Contagious Idea
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Item #:SCP-3688

Object Class: Keter

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures:SCP-3688-1 is not containable considered contained as long as all SCP-3688-2 and 3 Instances are contained. SCP-3688-1 is also still in possession of the Chaos Insurgency and is thus still a threat. All Instances of SCP-3688-2 are to be contained within a standard VWS capsule(see Addendum VWS). All VWS capsule are stored in a secure containment Locker and are to be guarded by two deaf security Guards equipped with the VWS. In the Event of a containment Breach an SRA will activate itself. If SRA malfunctions or other reasons stop the containment of SCP-3688-2 a Cognitohazrd in form of a temporary deafening sound is played to the entire site and MTF-Omicron-11(Burke's Boys) is to be employed. SCP-3688-3 is to be contained within a 5m x 5m x 5m hermetically sealed glass chamber which is within a standard surveillance Cell. All equipment inside of the cell(4 Cameras one in each corner,1 microphone and 2 speakers) are to be maintained by SCP-3688-3 under guidance of a level 2 containment specialists. All new equipment requested by SCP-3688-3 is evaluated by at least level 4 Personal. In the Event of a containment Breach an SRA will activate itself.

Description:SCP-3688-1 is currently believed to a hazardous Idea created by the Chaos Insurgency as a memetic Weapon against The Foundation and other major Enemy’s of the Insurgency. It was discovered during attack 46BL89-3688-85(see Addendum 46BL89-3688-85).SCP-3688-1 will presumably begin to activate itself after more than five people are infected with 3688-1. The Activation will transform the Infected to an instance of SCP-3688-2. The Transformation will take up to 20min and consist of three primary stages.

Stage One:The Subject will feel a light Headache, Fever, light singes of Frostbite on Arms and Legs, nausea, low Pulse and a sore Throat.(14min)

Stage Two:The Subject will begin to mumble unintelligible followed by loss of any Hair, Severe Frostbite on Legs and Arms, second degree Burns on Head and Neck, vomiting of Blood and Organs(Liver, Stomach, Spleen, Kidney and Tongue), Blindness and a High Pulse.(13min)

Stage Three:Arms and Legs will now implode while Head and Torso will combust, revealing a thick layer of an unknown Gas/Smoke. The Subject will begin screaming the Cognitohazard labeled as SCP-3688-1, every 10min and attack all Person within its vicinity. Apparently seeking the Person with the most “Power”, after mortally wounding set Person the Subject will seek the next Person in line of the Hierarchy, Not stopping until every Person in a 30m radius is killed.(3min)

SCP-3688-2 and 3 have a vague humanoid form with arms reaching from the shoulder to the knees with a long cylinder like head with no facial feature, the Bodys of the Entity are at a constant moving due to the black Smoke which forms the Body. The SCP has claw like hands with sharp pointy fingers. It is unknown at the moment if any subject infected still has its consciousness or if the subjects' consciousness has been overwritten by 3688-1 however in both cases 3688-1 seems to enrage everyone infected by it. The Body of any SCP-2 and 3 Instances are impossible to hit with normal and most abnormal Weapons that fire a Projectile against the SCP due to fact that the Body of the SCP consist of thick black Smoke. SRAs are able to turn 3688-2 and 3 to non anomalous smoke, this does however not kill 3688 and is a very expensive way of containing and neutralizing the SCP. The Strength of the SCP is abnormal exceeding Human maximum by far, being able to claw through standard security doors without problems or exhaustion.

SCP-3688-3 is an Instance of 3688-2 which has not lost or got his Consciousness overwritten by 3688-1. The SCP stated that he was Dr. ████████, level 3 memetic and cognito Researcher at Site 21. He stated further more that he believes the only reason why he has not lost his consciousness is due to his work on the modified memetic effects of SCP-1730(see Interview 3688-3 1).SCP-3688-3 has been placed in Containment due to the believe that wile he is still infected poses a massive Security risk if more than five people hear him talking about 3688-1 and thus triggering said SCP.(Note: It is currently unknown at which amount of Information about SCP-3688-1 its effects get triggered)

SCP-3688-3 wife and children have been told that SCP-3688-3 has been killed in a work accident. The SCP has shown singes of increased aggression, it is believed to be a symptom of the 3688-1 infection. Dr. ████████ has begun to treating himself with his own memetic Hazards such as ██████████ due to Amnestics in form of Gas and Liquid showed no effects.

Addendum VWS:The VWS (Vacuum based Weapon System) is an experimental Prototype especially designed to contain gas based SCPs. It creates an ideal Vacuum for at least 3 hours without compromising(Note: the VWS is a by the Foundation created Anomalie), it takes 6min to reload itself and has two fire modes.

1:A constant stream of the Vacuum that slowly fills a Tank which is capable of contain 5L of liquid.

2:Firing a Capsule containing an Ultrahigh Vacuum in grenade like fashion. The Capsule is able to suck most Gases and small Particles in a radius of 18m. The VWS has three Capsules.

