scp 4287

class: Euclid

special containment procedures: scp 4287 should be kept in a standard humanoid containment chamber furnished with a bed, bookcase and desk. they are allowed to leave their room with at least one member of foundation staff. they are allowed to have food from the cafeteria and may request special meals dependant on good behaviour. if scp 4287 disappears at any point in time it should be reported if any unknown persons or staff are seen or if two of the same person are seen. infrared goggles should also be distributed in this case.

description: scp 4287 is a humanoid of about 19 years old that insists on being referred to as 'juniper' though it is unknown if this is their real name. scp 4287 has the ability to change their complete appearance at will which includes but is not limited to turning completely invisible though this seems to take up a lot of their energy. scp 4287 will always have blue eyes no matter their form. scp 4287 will typically resemble a young man or woman usually with short hair ranging from several assorted colours.

scp 4287 has a powerful desire to escape though only a few attempts have been made to actually do so.

scp 4287 was found in [DATA EXPUNGED] after there were several reports of doppelgänger imitating their counterparts, the most notable being when two of the same teacher entered a classroom at a local high school. SCP 4287 was found when leaving their home at [DATA EXPUNGED] and was quickly taken into custody of the foundation.

tests have been done that have shown SCP 4287 can only imitate other humanoids as it was unable to imitate non humanoid entities after they were asked to change their form into something similar to a cat or dog but they claim that they cannot do so

it has been suggested that scp 4287 be cross tested with other humanoid SCPs though this could prove to be dangerous