concept scp by DR Danty

I have been thinking of a concept for a while of a unique scp to write about, and have decided on a idea that turns something very closely associated with 'happiness' on its head, smiling, I've thought for a while about a scp that could fit, then it hit me.

so, here's some bullet point s about ideas I've had.

-possessive entity.
-black goo
-makes you smile,
-puts you in a trance.
-uses host to kill you.
-can take over bodies entirely.

these are all ideas i;ve had for the creation of my scp idea, hm, how to put it all together tho?

well, i firstly i start to think about how the foundation would perceive this scp, at first i thought that perhaps they'd find and experiment on it, but that would't make sense in hindsight; so i thought up a another idea, what if it has taken over a village in some way?

so i get to work crafting my concept, a village full of smiling creeps.

i began to think for the physical effects, something to make them unsettling, so, a overly wide smile was a must have, but already having the idea that what causes this scp is some unknown black goop, i thought, "what if it seeps from their mouths", imaging that in my head, it clicked.

they'd be drooling out this stuff as they stumbled around, but how do they treat non-infected individuals, well, a smile is infectious is the saying right?

perhaps, when around these infected creatures, and the goop itself, people feel the urge to smile, if they do so, they will go into a trance, yea that sounds good, but why? what will this allow the scp to do? well perhaps infect people, drag them off some place while in the trance, or to outright kill the victim.