Addendum 46BL89-3688-85:The Attack on site 21 started when an unknown D-class was found outside of Site 21. Security quickly captured the D-class and locked him up with the Site 21 D-class Personal. DNA test have shown that the captured D-class was declared dead during a test on SCP-████ in Site ██. Site ██ was Informed and left Site 21 to handle the D-class. During lunch Break the D-class manged to infect 14 D-class and 7 security Guards. The Infected began than to slaughter most of Site 21 Personal, after 2 Hours the Chaos Insurgency team swept into Site 21 stealing 3 SCP(SCP-███, SCP-████ and SCP-███), valuable Data and the Corpses of Agent ████ and Researcher ████████, as well as leaving a Message now labeled as Message 21-1, No Instances of 3688-2 attacked them some even bowed to them. During the Attack of 3688-2 Dr. ████████ was in his Laboratory. Camera feed showed that after the warning Sirens went of Dr. ████████ was walking up and down in his Laboratory before running to a drawer and laying ██████████ on one of the tables and looking at it for 30sec before an SCP-3688-2 Instance destroyed to entrance and screamed 3688-1 at Dr. ████████. The Entity then began attacking Dr. ████████, After the infection Time SCP-3688-3 emerged from the presumed dead body of Dr. ████████.MTF Epsilon-11 was able to retake Site 21 with no casualties on their side. No trace of the Chaos Insurgency was found except for Message 21-1.

1)48 Person survived,73 were killed,27 were turned to 3688-2,1 were turned to 3688-1 and █ were ██████.

2)Reevaluation of the cameras showed that 3688-2 Instances were reeling more on simple brute force as their number grew, which let to the Idea that 3688-1 infected share some kind of Hive mind with each other. Test have shown that SCP-3688-3 has Memories of People infected by SCP-3688-1.

Message 21-1:

Dear Foundation,

Thank you for all the Data, the SCPs and your Personal.
We hope you all die the horrible you deserve.
See you soon at the next site.

From your Neighbor
The Chaos Insurgency

Interview 3688-3 1:
Interviewer:Agent Taylor Smith

Foreword:Subject seems unconcentrated, but aware of this.

Begin Log 3688-3 1,██.██.████ 14:32

Agent Smith:Alright, Dr. ████████ I will ask you a few questions and you will hopefully able to answer them.

SCP-3688-3:I will try my best, its all a bit Hazy

Agent Smith:Ok, can you tell me what you were doing with ██████████?

SCP-3688-3:I….██████████ was designed to clear the viewers, to calm him. It was meant to silence everything that could distract someone, It….worked to fell I suppose. I thought that maybe if used it would give me some Idea or chance or anything that would let me survive this mess when Choas showed up.

Agent Smith:You do know that the miss use of an experimental Prototype that is over your clearance is high treason. You shouldn’t even know about ██████████. Can you justify your action?

SCP-3688-3:██████████ was based on my Ideas, my Research, my Work!
You can't expect me to just turn away because some Idiot with level 4 classified it above my clearance. You know there are People who look into 001,People who use SCPs to advance themselves in the Foundation, People who store Data that can save lives just because they think of themselves and I'm the Bad guy now because I started working on something that could change the life of People like you and me.

Agent Smith:Noted. Now what can you tell me about SCP-3688?

SCP-3688-3:You change the subject quick. Ok, now I could tell you that it is an Idea, a Thought, a Truth even a Law. I know my overreaction must be annoying but hear me out. Good, now when a child, a baby sees a Mirror do they know what they are looking at?
No, they don't and that's the Point we are just children looking at things we can't understand but what if we could. That's 3688 in my Book. Since I have been infected I see all the Anomalies in a different light not just because I'm one of them but because I know how they function or at least how some.

Agent Smith:And how would you describe your infection?

SCP-3688-3:Do you mean how or feel or how I think about it?

Agent Smith:Booth, but let us start with your thought about it?

SCP-3688-3:Its dangerous because we are not ready for it. Chaos and no Idea what it was, so they used it as a weapon.

Agent Smith:Are you sure? The Cameras tell differently.

SCP-3688-3:That….true. Give me some time to think about this.(Subject seemed puzzled)Next Question?

Agent Smith:So how do feel?

SCP-3688-3:Strange as if my Brain got pierced by million Rail spikes and then hit by a train. But the same time it feels like a soft cool breeze is gently brushing against my thoughts. Every Atom in my body is constantly in two states, Frozen and on fire at the same time. Yet I'm not in Pain or anything…….is that it, then anymore Questions?

Agent Smith:No. But we will probably have more of these Interviews in the Future.

End Log 3688-3,██.██.████ 14:57

Closing Statement:SCP-3688-3 was placed in containment, without any Incident. SCP-3688-3 has requested to talk to a D-class every month once. Request……… Pending.

Note Dr.████ █.██.████: I know you think 3688-3 is all nice and polite, but he is in containment not because he nice but because he is Infected with a coginto Hazard that can wipe out an entire site with no Problem.