SCP-×××× The infectious smile

item number: SCP-xxxx

object class: safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept inside a wooden crate outfitted with a single sliding panel for viewing SCP-xxxx during testing periods at all other times this panel will remain closed. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are to have solid steel cages remotely secured around the head of the entity. All instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are to be kept in the containment cell of SCP-xxxx. Their behavior is to be monitored at all times via video surveillance. All instances of SCP-xxxx-1 will be terminated if human testing of SCP-xxxx is required. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 that managed to breach the containment cell of SCP-xxxx and or their steel cages, are to be terminated on sight via flamethrower as this has proven to be the most effective method of termination.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a standard piece of printer paper with a smile drawn horizontally upon it in pencil. Any paper that comes into direct contact with SCP-xxxx will become an exact replica of SCP-xxxx and will exhibit the same effects. Upon viewing SCP-xxxx for under a minute the subject will begin to smile involuntarily regardless of their mental state. Subjects who view SCP-xxxx are unwilling to look away unless forcefully pulled away from it by another person.Photos and videos of SCP-xxxx do not have the same effect but projections

After 5 minutes of continued viewing of SCP-xxxx, the subjects face will become distorted into an even bigger smile now reaching half way to the eyes of the subject. Subjects that undergo this transformation report it to be agonizing.

After 15 minute the subject's smile will now stretch from ear to ear and the subject's entire skull will begin to crack in two to achieve this. X-rays have shown that the skull appears to reshape itself along the crack turning the damaged area into a kind of jaw bone which stretches to the back of the head of the subject. Autopsies of those who have died at this point revealed that the tongue of the subject becomes elongated and tendril-like in appearance living subjects will secrete a mixture of blood and saliva from the transformed tongue. Other subjects who have lived to this point will laugh maniacally at random intervals. And experience auditory hallucinations emanating from SCP-xxxx. Subjects fine motor skills and ability to speak will begin to deteriorate after this point and will continue to deteriorate the longer the subject views SCP-xxxx.

After 20 minutes of viewing SCP-xxxx, all effects will be rendered irreversible unlike past changes in anatomy, most changes passed this point are strictly behavioral. The subject will now show an unnatural emotional attachment to SCP-xxxx. At this point, they will now react with extream aggression to those who attempt to separate them from it. due to this change, they are now referred to as SCP-xxxx-1. When pulled away from SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx-1 will attempt to return to SCP-xxxx by any means necessary, even going as far as to tear and or eat holes through people and proceed to crawl through the said hole just to reach SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx-1 has severely reduced motor skills and are unable to communicate through normal means using grunts and shrieks instead. If someone who suffers from any form of depression becomes an instance of SCP-xxxx-1 their body t contort into unnatural and or humanly impossible shapes with some resulting in the subjects internal organs becoming appendages or limbs.

After 40 minutes of uninterrupted viewing, SCP-xxxx-1 will turn away from SCP-xxxx and seek out any living being, forcefully restrain them and stare into the subject's eyes. If subjects stare back they will be given the same afflictions SCP-xxxx-1 has ( this process has been dubbed "capturing") this transformation takes only 5 seconds. Photos of SCP-xxxx-1 do not have the same effect due to this containment of instances of SCP-xxxx-1 will be done remotely. Capturing will cause extreme pain to the subject being captured by SCP-xxxx-1. The subject captured will then become an instance of SCP-xxx-1. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 will continue this behavior unless they have been completely destroyed.

Discovery: SCP-xxxx was recovered from ████ circus