Dr. O Thanatos's Failed Interviewing Format
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**Interviewed:** SCP-XXXX/Random persons

**Interviewer:** Doctor/Agent/Glass(or generaly any Psychologist)

**Location:** Room, Site-XX/General Location

**Time:** How long was the interview

**Foreword:** Interview happens because...
**<Begin Log>**
**Dr. XXXXXXX:** Talk Talk Talk

**SCP-XXXX:** (Action/Emotion) Talk

//(Stuff happens)//

**<Eng Log>**
**Closing Statement:** What happens after

**Notes:** //Thoughts on the interview ~Dr. XXXX// (Optional)


Interviewed: SCP-XXXX/Random persons

Interviewer: Doctor/Agent/Glass(or generaly any Psychologist)

Location: Room, Site-XX/General Location

Time: How long was the interview

Foreword: Interview happens because…

<Begin Log>

Dr. XXXXXXX: Talk Talk Talk

SCP-XXXX: (Action/Emotion) Talk

(Stuff happens)

<Eng Log>

Closing Statement: What happens after

Notes: Thoughts on the interview ~Dr. XXXX (Optional)


Interviewed: Joker

Interviewer: Batman

Location: I don't know

Time: 2:46

Foreword: Interview happens because i thought it was funny

<Begin Log>

Batman: Why do you wanna kill me.

(Joker looks confused)

Joker: (Confused) I-y-you mind uh… saying that one more time.

Batman: Why do you wanna kill me.

Joker: (Confused) Wha-what uh…

Batman: Why do you wanna kill me.

(Joker looks confused)

Batman: (Shouting) I said why do you wanna kill me.

Joker: (Confused) Um oh… Okay um i-i don't if just me but i… i can't understand what you're saying.

Batman: (Something about Yogurt)

Joker: No still, still uh- still just guttural sounds to my ears.

Batman: Don't (Unintelligent) joker (Unintelligent)

(Joker looks confused)

Joker: Okey um we're-we're also having some failure of communication, i am… i'm not picking up words.

Batman: (Angry Unintelligent)

(Batman punches Joker)

Batman: (Angrier Unintelligent)

Joker: Okay not-not gonna help, the hitting.

Batman: (Even Angrier Unintelligent)

Joker: Look-look i can't, i don't even know if that was a question or-or a declarative statement.

Batman: What (Angry Unintelligent)

Joker: I'm not joking i can't, i really can't understand anything that you are saying, Nothing.

Batman: (Angry Barking???)

Joker: Have you- have you been to a doctor lately because i think you may have a very severe case of throat cancer.

Batman: (Angry uh… I don't know a word that can describe that)

(Batman punches Joker again)

Batman: Tell me (Angry Unintelligent)

Joker: There's nothing in the english language that sounds anything like that.

Batman: (Angry Unintelligent)

Joker: Are you speaking bat, is that what bat sounds like

(Batman punches Joker again)

Joker: (In pain) Oh god…

Batman: (Audio analysis suggets that he is saying "where is it")

Joker: I'd really- I'd really like to answer your questions, i just- i don't know what they are

(Batman punches Joker again)

Batman: (Audio analysis suggets that he is saying "tell where are ey")

Joker: (Stressed) You are not speaking anything any human could understand. I'm i crazy here? (Talking faster) Okay, i know i'm crazy but I-I know i can't understand anything you're saying, so why don't- just sound it out, come on (Joker attempts to make the sounds individual letters before getting cut off by Batman)

Batman: (Audio analysis can't help with this one)

Joker: (Stressed) Enunciate, enun-

(Batman punches Joker AGAIN)

Joker: Enunciate, do you know what that means, it's not, it has nothing to do with physical contact.

Batman: (Unintelligent Screaming)

Joker: How do you even communicate with anybody?

Batman: (Unintelligent Barking)

Joker: I can't- there's no words coming out his mouth am i right, there's no-

(Batman punches Joker again)

Joker: There's fists coming out-

Batman: (Angry Barking)

Joker: (Angrier Barking), (Shouting) Did you see what it sounds like-

(Batman punches Joker one more time)

Batman: (Angry Barking)

Joker: Just tell if it's a noun or a verd, just give me something to work here, write it on a piece of paper, I don't- (Shouting) I can't understand what you're say-

(Batman punches Joker unconscientious)

<Eng Log>

Closing Statement: Batman is sent to mental assylum, Joker to the hospital and Dr. O Thanatos to the quiet room, so he can understand why making this the example of an interview is a bad idea.

Notes: I found this on youtube it's called Joker Interrogation Scene Spoof. ~ Dr. O Thanatos