated firearms and extra thick and supported walls and door.

Recorded from inside of SCP-3172's cell:



Transmission Failed. Access denied.

Below Transmission By Guard ID #32467

-- -- — — - - - -— — -- — --. -- -- — -- --. - -- -— -- — --. - -— -- -- -- — -— — - -—. - - -- - -- -- — -- --.

Above Information is CLASSIFIED.'

Last known interview with SCP-3172:
Watch: What explanation can you give to explain your "Unique" Abilities?
SCP-3172: My hands have the tendency to easily shred through a person's skin allowing me to have access to the organs inside.
Watch: What motivates you to kill people for their organs?
SCP-3172: Hunger and VOICE….
Watch: What do you mean by voice?
SCP-3172: Hear Voice in head. Make me DO THINGS.
Dr.Choi: We're done here.
End Of Track