Dr Meihoff
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Item: SCP-????
Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in a 6m x 6m chamber, constructed from
concrete. Inside this chamber, a 1m x 1m iron box, with a thickness of 1cm, is to be secured
to the floor by a steel chain, of length 1.4m, where SCP-???? is stored. The chamber itself
will have a standard door. Guards are not necessary, although monitoring via closed circuit
television or motion sensors within the chamber is recommended. During testing, at least one guard
must be stationed outside to assist with removal of test subjects
subjects must wear a harness,
connected to a guard outside of the chamber in order to assist with removal of test subjects (see
Addendum ????-b).

Description: SCP-???? is a purple balloon, with no decals or other remarkable aesthetic details.
The skin of SCP-????, assumed to be latex, is impenetrable, being unaffected by tools ranging
from standard knives to C4 explosives. SCP-???? has been observed lifting up to 320kg, hence the
containment procedures mentioned earlier. However, SCP-???? is only capable of rising 100m into
the air. The primary anomalous affect SCP-???? only occurs within a specified area, henceforth
referred to as SCP-????-1. SCP-????-1 is a cylindrical area with a diameter of 5m. SCP-????-1
begins at the knot of SCP-???? and continues to ground level. Any individuals, human or
otherwise, that enter SCP-????-1 will become convinced that SCP-???? is under the ground, or
beneath any current platform they reside on, regardless of whether or not SCP-???? is within
their line of sight. Individuals also report a need to 'release' SCP-???? into the sky, causing
them to begin digging. Individuals that feel this need will ignore any other methods of descent,
such as staircases or elevators, but will make use of tools or objects in the nearby area to
dig. In the event that no functional tools can be used, individuals will instead use their own bodies,
but seem not to notice any damage or pain that comes as a result of such actions.

Experiment Log: ????-01

Subject: D-902, a 24 year old Caucasian male. D-902 shows no mental or physical properties
outside of normal human expectations; D-902 is perfectly healthy, in body and mind.

Researcher: Dr. M██████

Foreword: D-902, before entering SCP-????'s containment chamber, was informed that SCP-????
was inside the iron box. D-902 had no objects with him other than his D-class uniform. Two guards are
stationed outside.

(Begin Log)

Dr. M██████: D-902, I'd like you to describe what you are currently feeling.

D-902: It's… weird. (D-902 crouches down and knocks on the concrete floor.) I thought you said
it was in the box?

Dr. M██████: I did.

D-902: But it's not, is it? I can tell, it's under here.

Dr. M██████: What do you mean? How can you be so sure?

D-902: Well… I just am. Watch, I'll get it for you.

(D-902 begins to punch the concrete floor. Sounds reminiscent of bones breaking are heard, yet D-902
does not appear to display responses to any pain)

Dr. M██████: D-902, you won't make any progress doing that. Just stop for a minute, we'll get you out
of there and take you for emergency care.

D-902: Emergency care? What for? I'm fine, Doc. I'll come out as soon as I've got this balloon.

(A crack appears on the floor of the chamber. Small fragments of bone are seen falling from D-902's

Dr. M██████: Alright, pull him out. We won't be able to repair any further damage to the chamber or
to D-902.

(Two guards enter the chamber. Both guards stop once within SCP-????-1. The first guard throws down
his rifle and begins 'digging' alongside D-902. After 4 seconds, the second guard aims his rifle at
floor and shoots at the crack, causing major damage to the floor. Her line of fire passes through
the first guard's head, killing him instantly. Neither D-902 not the second guard seem to care. A
second security team enters, but does not travel within SCP-????-1, and pulls both subject out.)

Results: Experiments involving SCP-???? have been temporarily put on hold, but Experiment ????-01
showed that SCP-????'s anomalous influence only remains active while individuals are within
SCP-????-1. Once removed, the second guard broke down due to the death of her colleague at her hands.
D-902 immediately lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss, but made a partial recovery. His
hands were beyond repair.

Addendum ????-a: Circumstances of retrieval: SCP-???? was discovered on the Kola Peninsula,
Russia, on ██/██/196█. Foundation agents working in Soviet territories were alerted to a
group of scientists that were behaving unusually. Upon visiting the area in which the scientists
were working, agents reported large amounts of industrial excavation equipment; specifically
drilling rigs. One agent noticed the presence of SCP-????, which was situated directly over the
drilling equipment. All scientists in the area reported that there was an object beneath the ground,
which they were trying to dig up. When asked, none of them could explain what the object was.
Foundation researchers determined the balloon as the cause, and relocated it to Site ██. Foundation
agents set up a fake experiment named the 'Kola Superdeep Borehole' to cover up the story.

Addendum ????-b: After the results of Experiment ????-01, testing procedures have been updated.
Subjects must now wear a harness, attached to a guard outside, to minimize damage to the subject and
the chamber. In the event that a harness is damaged and/or breaks, tasers or tranquillizers are
permitted to remove a subject. Furthermore, due to SCP-????'s properties extending to non-human
subjects, it is feasible that SCP-???? could be used to contain a containment breach; however, it is
unknown if said properties extend to SCPs that are resistant to mind-affecting SCPs.