SCP-×××× The infectious smile

Item #:SCP-xxxx

Object Class:Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is currently contained within a currently decommissioned humanoid containment cell located at site-19. This cell is soundproof and devoid of all lighting. SCP-xxxx is to remain inside the cell's standard security locker and is only to be removed from this locker while testing the object, under no other circumstance shall SCP-xxxx be removed from this locker. All instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are held within the same containment cell, instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are to be deprived of any and all sensory stimulation at all times. SCP-xxxx-1's behavior is to be monitored at all times via infrared cameras located within SCP-xxxx's containment cell, shall any instance of SCP-xxxx-1 display increased levels of aggression at this time, they will be sedated and subsequently terminated as soon as possible. All housed instances of SCP-xxxx-1 will be terminated prior to human testing of SCP-xxxx.

Description: SCP-xxxx is a single sheet of printer paper with a smile drawn horizontally upon it in pencil. SCP-xxxx's size and composition are typical of paper. Aside from minor signs of general decomposition SCP-xxxx is in relatively good condition. Any paper that comes into direct contact with SCP-xxxx will become a replica of SCP-xxxx and will exhibit the same anomalous effects. SCP-xxxx anomalous properties manifest immediately after a subject establishes eye contact with SCP-xxxx. Once a subject's vision is focused entirely upon SCP-xxxx, the subject's brain will produce excess amounts of serotonin and dopamine, inducing the subject to smile involuntarily regardless of their mental state. Subject's dopamine and serotonin levels will continue to rise proportionally to their time spent viewing SCP-xxxx. Subjects who view SCP-xxxx are unwilling to look away unless an outside factor interrupts their line of sight. Overhead and slide projections of SCP-xxxx will exhibit the same effect on humans and humanoids, yet photos and videos of SCP-xxxx are entirely nonanomalous.

Once a subject has maintained eye contact with SCP-xxxx for exactly five minutes the subject's face will become visibly distorted into a larger smile now reaching half way to the eyes of the subject. This will cause immense physical discomfort and pain to the subject viewing SCP-xxxx. Despite this, the subject will still make no effort to turn away from SCP-xxxx.

After fifteen minutes of sustained eye contact, the subject's smile will now stretch from ear to ear, and the subject's skull will begin to crack along the temporal and occipital bones to achieve this. X-rays have shown that the jaw bone will realign itself along the crack turning the damaged area into a jaw. Autopsies of those who have died at this point revealed that the tongue of the subject becomes elongated and tendril-like in appearance. Living subjects will secrete a mixture of blood and saliva from the transformed tongue. Other subjects who have lived to this point will laugh maniacally at random intervals and experience auditory hallucinations emanating from SCP-xxxx. Subjects fine motor skills and ability to speak will begin to deteriorate after this point and will continue to deteriorate the longer the subject views SCP-xxxx.

After twenty minutes of viewing SCP-xxxx, all effects will be rendered irreversible. Unlike past changes in anatomy, most changes past this point are strictly behavioral. The subject will now show an unnatural emotional attachment to SCP-xxxx. They will now react with extreme aggression to those who attempt to separate them from it. Due to this change, they are now referred to as SCP-xxxx-1. When pulled away from SCP-xxxx, SCP-xxxx-1 will attempt to return to SCP-xxxx by any means necessary, even going as far as to tear and or eat holes through people and proceed to crawl through the said hole in order to reach SCP-xxxx. SCP-xxxx-1 has severely reduced motor skills, sluggish movements and are unable to communicate through traditional means, using grunts and shrieks instead. If someone who suffers from any form of depression becomes an instance of SCP-xxxx-1, their body will contort into unnatural and or humanly impossible forms with some resulting in the subject's entrails becoming appendages or limbs.

If an instance of SCP-xxxx-1 is allowed to view SCP-xxxx for twenty additional minutes, SCP-xxxx-1 will turn away from SCP-xxxx, seek out any living being, forcefully restrain them and attempt to consume them partially. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 will continue this behavior unless they have been completely destroyed. Once the subject succumbs to their injuries, the subject will reanimate within five minutes. They will then act as an instance of SCP-xxxx-1. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 behavior at this point is best described as predatory, instances of SCP-xxxx-1 are attracted to the sound of human speech, light, the smell of human blood and human sweat. Instances of SCP-xxxx-1 show some degree of intelligence evident by the fact that they only ever attack weakened or lone humans or humanoids, instances of SCP-xxxx-1 posses a knowledge of the current location of there desired to prey and will relentlessly pursue them. As of yet, there is no discovered way to stop them without termination.

