scp 079-j dr.notbrigth

class:euclid keter
scp 079-j is an anomaly that happened on the scp fundation website during the containment breach on site [redacted], the most probable theory is that scp 079 was responsible for this anomaly, thats why it received this classification.
scp 079-j is an anomalous memetic kill agent which will show at an infected machine (called scp 079-j-02), there is no way to prevent scp 079-j terminates you after you see it.
the tests were improductive, as there seems to be no way of preventing death in an case of viewing of scp 079-j (see test logo for more informations.)

especial contaiment procedures: due to the fact that sco 079-j has several similarities with scp-079 , scp 079-j has the same containment procedure as scp 079.
however, they are not allowed to be less than 500 quilometers of distance, as an direct request by the 0-5 council due to its possible correlation with scp 079. (see addemdum 01 for more details)

addemdum 01
dr [data expunged] is the interviewer (it will be referenced only as doctor)
scp- 079 is the interviewed
dr: after containment breach on [redacted] it was discovered an anomaly that was possibly caused by you,it was an anomalous memetic agent that infected doctor [data expunged]'s computer and killed him.
scp-079:mumbles something
dr: answer me you little [censured]
scp-079: oh, i see thelittle experimentis already working
dr: little what?
*scp 079 refuses to cooperate with doctor [data expunged]
as it can bee seen, there is an astonishing possibility that scp-079-j is an scp-079 creation,the reason the 0-5 council ordered the separation of scp-079-j and scp-079.

test logo:
subject D-4657 (deceased) is ordered to see scp 079-j-02, result: immediate termination by scp.
death by cardiac attack.
subject D-2345 (Deceased) received an dose of anti memetic kill antibiotics, result: imediate termination by scp , altougth it has been stated that he survived 4 seconds more than
subject D-4555 (deceased) is given 6 anti memetic kill antibiotics: result: termination of subject within 7 minute and 3 seconds.
due to an request of 05-03, furter test about scp 079-j are being terminated until an new order.

addemdum 0-2
it has been recently discovered that scp 0-79-j is adapting with new ways of breaching containment, including: (but not limited to): using memetics agent via sound, hacking into the foundation and spreading scp 079-j-01.

addemdum 0-3
scp 079-j reclassified as keter