The Simulacrum SCP-3229 (Draft)

Item #: The Simulacrum SCP-3229

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The Simulacrum must be kept in a locked room at all times with a 16-digit code, 3 keys, and a Keycard Scanner to ensure the safety of the Simulacrum and others. The Simulacrum excretes a liquid that will kill on contact with any lifeforms. This liquid must be stored in lead-lined tanks, when said tanks are full it must be buried 100 ft deep and sealed with a layer of concrete that is approximately 10 ft deep at Site ■■■■. The tanks must be stored at least 1 KM away from any water source in case the tanks leak.

Description: The Simulacrum resembles the prophet known as Jesus in Christianity. It stands tall and is comprised of hardened clay and Isotope 57 of iron. The Simulacrum has no face but detailed limbs and body. Its “hair” is greasy but is still made of the same materials as the rest of the structure. It is very fragile — Multiple “fingers” have already been broken off by D class.

The Simulacrum is warm upon touching it, however, when measured with a laser thermometer it reads ■■■■ Celsius. Many Class-Ds have touched the Simulacrum to explore its effects on humans. Class-Ds described the feeling as calm and peaceful just before entering a catatonic state, After a while life signs of the subject are lost and the subject is declared deceased and disposed of. It is theorized by other Class-Ds that “You ascend to heaven”. The validity of this is unknown as it cannot be tested.

SCP-3229 secretes a fluid that is harmful to all life. It consists of a compound that is Unknown to the SCP foundation as it is deadly. The fluid now to be called SCP-3229-2 is secreted from SCP-3229 but it is not obvious where it comes from within the structure.Tests are to be conducted to find the origin of the fluid.

Summary: SCP-3229 is a fragile SCP and it secretes a fluid harmful to all life. The Simulacrum must be kept in a heavily locked room at all times and SCP-3229-2 [Deadly Fluids] must be stored 100 ft underground in lead-lined tanks.

Addendum: Images have been taken but they appear black and have no resemblance to SCP-3329 or SCP-3329-2. Therefore no images will be added to this report.