The Loneliest Mannequin Man

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is to be contained in a 48 meter by 48 meter by 48 meter room made of a cement wall 10 cm with a 3 cm thick layer of sand surrounding it's perimeter. SCP XXXX's containment chamber is to be cleaned every 2 weeks by a group of 2-3 janitors wearing wooden armor with little to no exposure to prevent a violent frenzy from SCP XXXX.

If testing is permitted by Dr. [REDACTED], then a D-Class personnel wearing wooden covering is to be used while a Doctor or researcher with a clearance level 2 or above is present to record the results through a camouflaged window via observing room connected to the chamber. SCP XXXX is to be viewed once or twice every week via the one way glass window that is tinted to match the color of the containment chamber so that SCP XXXX is not aware of being viewed by personnel.

If SCP XXXX becomes aware of viewing and disables all lights and cameras in it’s chamber, a 360-degree heat sensor located in the middle of the floor is to be activated so location of SCP XXXX can be confirmed. If SCP XXXX is not located in it's chamber 7 seconds after activation of the sensor, a D-Class personnel is to be sent inside the chamber to investigate. If SCP XXXX's chamber becomes damaged and the layer of sand begins to leak into the chamber, SCP XXXX is to be transferred to a 15 cm by 15 cm wooden crate with a sandstone covering and kept there until the cracks/holes are repaired and the sand perimeter is refilled.

Description: SCP XXXX is a humanoid wooden posable drawing mannequin made of dark oak with two exposed thick intertwined aluminum wires for joints. SCP XXXX's appendages are made up of laminated dark oak ovals and aluminum wires about 2.5 cm thick with no fingers or toes on its hands and feet. SCP XXXX has a height of 4 meters and a length of 2.5 meters with its arms to its sides, and a length of 8 meters with its arms spread out.

SCP XXXX has no visible eyes, ears or mouth, but still appears to be able to speak, hear, see and react with its surroundings. It is unknown how SCP XXXX is able to possess all the senses a normal organism would, but research is underway to explain this. SCP XXXX is strong enough to break through solid Chromium with ease despite being made of wood and steel wire. SCP XXXX is hollow on the inside with the exception of a steel skeletal structure resembling one of a human inside its wooden shell. The skeletal structure is fully functional and is active when SCP XXXX is active, which is only visible when the wood on its head and body is burnt off using sand or is cut off using sandstone tools [see SCP XXXX-2]. The skeletal structure can be destroyed using sand and will corrode twice as fast as the rest of SCP XXXX’s body and does not regenerate like the wooden casing of SCP XXXX.

SCP XXXX has been known to aimlessly pace from one end of it's chamber to the other with its head slightly bowed and its hands behind its back, as if in thought. SCP XXXX has a recorded IQ of 113, which is in the superior intelligence range, but is in the mindset of a mature adolescent. SCP XXXX will attack any living organism, but seems to be attacking out of fear instead of attacking out of rage or hatred with the exception of staff or people dressed like staff of the foundation. SCP XXXX will not attack plants, especially plants with bark, animals or if subjects wear wood armor or some protective covering that is made out of wood, SCP XXXX then identifies the subject as “One of his brothers” SCP XXXX then shows the subject affection, protection, and will even conversate with the subject about anything and will answer questions happily to the best of it’s knowledge.

It is believed that SCP XXXX speaks vocally using its steel jaw located underneath its wooden casing which causes SCP XXXX’s voice to have a muffled effect and an echo. It is unknown if SCP XXXX sounds any different when the outer wooden covering is removed as SCP XXXX seems to enter a comatose like state once a large amount of it’s skeleton is exposed. When a subject that has bonded with SCP XXXX is removed from its presence, it will become depressed and will stay this way until it forgets about the subject, which has been recorded to last around 2 weeks. While in a depressed state, SCP XXXX will sit in the corner of it’s containment chamber while making quiet sobs while mourning it’s lost companion until it is no longer depressed over the loss or until it is reunited with the subject. If SCP XXXX is in a depressed state and is reunited with the subject it has bonded to, SCP XXXX will become ecstatic and will show even more affection towards the subject and will immediately become defensive if another organism it identifies as a threat comes within sight of SCP XXXX. If a subject that has bonded with SCP XXXX is removed and replaced with another subject using the same armor or covering, SCP XXXX will be able to identify differences in voice tones, height and even how the subjects think and respond.

SCP XXXX is extremely sensitive to sand and will remove itself from it with all of its ability. Upon finding sand, SCP XXXX will become paralyzed in fear for around 3 to 5 seconds before slowly backing away and cowering in fear as far away as it can get from the sand. When SCP XXXX is in contact with sand, it begins to make an audible but muffled scream as the wood burns and smokes and the metal rusts and becomes weak and somewhat limp.

When the wooden casing of SCP XXXX is burnt off or removed, SCP XXXX will have 2 different reactions depending on the severity of the damage caused, If the wooden coating is burnt off but not severe enough to expose it’s skeletal structure, SCP XXXX will move much less and will sap any available electricity or light energy available to it to speed up the regeneration process, if SCP XXXX is burnt so severely that it’s skeletal structure is exposed, SCP XXXX will enter a sleep like state where it will lay limp and will not move until the exposed area is covered again. If the wooden coating is removed and placed back on, the removed wood will not heal with the wood still attached to SCP XXXX.

