Item #: 3416

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3416 is to remain within a Secure Humanoid Containment in █████████████ Sector-04 at Site-14. In event of a containment breach a secondary security door of no thickness less than 5 cm should block the primary door. SCP-3416 should not be allowed to leave containment under any circumstances other than express written and verbal permission given from Head Researcher W███. Procedures for transportation of SCP-3416 will be given by a Level 3/3416 Researcher, and every instruction must be followed.

All personnel stationed at █████████████ Sector-04 of Site-14 should be supplied the description of this document on a monthly basis and should be quizzed on the description one week following due to the latent acute antimemetic effects of SCP-3416.

Description: SCP-3416 appears to be male, of about 159 cm tall, weighing 95.8 kg. SCP-3416 claims itself to be thirty-five in age though SCP-3416 does not know its own birthday. SCP-3416 has brown eyes with slightly balding brown hair. SCP-3416 is only capable of speaking Standard English with an accent that is of yet unrecognizable. SCP-3416's body mass index (BMI) is 38.4 and his waist is 92.5 inches.

SCP-3416 possesses only three anomalous properties one of which is a latent antimemetic effect, a sense of cold around a 3m radius, and the other is a slight feeling of unease around SCP-3416. SCP-3416 will often try to scare any visitors by any means necessary often employing jumpscares. These jumpscares should not be taken seriously and seem to be only made for SCP-3416's amusement.