Dr Crabs
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Item #: SCP-3346

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Containment for SCP-3346 is to be monitored 24/7 with no less than two Foundation construction crews in case of a potential XK-Class End Of The World Event.

SCP-3346 is currently held in a specially constructed network of chambers under Site 19-H, disguised as a shop for tourists, and each chamber is capable of withstanding ██████ psi of pressure, with regular maintenance, upgrades and the addition of new chambers to accommodate higher amounts of pressure.

As of ██/██/18, it has underwent 53 upgrades, bringing total carrying capacity from 200 psi of pressure to ██████ psi of pressure.


SCP-3346 is a 2m x 2m Einstein-Rosen bridge with the endpoint being in the Niagara Falls, ejecting water up to 62,502,040 liters per hour. SCP-3346 was brought to the Foundation's attention after the Niagara Falls began experiencing a massive increase in volume seemingly out of nowhere. Attempts to study this Einstein-Rosen bridge via remote vehicles yielded no results and attempts to discern the origin location and to slow the influx of water SCP-3346 produces have all been unsuccessful.

At current rate of flow, Foundation scientists estimate that Site 19-H will reach containment limits by 20██, as the containment network can no longer be increased in size due to physical limitations and material shortages. In such an event, O5 personnel are to be informed immediately and http://www.scp-wiki.net/lily-s-proposal is to be put into effect. Refer to Document 3346-A : Recovered Material for more information.