Item #: scp-3982 The face of the Axis
Object class:Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:5ft by 5ft cell with 5 Security Officers guarding the cell
at all times and scp-3982's cell is off limits at all times

Description:scp-3983 is a man 8ft tall wearing a ww2 era German general's outfit however
the face of scp-3982 is completely black with the exception of a red skull scp-3983 is
extremely hostile and will try to kill "lesser races" by useing any means for these reasons
scp-3982 is off limits at all time. scp-3982 will try to leave nazi propaganda were ever there
is a wall present attempts at removeing propaganda will result in scp-3982 being angered
and will try to kill whoever remove the propaganda in the fist place.