Dr Hat #2

A photograph of SCP-XXXX prior to containment (Taken [DATA EXPUNGED])


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a specially designed box and stored in a specialised storage room which is to be monitored at all times. This room is to remain completely empty at all times with the exception of SCP-XXXX’s containment unit. It is crucial that this box remains locked at all times and mandatory checks for cracks are to be carried out weekly. If maintenance on the containment unit is required, Dr Clement is to be informed and SCP-XXXX is to be released into an air sealed containment chamber before maintenance can be performed.

Access to SCP-XXXX’s storage room is limited to personnel holding Level 4 clearance (or higher) with permission from Dr Clement. SCP-XXXX is only to be released into an air sealed testing chamber which must be checked for holes or openings beforehand. Under no circumstances are objects to be left unattended within the presence of SCP-XXXX, except under strict testing conditions.

SCP-XXXX is a sentient inflatable tube-man. Unlike other tube-man of its type, SCP-XXXX has two legs and has no port for an air pump. Collected samples reveal that the fibers constructing SCP-XXXX are actually muscle tissue with a similar texture to rubberised synthetic fabric. Despite sentience and being able to manipulate its limbs to achieve movement, SCP-XXXX lacks internal organs and instead requires gases of a correct air pressure to maintain its shape much like regular non-anomalous tube-men.

Inflation and deflation is achieved by unknown means, however SCP-XXXX can inflate and deflate at will. Even while completely deflated, SCP-XXXX is able to crawl in a manner similar to that of a snake’s method of movement. Because of this, it is able to fit through small crevices and holes with relative ease. SCP-XXXX shows no signs of discomfort during this phase, however has shown to only do this in extreme circumstances.

SCP-XXXX appears distressed and unresponsive upon full inflation since being captured however, displays extreme hostility towards all individuals it encounters. It is unknown as to the reason for its sorrowful behaviour and is the subject of further study. Due to its unstable nature, armoured guards are to be used when necessary for physical interaction with SCP-XXXX.

Various interviews have concluded that SCP-XXXX is an assassin working for a corporation it refuses to name. It claims to be assigned targets by “The Boss” and is then required to eliminate said target by any means it deems necessary. SCP-XXXX refuses to provide further information about its agency, however when questioned about Agent Roth, it will demand that the interviewer never mentions his name again, leading researchers to believe SCP-XXXX is withholding valuable knowledge on his death (See Discovery/Initial Containment).

Discovery/Initial Containment
Junior Field Agent Roth was assigned to investigate a series of unsolved murders beginning in 1992 which they believed were caused by an anomalous creature. 9 months into the investigation, Roth became suspicious of a red tube-man spontaneously appearing to all locations of the murders a week prior and disappearing after the event.

Approximately 7 months later, Roth sent a message through a secure source containing his concerns and his decision to confiscate previously said tube-man for examination. A transcript of the message is as follows:

My research led me to a large abandoned warehouse where I was greeted by a peculiar scene. I can’t say for certain what I saw however it was definitely weird. It looked as though several long strips of coloured fabric had been strewn across the ground (as seen in the image below). Some sort of cult? I believe that the red tube-man I’ve mentioned several times now is the missing link required to solve the murders and the plastic strips. I will return tomorrow to collect the final piece to summarise my report.

The following day, a team was dispatched to Roth’s apartment after contact with him was lost. Roth was found dead inside his apartment with multiple stab wounds to the neck. A bloody steak knife was found on the kitchen counter containing his fingerprints, suggesting that his own knife was used during the homicide. Upon closer analysis, a “long, red strip of plastic” was discovered clogged in the kitchen sink drain. Roth’s body was given a proper burial and the plastic strip and knife were retrieved for examination.

The retrieval process and transportation was uneventful. However, upon entering the quarantine zone at Site 16, SCP-XXXX inflated and proceeded to kill 7 personnel with various machinery components. Patrolling guards confronted SCP-XXXX and shot it after being assaulted, resulting in a puncture which prevented it from reinflating. It was immediately recontained and reclassified as an anomalous object. SCP-XXXX recovered from its injuries two weeks later by natural means.

Interview XXXX-1:

Interviewer: Dr Clement
Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

With frequent interviews and interrogations yielding no further information, researchers shifted to analysing information received from Agent Roth and his activity log (which was recovered from his corpse ). An abandoned warehouse was mentioned several times as a point of interest and it was located 5 blocks from Roth’s apartment. A team explored the structure and returned three hours later with samples of a fabric-like material. When examined closer, the samples were found to be muscle tissue similar in composition to SCP-XXXX’s skin. An interview was booked for 09/08/2019 to question SCP-XXXX on the discovery.

<Begin Log>

Dr Clement: So, SCP-XXXX, we’ve got a few more questions for you. We advise that you answer them this time.

SCP-XXXX is slumped in the corner, silent.

Dr Clement: Ok. (Shuffling papers). Our team just returned from a trip to an abandoned warehouse. They found something that belonged to you. Can you explain how some of your flesh ended up in an abandoned warehouse?

SCP-XXXX: It isn’t my flesh.

Dr Clement: So who does it belong to?

SCP-XXXX: I thought I knew who it belonged to but we all make mistakes.

Dr Clement: SCP-XXXX could you please…

SCP-XXXX: You know how during the heat of the moment, you act irrationally? You don’t think it through, you just let instinct take the reins and hope for the best.

