Dr Mistopheles - The Dethroned King of Rats
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be monitored at all times. When SCP-XXXX updates, all evidence of the previous state is to be hidden as soon as possible. If any consistencies are noted by the public, they are to be explained as recording errors whenever possible.

At this point in time, determining the source of SCP-XXXX is of critical priority.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the website [REDACTED].net. SCP-XXXX presents itself as a website for a piece of software known as First Life, designated SCP-XXXX-1. First Life claims to be an immersive VR videogame, aimed at flawlessly simulating real life. Though a download link is provided, attempting to download SCP-XXXX-1 quickly results in the downloading system crashing, with the issue being incited as an 'Inception Error'.

When SCP-XXXX has it's 'change log' page updated with new 'bug fixes', it has been found that evidence exists of these 'bugs' having previously occurred in real life, though no human beings can recall the 'bugs' existing. At this point in time, it is unclear if SCP-XXXX is altering evidence to appear as if those errors previously existed, or if it is fully altering reality and applying an amnestic effect to prevent recollection.

A partial list of SCP-XXXX's patch notes has been provided below.

Patch 1963.11.24

  • Fixed a bug where class-5 tornadoes spawned on linoleum tiles.
  • Fixed a bug where one attack from a gun-type weapon could result in double damage.
  • No longer possible to 'try for baby' with the continent of Australia.


  • 'Punt child' wish rates adjusted.
  • Removed enemy 'tentacle' from Japan spawn tables.


  • Due to reductions in patch 1972.6.17, disabled 'tripod' travel mode for male homo sapiens.
  • Rates of fetish 'cannibalism' reduced to sustainable levels.


  • Mice can no longer obtain the skill: Telekinesis
  • Mice can no longer obtain the skill: Gunplay
  • Mice can no longer obtain the skill: Sumo Wrestling


  • Fixed an issue due to autocorrect. Those who intended to learn Cantonese will no longer instead learn Canine.
  • Removed arachnids as a key ingredient in cupcakes.