Dr. Christopher Gates Personnel File-ARC

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A quote from Dr. Christopher Gates

We can't reverse are decisions and choices even how horrible or bad it is but we can always try to make a difference of what we do.—

Name: Dr. Christopher Gates

Currently working for the SCP foundation Ethics Committee/DEA and the ??? | GOI.

Where to find Dr. Christopher Gates?
In another reality Far far away..

"Remembered for"

Dr. Christopher Gates will always be remembered as a savior of the foundation. and a savior of millions of SCP Foundation personnel this world and other realities.. | May god bless Dr. Christopher Gates..—


"Dr. Christopher Gates worked for the SCP foundation but also worked for another GOI. In this GOI Dr. Christopher Gates created this GOI so other threats of the foundation can be removed. | It was going well in tell another GOI threatened to attack the foundation which was GOI-[REDACTED] in this event Dr. Christopher Gates stepped up with his GOI and fought the other threatening GOI that was trying to threaten the world millions of personnel reality the foundation and Dr. Christopher Gates himself. Dr. Christopher Gates then fought the GOI in battle he got struck down but eliminated the GOI in process. in that moment Dr. Christopher Gates slowly turned into scp-???. his later self in the future everyone will remember what he did and how he helped the millions of the foundation.. before Dr. Christopher Gates turned into his scp self and killed millions.. | "May god bless Dr. Christopher Gates | we will always remember what Dr. Christopher Gates did to save us all.."

SCPs that Dr. Christopher Gates created himself.

scp-???. who is witch Dr. Christopher Gates now. | Created by Dr. Christopher Gates

??? | GOI Hub created by Dr. Christopher Gates

This file created by Dr. Christopher Gates.

[note] After Dr. Christopher Gates turned into scp-??? and was listed as none existing but existing at the same time at the same time Dr. Christopher Gates. was list dead. | But there was always something not right people always report of other researchers being the same as Dr. Christopher Gates. the list below was thought to be Dr. Christopher Gates. Other forms often described they have a different personality in each one the list below is Dr. Christopher Gates. forms or forms that were seen before.

Dr. lightwood

Dr. Darkwood

Dr. Greyrealm

**Dr. Midnight

Dr. Starlight

Dr. Apollyerian

"Last seen in a containment breach of site-[REDACTED]. Near scp-[REDACTED]. "A piece of scp-??? was found after the breach. | It was found that Dr. Apollyerian writing was saying a unknown person name gates and remembers this Dr. Gates past. | Dr. Apollyerian has been class-A but the failed at doing so. |

Dr. Apollyerian is believed to be scp-[XXX] a part of scp-???. it currently unknown but tests have discovered this however.

Item #: Dr. Apollyerian/scp-[XXX]

Object Class: Esoteric/Narrative

Current class. | Object Class: ANyerian

Special Containment Procedures: to be forgotten and deemed unexists. if exists Dr. Apollyerian must be contained on site. |

Description: WIP