Dr McPhee
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A standard humanoid containment room of 6m x 6m x 4m is to be provided along with the following extra items.
1 ████ brand gaming console
1 Collection of video game disks including
1 Television set (modified to receive no outside signal aside from the ████ games console)
1 bookcase and appropriate reading materials as requested via form 441/b
2 Extra pillows as requested by subject via form 441/b
1 Plush toy as requested by subject via form 441/b

Due to the nature of it's anomalous properties the SCP-XXXX should be accompanied by at least 2 level 4 personnel whenever not in it's containment facility. When inside it's containment facility 1 level 4 personnel should remain on guard outside. SCP-XXXX has shown no openly hostile actions and has proved fairly cooperative with the foundations efforts to test the nature of it's anomalies and has therefore been granted supervised [REDACTED] on the condition this behaviour continues. At no point is SCP-XXXX to be left unsupervised and should remain within visual range when not confined. It should have no contact with anything containing The Following allergen compounds, Prolamin; Ara h 2, 6, 7 or 9 (If in doubt anything containing nuts will have these compounds)

Description: Subject SCP-XXXX is a human male by the name of ██████ █████ and is of mexican origin. Records show that it was born on [REDACTED] and appears to be completely typical of a human male of its age. Subject is 1.33 meters in hight, slim build, with black hair and dark brown eyes. Subject SCP-XXXX is fluent in spanish, though can communicate in rudimentary english.
The anomalous effects of the subject are such that while it is clearly visible to the human eye, no attempts to photograph or film the subject to date have been successful. SCP-XXXX does not cast a shadow nor does it have a reflection, yet is clearly both corporeal and capable of reflecting light. The mechanisms behind this is not yet understood and despite multiple tests no reliable way to reproduce or negate this phenomenon has been achieved. The subject claims to have no idea when or how the anomalous effects began or how they work.

It seems as though capturing the image of SCP-XXXX is impossible, sketching the subject has proved extremely frustrating to the point that no-one has yet managed to produce a likeness of sufficient detail as to resemble the subject, regardless of the artists ability. This effect is likely memetic in some way, presenting a possible cogito hazard.

To date [REDACTED] interviews have been carried out yet it seems the voice of the subject cannot be recorded by any known means either, meaning that all records of the subject must be handwritten.

Addendum SCP-XXXX/1: Requests to test Subject SCP-XXXX's abilties and their interactions with other SCPs have been suspended until the subject reaches maturity, due to the fact that the [REDACTED] reports show that children and young adults are far more susceptible to [REDACTED] therefore tests involving other requested SCPs have been declared unsafe for now. -Dr Robin

Addendum SCP-XXXX/2: Due to the the inherent nature and close proximity to SCP-343 it has been decided that contact between SCP-343 and SCP-XXXX will be allowed supervised contact; while not ideal this is better than SCP-343 having what it calls "playdates" with the subject without appropriate supervision and research staff present.1