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Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be held in a 5m3 cell made of 5cm thick lead, with a specialized decontamination room connected to SCP-XXXX's cell via an 8cm thick vault door. SCP-XXXX must be suspended upon a 2.5m tall pedestal in the center of it's enclosure in order to maximize effectiveness of the cell against SCP-XXXX's secondary effect. SCP-XXXX must be watered 3 times per hour, at precisely [hour]:17, [hour]:36, and [hour]:53.

All personnel who interact with SCP-XXXX must wear a minimum of level 3 bio-hazardous protective gear to avoid exposure and must have a minimum of level 3 psychomemetic resistance. All Personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX must have weekly psychological evaluations.

Any personnel that is infected by SCP-XXXX must be terminated immediately, and the body disposed of using pyro-based disposal methods(see Addendum XXXX-2). Any personnel who fail the psychological evaluation will be given class A amnesics and will be transferred after a 12 hour observation period.

Addendum XXXX-1: Contact with SCP-XXXX is restricted to class D personnel. If the amnesic does not work, the personnel in question is to be terminated as a safety precaution due to Incident XXXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a vase of 12 roses each cut to exactly 32cm tall. SCP-XXXX is known to produce spores hereafter known as SCP-XXXX-A if not watered at the designated times. SCP-XXXX-A is able to infect any biological entity through any contact with said entity. All infected individuals must be terminated immediately using pyro-units to neutralize all traces of SCP-XXXX-A. SCP-XXXX-A begins to affect any infected individuals immediately, causing extreme pain in the area of contact with SCP-XXXX-A(see Observation Report XXXX-1). After forty-five minutes, roses will begin growing out of all orifices.


SCP-XXXX-A sample

These roses do not appear to be an extension of SCP-XXXX, and seem to simply be normal roses. Test subjects DXXXX-1 and DXXXX-2, were exposed to and killed by SCP-XXXX-A(see Observation Report XXXX-1). They were then examined by Dr. R██████ and Dr. K██████. Postmortem revealed that rose vines had replaced the veins in both subjects and the cause of death in both subjects had been the flowering of roses in the subject's heart, lungs, and brain.

Addendum XXXX-2: 2 hours after the autopsy, a large portion of SCP-XXXX-A ejected violently from the corpses of subjects DXXXX-1 and DXXXX-2, resulting in the infection, and subsequent termination of ██ on-site personnel. Pyro-based disposal methods neutralizes this effect. Request to move SCP-XXXX to an isolated facility is currently pending.12

SCP-XXXX's secondary effect is to emit high frequency sound that affects any sentient minds, drawing them in and creating an urge that has been described by subjects as the desire to interact with SCP-XXXX "at all costs." The sound seems to pass though most objects. The only material that blocks the high frequency sound seems to be a lead box. lead walls paced a minimum of 2.0m away from SCP-XXXX, and at minimum 4.5cm thick. Anyone effected by SCP-XXXX's secondary effect will go to any lengths to reach to SCP-XXXX. Class B amnesics prove to be effective when attempting to counteract SCP-XXXX's secondary effect. Class A amnesics prove to be effective in only 46% of cases to neutralizing the secondary effect of SCP-XXXX.

Addendum XXXX-3: Due to the decrease in effectiveness of amnesics, SCP-XXXX containment procedure's may need to be updated if the Class A amnesics effectiveness decreases beyond acceptable levels.

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