WIP! Scp-3678

Item #: SCP-3678

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3678 is to be stored at Site 62, it may not be moved to any other Site. D-Class personnel are only given access into SCP-3678's cell if a site personnel with level 4 or higher clearance accompanied by no less than 2 armed personnel for safety of the foundation and SCP-3678's care and in case if it needs to be re-contained.

SCP-3678 is to be kept in a 3m by 2m by 3m glass box, and with artificial light being used from directly above and below the glass box being shone constantly at a minimum of 200 Lux.

Description: SCP-3678 is a humanoid creature standing at 183cm tall and (pure black). It has no human features on its body or face and has no signs of physical gender.

The light being shone on it is so that it cannot move freely without the light being dimmed or completely turned off. HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED

If the light is to be diminished and the spare generator is not operating, The containment cell and glass box are to be sealed in a chromium casing, and is REQUIRED to stay sealed until the light is to be restored into the containment cell, the glass box and the spare generator is functional again.

All known supernatural powers of SCP-3678 are listed below:

  1. A Pocket dimension
  2. Exceptional resistances to all types of environments.
  3. No need for; food, water, clothing and shows no signs of needing a restroom.
  4. If not being affected by more than 200 lux of light, it can walk through all materials and is very hard to be kept contained.

SCP-3678 has been known to talk to itself in an incomprehensible language, and appears to have conversations with unknown entities when it travels to its pocket dimension, although it is known to speak in English, it doesn't not have a wide vocabulary and can only speak and understand what it has heard. (describe what the language sound like). GPS and tracking devices have been attached it SCP-3678 and D-Class personnel who have been taken to its pocket dimension, but it is still yet to be tracked where the pocket dimension is.

Many tests have been executed on SCP-3678, none of which are in any way meaning to harm SCP-3678. Many of these tests include:

  1. Using D-Class personnel to try and find where the pocket dimension is.
  2. Using D-Class personnel to find out what height SCP-3678 is.
  3. Trying to talk to SCP-3678 using all human known languages even going as far as to use as much materials as possible to translate anything SCP-3678 says.

The logs below show what questions we have asked SCP-3678:

Interviewed: SCP-3678
Interviewer: Dr.███████████ and D-1678.

Foreword: The light in SCP-3678's glass box is dimmed and D-1678 enters the room with a flashlight.D-1678 has an ear piece attached to Dr.███████████'s microphone in the observation room.

<Begin Log, Time commenced-3:27pm>

D-1678: Hello?


D-1678: I don't know if you can understand me, but if you can raise your…. right hand..

SCP-3678 proceeds to raise its right hand.

D-1678: Ok, so you do understand me..

SCP-3678 proceeds to speak in an unknown language.

D-1678: I'm sorry but I didn't understand what you said, do you know any words that i speak?

SCP-3678: Yes, i can understand you.


SCP-3678: Yes Dr.███████████, I am quite capable of speaking i just choose not to.

Dr.███████████: How do you know my name SCP-3678?

SCP-3678: I have been listening to you for a while Dr, and i know you have many questions for me, so please begin to ask the questions.

Closing Statement: [After log was concluded Dr.███████████ asked SCP-3678 questions being about its pocket dimension .]