Dr. Forge
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You should be scared afraid terrified.

You may be asking "Why? Why should I be 'terrified'?". Here's why: All those creatures that you believe are "contained", aren't. Sure, they'll tell you they are, and they sure as hell seem to be, but they aren't. You are all being deceived, but not by the foundation. No. No. No. It's a much bigger force.

I bet you've all thought about where the SCPs come from, what birthed created them. I wondered that for a long time myself, at one point I even spent years studying the SCP documents to find common factors. I can firmly say first hand that there are none. Sure, maybe some SCPs are linked together, but they don't have common laws. They are all different.

WhY tHe HeLl ArE tHeY aLl DiFfErEnT???

That's not the only thing, though. You ever hear about SCP-001 the Factory? Actually, never mind. All you need to know is that most of the things we know as "anomalous" are actually quite realistic. They aren't some foreign forces that are near impossible to comprehend, their simple objects and entities with simple properties.

YoU pRoBaBlY tHiNk I'm InSaNe