Dr. Copper

Item #: SCP-5000-5000-10A

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-5000 is to remain contained within site
[DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-5000 is allowed to roam freely within the facility, however some safeguards must always be followed.

Researchers of class D or above are allowed to interact with SCP-5000. SCP-5000 prefers to be
called Dr. Copper, and anyone using SCP-5000's number disappears into an unknown dimension.
Do not mention the word "Family" around SCP-5000. This throws SCP-5000 into a state of rage that results in the death of at least 24 personnel. It is unknown why SCP-5000 kills with this minimum number, and studying SCP-5000 yields no results.

SCP-5000 is a white mask marked with red stripes and lettering in an unknown language. Two small protrusions stick out from the top, giving the appearance of "horns". Two round, red one way windows are fixated in the areas of the eyes. No straps or binding devices appear to be present on SCP-5000, and it is unknown how the mask stays on subjects. When left alone, the mask emits a faint red light.

SCP-5000 has been found to posses human subjects. However, the subject must agree to let SCP-5000 posses their body. Why SCP-5000 asks its "host" to possess them is unknown. SCP-5000 seems to take control of all bodily functions of its "host", including the synapses and brain stem. After [DATA EXPUNGED] extracted a DNA sample, it was found that SCP-5000 changes the genetic makeup of its "host" over the course of days, including the sperm cells. After the complete change in DNA makeup, SCP-5000 has been observed manipulating earth-like substances. This includes clay, soil, sand, and soft stones. SCP-5000 shapes said elements into humanoid shapes, then sets them down. It creates any sort of humanoid shapes, from humans to [DATA EXPUNGED]. After leaving them be, SCP-5000 begins researching the other SCP's. if completed research on a singular SCP, SCP-5000 moves on to the next. The "doll" created previously seems to become animate at this point and assists SCP-5000 as his "assistant". Each "doll" is regarded as an extension of SCP-5000. Currently, SCP-5000 has solved many cases and irregularities with SCP subjects, at a total of 448 cases solved, 1,326 cases in progress.

SCP-5000 1A: This "doll" appears to be in a female shape. It was constructed out of clay, and acts as SCP-5000's record file. It contains all the data of SCP-5000's research, including completed research.

SCP-5000 2A-6A: These "dolls" appears to be male, and were also constructed out of clay. These "dolls" are SCP-5000's muscle, there to help protect and assist.

SCP-5000 7A: This "doll" appears to be female as well. It seems to act as a safeguard against [DATA EXPUNGED]


SCP-5000 9A: This "doll" appears to be male, and acts as SCP-5000's secondary guard against [DATA EXPUNGED] and SCP-031. the relation between SCP-031 and SCP-5000 is unknown, and questioning SCP-5000 only reveals that there was a "bad" experience.

SCP-5000 10A: this "doll" appears to be a caucasian female , and acts as his "interest". It is dangerous to separate SCP-5000 from SCP-5000 10A for longer than 1 hour, 6 minutes, 12 seconds. If separated, 10A appears to go berserk and destroy, maim, or kill nearby personnel attempting to return to SCP-5000. 10A appears to express feelings of jealousy towards SCP-5000 1A, however it will not harm or maim SCP-5000 1A. When interviewed, 10A answered "she is essential to his work".

Further study is needed, with assistance of Dr.S if cooperative.