Dr Odom Kinsto
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Only recorded photo of SCP-AAAA,
found in the raid following its containment.



Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-AAAA is to be contained within a standard humanoid containment cell produced at a seven-tenths scale. Items requested by SCP-AAAA are available upon approval by Dr. █████.

Creations of SCP-AAAA are to be removed for analysis every two days, followed by incineration.

SCP-AAAA is a member of the species Pan Troglodyte standing 81 centimeters in height.

Despite close resemblance to its species, SCP-AAAA walks upright and has displayed an ability to communicate non-verbally. SCP-AAAA exhibits a strong desire to create and display any work which is requested of it. It does so with impeccable speed, precision, and skill.

Most work produced by SCP-AAAA is heavily influenced by the Plakastil movement, and will often involve some nature of advertisement similar to conventional advertisements of the era.

SCP-AAAA was discovered during a Foundation raid on an asset held by Marshall, Carter, and Dark Ltd. SCP-AAAA made contact with Foundation personnel passing its enclosure, and was able to assist personnel in freeing it from its housing. Files raided from the similar facilities explain the nature of SCP-AAAA, as well as its origin.