Dr Richards

Object title: The Doctor, The Father
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-???? is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell. SCP-???? is allowed;
-One bed, 10 meters long.
-One bookshelf with modern medical textbooks (contingent on good behavior)
-One desk with a pen and paper provided (contingent on good behavior)

SCP-????'s containment chamber is to contain one cage made of solid steel bars cross sectioned with no larger than 5 millimeter breaks between bars. This cage should have an automatic door controlled remotely from the research station attached to SCP-????'s containment cell. During regular cleanings of SCP-????'s room, as well as during any interviews, SCP-???? is to be prompted to enter this cage, and the door shut. If SCP-???? is unwilling to do so, cleaning is to be suspended until security teams can enter the containment cell and force SCP-???? into this cage. At such time as SCP-???? refuses to enter this cage willingly, both the bookshelf and desk are to be removed in order to incentive SCP-???? to become cooperative again. Once SCP-???? has shown willingness to return to its normal routine, these objects may be returned.

At no point in time is any female to enter SCP-????'s containment cell. Security forces assigned to SCP-???? are to only constitute agents armed with riot shields and tranquilizer guns. The research station connected to SCP-????'s cell is to be connected by a single 1 meter by 1 meter window of bulletproof glass. No video surveillance equipment is to be used in SCP-????'s cell.

Description:SCP-???? is an anomalous human, believed to have been self modified in a currently unknown fashion. SCP-???? stands 3 and a half Meters tall, with each of its arms reaching 3 meters long. SCP-????'s body appears to be made with stitched flesh, with DNA testing showing at least 35 unique individuals composing SCP-????'s body, 10 of which are additions since containment. SCP-???? is stitched together with thread tested to be non-anomalous silk. It's body does not rot, and no signs of the original body rejecting addition flesh is apparent. SCP-???? has failed to explain how it has managed this to researchers, and currently the main focus of research is to determine if a similar method can be used in modern medical procedures.

SCP-????'s internal structure is further anomalous, specifically its lack of a digestive system, and kidneys, which have been replaced with redundant organs for the cardiovascular, and nervous system. SCP-????'s esophagus splits into three separate windpipes each connected to a set of lungs located in its chest cavity. Just below the chest cavity a second set of ribs exists, with its only purpose being housing SCP-????'s three hearts. Testing on these organs has shown that each set of organs belongs to a single individual, believed to be SCP-???? itself, as well as its former wife and daughter.

SCP-???? is capable of producing medical supplies from its mouth through unknown means. X-rays and surgeries have failed to find any source to these supplies. All supplies produced from SCP-????'s mouth are consistent with medical supplies available in the mid seventeenth century. SCP-???? will only produce these supplies when a human enters their containment cell, with the main purpose to be removing flesh from the subject to graft onto their own body. SCP-???? has stated that it is compelled to dissect, study, and collect tissue from subjects, but will never attempt to replace any of its internal organs.

SCP-???? has shown the ability to manipulate limbs even when separated from its body. SCP-???? does not bleed, and reports feeling no pain. If a piece of SCP-???? is removed from the main body, it will do whatever it takes to reattach this piece, if this is not possible it will seek out a replacement as soon as possible. Attempts to remove the hearts or lungs of SCP-???? have resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED]. Removing both of SCP-????'s hands in such a way as it cannot retrieve either has resulted in SCP-???? willingly producing medical supplies and forcefully inserting them into their arms in order to allow the collection of replacements.

SCP-???? does not require any form of sustenance, and shows no desire to eat. Likewise it does not produce any waste, and therefore does not require a toilet. SCP-???? does enjoy bathing though, and may be offered a bath once weekly contingent on good behavior. SCP-???? has been cordial and willing to perform interviews, but must be caged due to its compulsion to attack any human it sees. (see interview logs below)

SCP-???? has been shown to perform a completely different ritual when presented with a female subject resulting in [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is currently forbidden for any female personnel to enter within 5 meters of SCP-????'s containment cell.

SCP-???? was found after a string of murders believed to be the work of a serial killer were investigated by an embedded foundation agent in ██████ police department in █████ OR. Due to the nature of the deaths it was believed that a possible anomalous object was involved and more agents were called to investigate. After two weeks SCP-???? was found living out of an abandoned hospital in the area. Agents engaged, and determined that tranquilizers and blunt force were ideal for containing it. Engagement with SCP-???? resulted in three casualties and two injuries.

