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Item #: SCP-4092

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-4092 is to be contained within a file titled [DATA EXPUNGED] inside of SCP-4092-1 at Site ██. SCP-4092-1 should be disconnect of all possible exterior frequency access, and should be encased inside of a 6m x 6m x 6m steel container layered with a 50 cm thick layer of aluminium on both the inside and outside. The container should never be opened, the exception being maintenance check and experimentation. Due to SCP-4092’s nature, when opening the container, all electronic devices within a 1km range must be shut off, and all electromagnetic waves 2.4GHz or stronger must be disrupted.

To prevent contact during containment, maintenance or experimentation, SCP-4092-1 is to be covered with a wooden box. The wooden box may only be removed with the approval of higher class personnel. Anyone who comes in visual contact with SCP-4092 and reacts to its anomalous behavior is to be labeled as SCP-4092-2, and considered KIA. All class personnel in the surrounding vicinity are to retreat from the containment area, and avoid eye contact with both SCP-4092 and SCP-4092-2.

If SCP-4092 breaches its containment, all devices in the facility are to be shut off and all signals must be disrupted within the first minute of containment. If necessary, an entire site shut down will commence, forcing SCP-4092 back into SCP-4092-1, where checking and maintenance begin at once. Everyone using a device during the breach is to be put in psychiatric testing as soon as possible

Description: SCP-4092 is an .mp4 file by the name of [DATA EXPUNGED] inside of SCP-4092-1, a 2009 Aspire Z5600 computer. SCP-4092-1 shows no sign of deterioration and is always activated, despite not being connected to any electrical power source. SCP-4092-1 will unpredictably activate SCP-4092's anomalous behavior. It is unknown whether SCP-4092 or SCP-4092-1 are in charge of the behavior activations. SCP-4092-1 emits a low frequency sound from its ventilator that poses no threat to humans can have negative side effects on living organisms.

When in direct visual contact with SCP-4092 during anomalous behavior, SCP-4092-2 will enter a state of unconsciousness, while directly staring at SCP-4092. After exactly four minutes and forty-five seconds, SCP-4092-2 will enter in a state of emotional distress, similar to SCP-096, as well as experience suicidal intentions. During the rampage, SCP-4092-2 shouts the phrase “Tomorrow is never” repeatedly while laughing unnervingly, crying, and scratching its face, arms and legs until they begin to bleed. SCP-4092-2 will either run around during this time period or it will sit down in a corner rocking back and forth, however they remain docile to humans. The reasons or impacts revolving this behavior are not yet known. After the period of emotional distress, SCP-4092-2 will proceed to look for anything they could possibly use to cause further harm to their body. SCP-4092 is not looked over as a possible tool for self harm for SCP-4092-2. If there is nothing that could possibly cause harm to SCP-4092-2’s body in the vicinity, SCP-4092-2 will proceed to [DATA EXPUNGED] which will ultimately lead to death by blood loss or death by trauma.

SCP-4092 is able to transport itself within a 1km radius to any computer and computer-like device with electromagnetic waves 2.4GHz or stronger. Infrared cameras placed within the container shows that SCP-4092 emits electromagnetic frequencies 1.6GHz and higher. In order to prevent any access to these sorts of waves, a 50 cm layer of aluminium is placed both on the inside and outside of the container to absorb and reflect all incoming electromagnetic waves. SCP-4092 is capable of producing electromagnetic waves strong enough to penetrate both layers of aluminium, but chooses not to. Nobody currently knows why this is. It is said SCP-4092 has a consciousness and advanced intelligence, and is able to understand all forms of human language and text, including sign and braille, however this has not been confirmed yet.

Addendum 4092-1: Multiple EMF meters have been placed within the containment to examine the electromagnetic frequencies emitted by SCP-4092. The EMF meters have detected random flashes of frequencies registering words and phrases believed to be saying “Let me be free” and “I promise I won't hurt you”. More tests required to confirm.

Addendum 4092-2: Interview Log with Subject D-2245 and SCP-4092; confirming whether or not SCP-4092 is able to hear us and is able to communicate

Addendum 4092-3: Subject D-3405 was submitted to testing on SCP-4092-1's low frequency sound. Subject faced with nausea, confusion and disorientation, hearing loss and altered brain function. Subject later faced with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Precautions have been taken and the interior walls have been sound proofed. In addition, a psychologist was placed near the containment area in case of exposure.