Doctor Gasoline

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The subject is contained in two locked rooms made out of blast-proof concrete. Class-D Personnel are to perform inside SCP-XXXX's containment chamber. The room is to be staged as a research office and a singular Class-D cell, containing any willing Researchers and Guard personnel who have minored in acting during their college years. In case of SCP-XXXX feeling upset or threatened, emergency protocol XXXX-I is to be enacted, which involves a sleeping agent being used to disable the subject, then inject the subject with a Class-D Amnestic. The room SCP-XXXX is contained in is designed to mimic the old workplace of the subject, based on vague descriptions of said place. SCP-XXXX is to always to be under the belief that it is in a Chaos Insurgency outpost, guarding an anomalous item by the name of [DATA REDACTED]. In case of SCP-XXXX becoming aware of its true surroundings, or the 3 weeks end and the subject's memory is regained, a Class-D Amnestic is to be administered without any delay.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Caucasian male, measuring at 1.7 meters tall. The only discernible facial features of the subject is a small scar on the left cheek. In an unintended event, it can also be noticeable by a tattoo on its right wrist depicting five stars. Ever since the capture of the object, it has been wearing a uniform that has only been observed on the corpses of Chaos Insurgency Gamma units, after invasions where they have been the main perpetrator. The anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX are apparent and dangerous when the subject feels threatened or upset.

When SCP-XXXX feels that it is at risk of being injured or hurt, it will undergo a panic attack before collapsing from mental stress. Approximately 10 seconds later, any room containing a being that SCP-XXXX believes are an immediate threat to its physical and mental safety will experience a severe structural collapse, on most cases killing anyone it feels threatened by. In events that the room SCP-XXXX is in suffer damage as well, rubble has been known to never crush SCP-XXXX, when logical circumstances would. The subject is not immune to injuries, as SCP-XXXX has suffered from various broken bones. ███ personnel since the start of SCP-XXXX’s containment have been killed by the anomalous effects of the object. After realizing that SCP-XXXX is a member of the Psychotronics Division, a group of interest allied with the Chaos Insurgency. A study surrounding the subject has been created which involves intentionally causing discrepancies in the fake office it currently resides in, so it could point them out and potentially give away precious Chaos Insurgency information that the Foundation can use for benefit. SCP-XXXX is also given the opportunity to request anything for a separate dormitory room that it sleeps in, which like all files residing in the containment space, are given a design that doesn’t look like any standard Foundation document.

Addendum-XXXX-A: Despite SCP-XXXX being rather laid back while doing his "Job", it can easily suspect that something is different by observing it's environment. The subject will become distressed easily, resulting in the possibility of mass deaths unintentionally caused by SCP-XXXX. Class-D Amnestics are to always be within reach of any personnel working alongside SCP-XXXX. The following is a list of times that SCP-XXXX has needed to take a sleeping gas and an Amnestic to ensure the containment area's structural integrity.

  • A Foundation Interview leading to SCP-XXXX having a panic attack.
  • Observing a deceased Dr. Zahker during a containment breach
  • Taken to prevent the regaining of memories (47)
  • Discrepancies inside containment zone for experiments (12)
  • D-9564 performing the role of "Chaos Insurgency Guard 2" telling SCP-XXXX of it's predicament.
  • An attack by the Psychotronics Division in an attempt to rescue SCP-XXXX and steal other objects.

The costly amount of amnestics needed to keep the subject in a calm state has caused us to look for another anomalous object to create amnestics to keep up with SCP-XXXX's near constant need of them. Class-D Personnel are not allowed to be used as actors during containment, as the majority allowed inside have informed SCP-XXXX of it's containment.