The Mirror

Item #: SCP-3241

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: While SCP-3241 appears to be a harmless full length mirror, it actually poses a large threat to any personnel who look into it. Because of this the object is to be contained in a dark room and locked in a large crate with a sheet covering it in order to prevent people looking into it. The only member of staff who has possesion of the key to open the crate is Dr.██████.To ensure maximum safety to staff SCP-3241 must be removed by a minimum of two (2) armed guards with authorisation from Dr.██████. If SCP-3241 is to become visible during transport, all personnel in the area must evacuate to another wing of the facility and the wing that SCP-3241 is located in must be placed on lockdown until the object can be locked away in the crate and covered up by the sheet (any non-transparent item large enough to cover SCP-3241 will surfice).

Description: SCP-3241 has the appearence of a normal full length mirror dating back to the victorian era. The objects frame is made of wood with a message (possibly a warning) in an unknown language carved into the back of it. SCP-3241 came into the foundations possesion in 19█ after an agent posted as a police officer witnessed a man under go the mirrors affect during a police raid on a cultist "temple" in London (all officers and cultists present were given class A amnestics to protect the secrecy of SCP-3241 and the foundation its self). While SCP-3241 looks like any other mirror of the same make it has extremely dangerous properties. When a subject looks into the mirror the area around the subjects reflection turns completely black as the subjects reflection becomes horribly disformed and disfigured. Once their reflection has changed the subject instantly descents into madness and begins screaming and crying. After 60 seconds of the subject screaming and crying, the reflection (now reffered to as SCP-3241-2) will begin to climb out of the mirror and brutally murder the subject usually by beating them to death, strangulation or removing their limbs. After the subject has been killed, SCP-3241-2 will climb back into the mirror and dissapear. SCP-3241 will then return to and act like a normal mirror.

Note: Dr.████ has preposed a theory stating that SCP-XXXX shows the reflection of the subject from a more dystopian version of our world possibly from an alternate universe or dimension.