Dr jed's sandbox
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Item #: SCP-item-J

Object Class: Euclid? Im pretty sure.

Special Containment Procedures:
Description: SCP-item-J is a chair thing that unpredictably shape shifts. SCP-item-J has transformed into things varying from knives, to nukes, to chairs, and of Course, people. SCP-item-J always explodes when its used, or else, of course, it wouldn't be cool. theres so much stuff its transformed into I can't even count it. In fact, im pretty sure this computer is SCP-item-J Yeah it I-
Sorry, it transformed again after it blew my face off. Now, onto my real computer. As I was saying, uhh. does it also make you forget things? wait..why am I typing this…? oh right, its just a thing that transforms into things and blows up when you use it. Don't even know how I wrote this article.

**Interview log Item-1-J
Now heres a interview I guess:
hold on im too lazy to do it now ill come back later I guess.