Test A-???? - 08/21/20██

First test after acquiring SCP-???? in order to ascertain anomalous properties.
D-4366 is sent into containment cell, SCP-???? has multiple bullet wounds.
SCP-???? unhinges its jaw and produces a large syringe, an antiquated scalpel, a needle with thread, and a bone saw. D-4366 attempts to escape containment, as SCp-???? grabs them by the neck. SCP-???? inserts the syringe into D-4366's neck and injects them with it, and begins to remove chunks of flesh from D-4366 and begins to remove its damaged flesh, replacing it. Of note is that SCP-???? replaces its right hand with that of D-4366, despite no injury to its hand present.
The initial belief that SCP-???? was somehow capable of grafting flesh onto itself without any sign of necrosis or adverse reaction seems to be true, how it does this could be of great interest to our on site medical staff.

Test B-???? - 08/28/20██

Test to see whether or not SCP-???? will take flesh if no injuries are present.
SCP-???? is in perfect health, no injuries present. D-6508 is entered into containment Cell
Similar to results of test A, only difference is the removal of D-6508's left foot for grafting onto subject.
Injury of SCP-???? does not seem to affect whether it takes flesh or not, but does seem to cause it to prioritize flesh taken to replace injured parts of its body.

Test C-???? - 09/10/20██

Testing to see how SCP-???? reacts to a lack of hands.
SCP-???? sedated and then operated on, both hands removed and incinerated on site. D-9871 entered into chamber after SCP-???? awakens.
SCP-???? produces two scalpels from its mouth and proceeds to manipulate them with its feet in order to insert the handles into its arm where the hands should go. SCP-???? stabs D-9871 violently until they cease movement, at which point they cut off D-9871 hands and attach them with their usual thread.
The interesting thing about this test was the fact that as soon as D-9871's hands were separated from their body they began to operate remotely as if they were already a part of it's body. This seems to show that SCP-????'s anomalous properties affect any flesh severed by it.

Test D-???? - [Data Expunged]

Testing to see how SCP-???? will react to subject with scar tissue.
D-9760 is selected due to her extensive scarring.
D-9760 is entered into the cell as normal.
Due to the nature of what happened and the results of interview Delta-7654 the use of female subjects in testing is permanently suspended. Dr. Fraser has been administered a Class-C amnesiac at her request and is under psychological evaluation after witnessing the events of Test D-????.

Interview Delta-9870

Interviewed: SCP-????

Interviewer: Dr. ████

Foreword: Interview is performed immediately after initial test in order to gain a better understanding of it's anomalous properties.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ████: Hello SCP-????, I'm Dr. ████, and I'd like to ask you some questions.

SCP-????: Are you giving me any choice?

Dr. ████: We simply want to try and understand you better, can you tell me, why you do what you do?

SCP-????: I do everything I do for them, for their return.
Dr. ████: Who is them?
SCP-????: My wife, my daughter, for them I will carve all of humanity, so that I may make their shells real again.
Dr. ████: Can you elaborate on the process you use that allows you to graft skin onto yourself without rejection?
SCP-????: I must carve the flesh and return it to myself, I must become the father of all. I will show you.
SCP-???? proceeds to grab Dr. ████, Security personnel step in and manage to keep injury to Dr. ████ to a minimum.
<End Log>

Closing Statement: Current containment procedures updated to include cage for interviews, SCP-???? appeared to enter a trance like state before attacking.

Interview Delta-7654

Interviewed: SCP-????

Interviewer: Dr. Fraser

Foreword: Interview is to determine change in SCP-????'s behavior in last test, Dr. Fraser was recently put in charge of SCP-????

<Begin Log>

Dr. Fraser: SCP-???? can you please explain the change in your behavior in that last test?

SCP-???: The flesh of your kind is supple and pure, to bring them back it is ideal.

Dr. Fraser: My kind?
SCP-????: My Daughter, My wife, I must mold your flesh to make a vessel.
Dr. Fraser: You were trying to make them into your wife?
SCP-????: They would be my daughter, you will be my wife. My dear Mary, I shall make you whole again, you must only offer your flesh.
SCP-???? began to try and break out of it's cage and retained eye contact with Dr. Fraser as long as possible. Eventually SCP-???? removed it's fingers and threw them out of the cage, which proceeded to inch up Dr. Fraser's body. Security successfully escorted her out.

<End Log>