Dr Okeefe's Personnel File

Name: George Okeefe
Operator's Tag: Doctor Okeefe Fired
Security Clearance Level: 0

Profile: Doctor Okeefe is a relatively new addition to the SCP Foundation after being classified as D-Class for the majority of his time at the foundation. Doctor Okeefe is no longer working for the foundation after failing to show up for weeks at a time. Other reasons include insanity.

Dr. Okeefe is also described as obnoxious by other staff and doctors.
He also likes to tape pictures of SCP-096 on SCP-173's face to prank the D-class.

History: Dr. Okeefe was noticed by the SCP Foundation after receiving many degrees in medical science and anatomy Dr. Okeefe was a regular surgeon for the foundation, however he failed to show up for working saying he'd been in a car accident. The police claimed that it was not an accident and Dr. Okeefe drove his car off of the highway on purpose.

Dr. Okeefe began to miss time at work by failing to show up. Many emails were sent to him for a reason as to why he was missing time. He never responded.
Dr. Hernandez and Agent Jorge were sent to his condo on 5/4/█. Dr. Okeefe answered the door but appeared to haven't gotten any sleep for weeks. His condo was trashed with writing all over the walls.
Okeefe was fired later that day and no contact from him since.

Incident Log 5/7/█:

Dr. Okeefe was spotted inside of Dr. Hernandez house on 5/7/█ whilst sitting in a kitchen chair watching him sleep. Dr. Hernandez yelled at him ordering him to leave but Dr. Okeefe remained there motionless.
The police were called and Dr. Okeefe was arrested for a home invasion.

"THE DEMONS WILL FIND ME" He yelled before being shoved in a police car.