Dr. Minehero
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Doctor: Minehero

Level Clearence: 4


Image of Dr. Minehero

Special Containment Procedures: Ha ha. Did you really have to write this? -Dr. Minehero
Yes. Now shut up. Anyways. Dr. Minehero is to be allowed to roam site-██ however he wishes. But, he is not allowed to enter SCP rooms with the express reason of "Yolo". For other things Dr. Minehero cannot do, please refer to addendum-01.

Description: Dr. Minehero is the youngest scientist present at site-██, and almost in the entire facility. He is surpassed in age by Dr. ████ but we don't talk about Dr. ████. THEN STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM! -Dr. Minehero

Dr. Minehero is a young boy of [REDACTED] origins. He was born in █████, ███. He was recruited into the SCP foundation after he was found trying to hug SCP-2499 in his apartment complex. Dr. Minehero was praised at the foundation for his incredible IQ Yeah praise me you [CENSORED] -Dr. Minehero But was otherwise he is STRICTLY PUNSIHED for being so reckless. Meaning you guys tell me don't do it again and add it to your list of things I can't do? -Dr. Minehero. GUYS WHY DO WE LET HIM EDIT THIS? Because I have level 4 clearance and YOU don't.

Addendum-01: After preforming several stupid tasks, Dr. Minehero was given a list of things he could not do at Site-██.

1. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to refer to SCP-173 as "Peanut" and is not allowed to introduce new scientists or D-Class to it as "Peanut".

2. Peanut- I mean SCP-173- does not "just want a hug".

3. Dr. Minehero is not to refer to SCP-106 as Uncle Larry, nor is he allowed to tell new comers to play hide and seek with him.

4. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to smoke SCP-420-J under any circumstances. Do you remember what happened to site-██?!? Cmon guys this one's just cruel -Dr. Minehero

5. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to ask SCP-058, or 8-Ball, about the truth to asses. Nor is he allowed to ask 8-Ball about the truth of fingers. Or any body part. Don't ask why Dr. Minehero. I dunno, why? -Dr. Minehero. BECAUSE IT ALERTS EVERYONE WITH ASSES ABOUT SCP-058!

6. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to say "Fight me irl" to SCP-079, or the old computer AI.

7. Dr. Minehero is not allowed under any circumstances to talk with SCP-682.

8. Dr. Minehero is not to bring SCP-173 to a amusement park just because he "wants to see what happens".

9. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to break a D-Class's neck while dressed up as SCP-173. Nor is he allowed to "stick" a D-Class into his pocket dimension while dressed up as SCP-106. We are still looking for three D-Class that went missing!!! Where the hell did you take them?

10. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to equip D-Class with bumper cars and tell them to have a race with SCP-096.

11. SCP-096 does not want to play peak-a-boo.

12. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to use his "D-Class Launcher" under any circumstances. Not after he used it on SCP-682 and almost killed it. God no.

13. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to attack SCP-682 with cheese. Or potatoes. Or apples. You know what, Dr. Minehero is not allowed to be NEAR SCP-682.

14. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to tell D-Class that SCP-008, or the zombie virus, is just a virus that allows you to have super powers. It's true, but you'd be dead.

15. Dr. Minehero is not a king. Nor his he a queen. Nor is he a "humble prince at your service".

16. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to inform D-Class to cough in front of SCP-049, or the plague doctor. He is not to tell D-Class to high-five SCP-049 either. Seriously, this is self explanitory.

17. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to introduce rage inducing games such as Fortnite or CS:GO to SCP-343, commonly known as God. Holy shit Lord Gaben was pissed.

18. SCP-343 is not your "Bro" Dr. Minehero. And no, he is not your "equal".

19. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to assemble a team of D-Class for the soul purpose of seeing which of them could fit SCP-058, or 8-Ball, in their mouth.

20. Dr. Minehero is not allowed to kill SCP's. Seriously. He's already terminated 15 of them. Can someone explain to me how SCP-096 is allergic to Axe body spray? Cuz it makes him smell beter ;) -Dr. Minehero. That doesn't make any sense. Your mother doesn't make any sense -Dr. Minehero. That comeback didn't make any sense either- you know what? Nevermind.