What's in a Name?

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXXX is to be kept in a Standard Humanoid Containment Cell. all recordings of it's Name are to be destroyed. any requests to talk to SCP XXXXX are to be approved by a level 3 Researcher and shouldn't be recorded.

Description: SCP XXXX appears as a Humanoid Caucasian male with no facial features. it's Face is entirely smooth and despite lacking Ears, Nose, Mouth and Eyes, seems to be capable of seeing, hearing, talking and other senses that would usually require these Organs.

SCP XXXXX talks in a polite and calm British voice and tends to be very friendly. SCP XXXXX is able to persuade People into having a conversation with it. the conversation starts out normal and it talks about normal topics. however, when the Person engaged in conversation with it learns SCP XXXXX's name, every name that the Person knows is replaced by this name.

This also extends to recordings and other indirect methods of learning SCP XXXX's name. though SCP XXXX is seemingly the only one capable of pronouncing It's name.

Staff have tried to remind people of these names but all attempts at doing this have been met with failure. any word that involves a name is permanently replaced with SCP XXXXX's name instead, though this is only in effect for the People who have heard It's name.

SCP XXXX seems to not require regular Food as sustenance, the SCP describes "social interaction" as sustenance and as such, SCP XXXX is to have a conversation with a Staff Member regularly as a way of "feeding"

Experiment Log

D-33675 is Instructed to enter SCP XXXX's Containment Cell to chat with it.
SCP XXXX: "Hello there, are you having a Wonderful Day?"
D-33675: "I-I guess I am…its been a nice day despite…everything."
SCP XXXX: "I understand it must be Rough having to Live in such a Facility, but regardless, what shall we Talk about?"
D-33675: "Uhhh….Family I guess. I had a Wife before I was here you know…"
SCP XXXX: "Oh really? I'm sure she was a lovely Wife. I never had a Family of my own. I know you are being missed as we Speak."
D-33675: "Really? yeah I guess…say, what is your Name?"
SCP XXXX: "Ah well you see, my Name is ███████
D-33675 Stays silent for a whole 5 Minutes and then finally Speaks again
D-33675: "What were Their Names? I forgot my Wife's name…what was her name? all I can remember is the Name…wait, how do you pronounce that?"
D-33675 Makes multiple Attempts to pronounce SCP XXXX's Name but Fails all of them
D-33675: "That's the only name I can remember and yet…I…I can't pronounce it…"

As D-33675 Struggles to Remember the Name of his Family he is Escorted out of SCP XXXX's Cell to be given Psychiatric Reevaluation.
Despite the Psychiatrist's best Efforts, he was unable to Remind D-33675 of the Names of his Wife and Children despite having Pictures of them with their Names Written Down