Discovery: SCP-xxxx was discovered in █████████ amusement park on the 9th of October 1999, after reports of over 400 people went missing shortly after visiting the area prompted foundation investigation. The mobile task force Delta 7 "numbered ones" (this mobile task force consisted of 12 agents each only referred too by there designated number 1-12 with agent number one being the MTF leader) was sent in for the initial investigation. The following is a transcript of the events that then transpired.

Discovery of SCP-xxxx by Mobile Task Force Delta 7

Begin Log

MTF Leader: this place is empty, devoid of people altogether. with that said we the twelve of us should split up we'll cover more ground that way. Agents two through six and I will head north the rest of you head west.

MTF Leader: Its all quiet on my end guys, anything to report on your side?

Agent seven: no sir, I'm beginning to think this whole thing is a bust, wait no I take that back there's a group of people standing about fifteen feet away from us, they're all slouched over and one is limping towards us. you the one approaching us, you are not authorized to be here at this time, please vacate the area.

The approaching entity then lets out a shriek loud enough to break the team's primary audio recorders and communication devices. No further communication with agents seven through twelve was possible.
MTF Leader: Whats happened, team two do you read me I repeat Do you read me!?

Agent eleven: I █████████████████████ 10-4███████
█████████████████████ GET THEM OFF ME! ███████ ███████ *screams*
MTF leader: Agent number seven give me a status report, whats happing on your side!?
Agent seven:help us!█████████████████████ main entrance!█████████████████████ bullets ███████ no effect ███████ won't stop.

MTFLeader: fuck fuck fuck! team were moving to the main entrance ASAP.

Agent three: boss they've got us surrounded

MTF Leader: what are you talking about, three? oh, shit team retreat immediately.

Agent number one's video surveillance shows the team being pursued by what is estimated to be 90 instances of SCP-xxxx-1. the team was pursued for exactly forty-five minutes before seeking shelter in an abandon maintenance building in the park.

MTF Leader: Site command do you read me? we need an escape helicopter asap.
**Site command: we've already dispatched a second MTF unit to your location, find whatever is causing the anomaly and get out of there.

MTF Leader: 10-4 we'll find it shortly.
unidentified individual: well well well do we have new friends here?

Agent four: god just when I thought I've seen enough crazy shit tonight!

MTF Leader: state your business here civilian or we will have no choice but to apprehend you!
unidentified individual: before I do that I'd like to introduce you to my best friend he makes smiles
the individual the proceeded to remove SCP-xxxx from his pocket and revile it to all agents. The object was obscured from the view of agents one, two and four. Allowing the team to apprehend the man relatively without incident

MTF leader: site command we have the anomaly and possibly the one responsible for making it. How close is the retrieval team?

//A third shrike was heard, the sound damaged all communication hardware the team had. The only thing that was the distorted sound of gunfire for seventy-five minutes before the team was escorted out of the area. out of the twelve that were sent in three men returned in addition to the suspected creator of SCP-xxxx who was transported to site 19 for questioning.

Notes from site command: We cannot under any circumstances ever be this ill-prepared for a situation again. It is an embarrassment to the foundation's entirety that a mere twelve people were sent in to deal with an anomaly this dangerous! never shall this ever occur again.

questioning of ███████ given by doctor Nelson
subjects refused to state his name

Dr. Neson: Lets just cut to the chase here, who are you?

███████: I'm someone who spreads joy across the world my friend, happy fun times and laughter.

███████: I already told you, I'm a guy who spreads joy to others if you let me, I'd share some joy with you as well my friend.

Dr.Nelson: Well can you at least tell us your name at least.

███████: A name, I have no need for such trivial things.

Dr.Nelson: Do you have a name, sir?

███████: No I do not.

Dr.Nelson: That clears that up, now are you the creator of that paper you brought us?

███████: Brought you?! more like sized from me.

Dr.Nelson: That doesn't answer my question, sir.

███████: yes I did, in fact, make it.

Dr.Nelson: Why and how did you make it?

███████: that's the fun part ya see, I made it to make people smile, and you saw how many people ive made smile over the years

Dr.Nelson: if you made it to " make people smile" then are you aware of its more negative effects

███████: what negative effects? all he does is make people smile, nothing more nothing less.

Dr.Nelson: well i think we're done here. this was intresting to say the least

Author Notes:
I'd like to give a special thank you to dr aers for helping me out with this draft. Thank you were a real big help