Dr Richards

Eyes of Horror
Object Class: Euclid
Special containment procedures: SCP-???? Is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell with four heavy duty flame turrets in each corner. One D-class personnel is to be placed inside of containment every week in order to ensure no instance of SCP-????-1 exists past a one week period. Previous instances of SCP-????-1 are to be cremated as soon as possible. In the case of a containment breach all personnel currently on duty at site-[redacted] are to put on issued blinder goggles, and the site is to be locked down. During this time all flame turrets in the containment cell are to be activated, and site is to remain on lock down until MTF-See no Evil can confirm containment.

Description: SCP-???? is a pair of adult human eyes. The eyes themselves do not show any signs of decay, and have shown immunity to blunt force, fire, and piercing. Any human subject who views these eyes will report a sudden feeling of panic, showing standard fight or flight responses. As soon as subjects attempt to get away from SCP-???? the eyes themselves will, by currently unknown means, insert themselves into subjects eye sockets with enough force to destroy subjects current eyes. Upon entering into subjects eye sockets, SCP-???? will connect itself to subjects optic nerves, and assimilate into subject body. At this point subject is considered an instance of SCP-????-1. SCP-????-1 shows no similarities to subjects original personality, and will identify themselves as a member of "The fearful ones". SCP-????-1 instances are extremely violent, and exhibit superhuman strength. If another human looks an instance of SCP-????-1 in the eyes, they will claim that they are no longer looking at a human being. At this point SCP-???? will forcefully remove itself from the initial SCP-????-1 instance's eyes and insert itself into the new subjects eye sockets, creating a new SCP-????-1 instance with a new personality.

Instances of SCP-????-1 that are allowed to exist for longer than a one week period will begin to show bodily mutations, in four stages.

Stage 1: After one week two days, subjects begin to grow small holes similar to eye sockets across their body. Subjects will grow between 1-3 sockets on various points of their bodies at this point.
Stage 2: After two weeks, subjects begin to grow extra eyes in the previously empty sockets growing on external surfaces. The number of eye sockets and eyes ranges from 6-12 at this point. New eyes formed in this way have similar properties to SCP-????, but have been shown to be susceptible to fire.
Stage 3:

Record of initial containment breach:
During SCP-????'s initial containment and testing the original instance of SCP-????-1 entered stage 4 mutation. Instance was monitored through a nearby surveillance room. After 8 hours of entering stage 4 SCP-????-1 [Redacted] unbeknownst to security staff on site. During surveillance team shift changes ten the locked door to SCP-????'s surveillance cell was opened, and ten additional staff members were infected. It was previously believed impossible for more than one instance of SCP-????-1 to exist at a time, and due to the speed of propagation during [redacted] approximately 75% of Site-[Redacted] staff were infected within the first two hours. An emergency SOS call was made by the remaining 25% of the staff, who had barricaded themselves inside of a small on site communications room that had no windows.

MTF-See no Evil had been deployed to another capture site, and was unable to respond until the next day. Teams were sent in armed with flame throwers and incendiary grenades. Containment was reconfirmed at approximately 7 hours after initial efforts began, and the original SCP-???? was recovered from the burnt body of SCP-????-1 after a new D-class subject could be placed into the containment cell. Shortly after transference of SCP-???? onto the new subject, original SCP-????-1 expired, and became inert. The body was cremated, and cremation is now standard procedure for bodies of previous SCP-????-1 subjects.