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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX cannot be contained. Instead, any sightings of SCP-XXXX should be responded to by any nearby MTF, containment specialist, tactical response team, or field agents. A perimeter (a kilometer in diameter,) shall be set up around as soon as possible. This perimeter will be held until SCP-XXXX relocates. No physical interaction should be applied to SCP-XXXX without O5 permission. Upon SCP-XXXX's manifestation, at least one Foundation staff member should observe SCP-XXXX during its active state. Any unusual behavior is to be reported to Dr.██████ or the closest site manager. Any property destroyed by SCP-XXXX should be repaired to look as close to as it was before the incident. Any civilians that witnessed SCP-XXXX or the aftermath should be tracked down and given class A amnestics.

SCP-XXXX is a mobile magic show comprised of a two-wheeled truck and a four-wheeled trailer linked by a North American trailer connector. The base and roof of the trailer are wooden and covered with purple velvet while a red curtain obscures SCP-XXXX's interior.

Roughly every month, SCP-XXXX will appear in an urban area at Mach 4 before becoming stationary. Sonic booms caused by SCP-XXXX's speed of travel have commonly resulted in the widespread disturbance of civilians and wildlife, along with the mass destruction of windows and other fragile equipment and objects. SCP-XXXX will not become active until at least ten (10) individuals are within a radius of seven meters from the anomaly. When ten (10) individuals appear within SCP-XXXX's apparent activation range, a currently unknown force will unfold the curtains of the trailer, revealing crude, life-size illustrations of a lion (Panthera leo), a wolf (Canis lupus), and a panther (Panthera onca).

The illustrations will "prance" across the stage before three entities identical in species and size to the drawings appear, labeled SCP-XXXX-1A, SCP-XXXX-1B, and SCP-XXXX-1C, respectively. These three entities have showcased the ability to fly and will produce a trail of glitter when doing so. Occasionally, the entities will produce fire out of their mouths, which can cause large amounts of property damage and sometimes fatalities. Creatures produced from SCP-XXX have never showcased inherent hostility but will retaliate when provoked, often resulting in severe injury or death. Without any disturbance, these shows will last roughly ten (10) minutes before suddenly stopping. The three entities will return to the trailer's interior, the curtains are drawn, and SCP-XXXX-1A, SCP-XXXX-1B, and SCP-XXXX-1C demanifests back into drawings.
Addendum 1:

Interviewed: MTF Pi-1 former Commander

Interviewer: Dr.███████

Foreword: Meeting with MTF Pi-1 former Commander to talk about the first recorded instance of SCP-XXXX
[Interview about the Conductor {SCP-XXXX-1D} with former MTF commander]

Addendum 2:


"The next time SCP-XXXX is sighted, use explosives (C4) to neutralize SCP-XXXX." (O5-04)


O5-04 O5-02 O5-01
O5-05 O5-12
O5-06 O5-11
O5-07 O5-13
O5-08 O5-03







Following the detonation of a bomb underneath SCP-XXXX, SCP-XXXX-1A, SCP-XXXX-1B, and SCP-XXXX-1C instances became prematurely active and abnormally hostile, resulting in [REDACTED]. SCP-XXXX materialized one month later and appeared undamaged regardless of previous incident.

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