It takes SCP XXXX around 4 to 5 days to 2 weeks after the exposure to sand. Sand is the only recorded compound that can cause physical damage to SCP XXXX. If SCP XXXX feels as if it is being observed, it will look for a light source which would hide itself from its viewer when disabled, SCP XXXX will then point towards the light source, causing it to flicker for before going out completely.

SCP XXXX has the ability to absorb the energy of more than just light bulbs, but also fire and chemical light sources. SCP XXXX can also adsorb the energy from recording equipment and exposed electrical sources such as live wires, but it takes twice as long and seems to cause SCP XXXX slight discomfort, as it makes audible but muffled grunts as it absorbs the energy. After SCP XXXX absorbs an electrical power source, it will still hold an electric charge and cannot seem to discharge it. SCP XXXX also has the ability to possess an exothermic reaction if a chemical light source is absorbed. When SCP XXXX possesses an endothermic reaction, it will glow faintly for 3 to 5 hours before slowly dimming out.

SCP XXXX becomes more active as it uses the energy it has gained to strengthen itself and its senses. It is unknown if it can become strong enough to withstand the harmful effects of sand. As of yet, there is no explanation of how SCP XXXX saps the electricity or chemical reaction, but studies are underway to find out how it uses this ability.

Discovery: SCP XXXX was obtained on November 23, 2012. SCP XXXX was found in the stock room basement of an abandoned Lumber Liquidators in [DATA EXPUNGED], Pennsylvania after several reports of disappearances of teens who believed in the town's urban legend. According to the locals, the old Lumber Liquidators was haunted by a man who possessed a wooden mannequin, which caused ghost hunters and teens looking for a scare to enter the building to debunk the legend passed on by the community. When located, SCP XXXX openly attacked extraction team [REDACTED], muttering muffled inaudible things in a fearful voice as it swung its long wooden arms at the squad in a frightened way, as if it did not want to kill them but attacked them to protect itself.

SCP XXXX continued this until it came across a broken sandbag with the contents spread across the floor. It stopped moving completely for a short time before backing away to where the extraction team had found it. SCP XXXX then curled into a fetal position and the extraction team got it into a large reinforced metal crate and sent it on its way to site 17. Once brought to site 17 and placed into a standard temporary containment cell, SCP XXXX first began walking around the cell as if it were examining the chamber. It then proceeded to violently smash the entrance side wall until it was broken and it began to escape. From now on there must be a layer of sand within SCP XXXX’s chamber so any thought or attempt of escape is defunct due to it’s fear and weakness to sand.

SCP XXXX-1: [Test for any resistance to sand in SCP XXXX] 11/30/2012
SCP XXXX has a cupful of sand poured on it’s abdominal region. SCP XXXX begins screaming in pain and the wood begins to burn and the smoke from the burn begins to rise and thickly engulf the chamber. SCP XXXX begins to frantically shake and scoop the sand out of its body in the crater now in the middle of it’s abdominal region, which only causes its hands to begin smoldering. A pressure washer is brought in and used to spray the sand out of the area. It is now on record that SCP XXXX has no resistance to sand whatsoever. This test will be recorded and saved for reference if SCP-XXXX is ever required to be terminated by the foundation as well as to keep SCP XXXX from having to experience this ever again.

SCP XXXX-2: [Test for any internal structures inside of SCP XXXX] 12/7/2012
SCP XXXX is strapped down and dissected using sandstone surgical tools around its face and abdominal region. SCP XXXX begins burning up as it makes muffled screams of pain. SCP XXXX then begins flailing around yelling things including “It hurts, it hurts me” and “I’m Scared to die” while crying out to an unknown individual it called “Father” for help.

After the incisions were made and the outer wooden shell was removed, SCP XXXX ceases screaming and becomes unconscious. While SCP XXXX was unconscious, Dr. [REDACTED], Dr. [REDACTED] and 2 armed guards examined its internals to reveal it possessing a steel wire skeleton that was severely rusted and corroded due to the exposure to the sandstone tools that had accidentally made contact with it. The rib cage was severely corroded and 3 ribs were rusted off. SCP XXXX’s steel skull was not as corroded as the rib cage, but still presented slight rusting on the right eye socket and lower jaw, which was missing a three front teeth due to sand exposure. The incisions were not made anywhere around the teeth or right eye socket, possibly proving that SCP XXXX had been attacked before it was found by extraction team [REDACTED] and the skeletal structure of SCP XXXX does not regenerate like the wooden outer casing does.

The jaw was gaping open and the eye sockets were empty, but had shown no signs of any eyes being present in the sockets before any sand was exposed to SCP XXXX, possibly meaning SCP XXXX can see without possessing physical eyeballs. 1 day after the experiment was conducted, SCP XXXX regained consciousness and it’s wire skeleton had been mostly covered by a thin layer of wood that had regenerated overnight, although there was still a small open hole where the cover did not fully reach. SCP XXXX has now become extremely hostile to any and all staff unless wooden gear is worn to keep SCP XXXX calm and docile.