Dr Clement: I suppose…

SCP-XXXX: But then you look back and realise how foolish you were.

Dr Clement: Yes. I can relate to that feeling of regret.

SCP-XXXX: Can you? Have you ever screwed up on such a massive scale that everything important to you is at stake?

Dr Clement: Are you referring to yourself? Have you done something… SCP-XXXX are you alright?

SCP-XXXX is silent however shaking its head and appearing to murmur to itself.

SCP-XXXX: It’s your fault, you know. Why I am here. Why everything is happening the way it is.

Dr Clement: You are aware why we do what we do, even if it seems unfair.

SCP-XXXX: Yes it is unfair. How your agent basically destroyed my agency!

SCP-XXXX stands up and proceeds to repeatedly punch the observation window with a never before recorded strength, resulting in multiple breaches in the glass before personnel intervened and successfully recontained it.

<End Log>

Closing Statement:
Today this interview has only raised more questions. It appears that SCP-XXXX is finally beginning to let out all of its emotion which has been building up since containment. A once ruthless killing machine now appears to be just an angry, guilty person. Once SCP-XXXX has settled down, we will set up another interview and hopefully be able to gather enough information to being piecing together its origin and relation to the murder of Agent Roth.

Interview XXXX-2:

Interviewer: Dr Clement
Interviewed: SCP-XXXX

This interview takes place 5 hours after Interview XXXX-1. Once again, SCP-XXXX was questioned on the discovery of fabric at an abandoned warehouse. The interview was conducted under the same conditions.

<Begin Log>

SCP-XXXX is sitting up against a wall, slumped over.

Dr Clement: Hello again SCP-XXXX. Have you calmed down?

SCP-XXXX: (Groans) Yes, let’s get this over and done with.

Dr Clement: Excellent! Now can you explain what you meant by how our agent destroyed your agency?

SCP-XXXX: He was nosy, that’s why. Sticking his head into places he shouldn’t.

Dr Clement: Like the warehouse?

SCP-XXXX: Yes, like the warehouse.

Dr Clement: Mhm. Yesterday our agents found what appeared to be fragments of fabric littering previously said warehouse in [REDACTED]. We were hoping you could explain this to us.

SCP-XXXX: A mistake happened there. I panicked. I let instinct take the reins.

Dr Clement: I don’t understand…

SCP-XXXX: It was a rushed clean up. The bodies were sloppily tucked away, the murder weapon was discarded carelessly. They have probably already been discovered by now.

Dr Clement: Whose bodies?

SCP-XXXX: (Sighs) The body of my Boss and the Sovereign. I had to do it. He was a traitor. He was discussing agency secrets with the enemy.

Dr Clement: Could you describe this "Sovereign"?

SCP-XXXX: Its the physical manifestation of the devil itself. A powerful influencer with horrific intentions, leading a group called “The Tyrant’s Order”. Violent but skillful group. They’ve done some terrible things in the past.
Anyway I was doing what was right, I mean whatever the Sovereign wants isn’t good. I put a bullet through both of their heads, very well knowing the consequences of such an action. Everything was going so smoothly… until your man showed up.

SCP-XXXX looks up at Dr Clement angrily.

Dr Clement: Proceed.

SCP-XXXX: He caught me right as I began the clean up. I don’t know what came over me. How had been so stupid! I hid. I waited watching from behind a boiler, wondering what I should do. (Pauses) He walked out of that warehouse with everything he needed to expose my act. I was conflicted, do I go after him and recover the evidence or proceed to hide the bodies and clear my name efficiently. I think you know the rest!

Dr Clement: You proceeded to kill Agent Roth?

SCP-XXXX: Mistake number 2. I should have known the damage was already done but I was foolish. I thought I could stop that message from being sent. I arrived 5 seconds too late. I’m sure they’ve seen it by now and are coming. All I can do is wait.

Dr Clement: Who is coming XXXX?

SCP-XXXX: The Tyrants Order.

<End Log>

Closing Statement:
If what SCP-XXXX said was true then we need to prepare. We don’t know a lot about this group but considering how they were able to intercept a message which was meant to be sent through a secure network is alarming. It appears as though our technological security has been breached and therefore need we need to check the system for potential viruses or malware which could be feeding information to this group.
Anything irregular spotted around the site, especially around the Eastern Wing (where SCP-XXXX’s containment locker is located) is to be reported to me immediately and to be dealt with cautiously. SCP-XXXX is also to be questioned further so we can hopefully gain more knowledge on the group.

Incident XXXX-1
On 10/02/2019, Site 16’s main power system and emergency generators experienced mechanical failures, resulting in a site wide blackout. Systems were successfully repaired 4 hours later. Multiple containment breaches happened during the event, resulting in 11 fatalities and 32 injuries. During the blackout, several personnel reported that screams and gunfire could be heard coming from the Eastern Wing.
MTF teams were sent to investigate and discovered splashes of human blood matching that of missing personnel littering the walls, ceiling and floor. SCP-XXXX’s containment locker was found to be completely empty with the exception of a letter addressed to the Site Director [REDACTED].

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We look forward to meeting you again.
The Tyrant’s Order

SCP-XXXX and 17 missing personnel (among those being Dr Clement) have not been sighted since the event.