Dr. ShadowLights personnel file.

Welcome To Dr. ShadowLight Personnel file Enjoy reading.


Greetings! This is Dr. ShadowLight! And Il explain who I am.


Name: Dr. ShadowLight.

Security Clearance: 5 - 6

ShadowLight's ("Current Goals") for the foundation,

  • To protect the SCP Foundation and mankind.
  • To be there when help is needed the most.
  • To end all corruption and members that are abusing there power within the foundation.
  • To make theories or new ideas about curtain scps that no one has ever did before.
  • To explorer curtain places no foundation personnel has ever gone to.
  • To end the C.I all all groups of interest that harms the SCP Foundation.
  • To create scps. [?]
  • To know all information on the SCP Foundation scps, Lore and GoIs. [?]
  • To learn what unknown GoIs are out here to the foundation and unknown information.
  • To Learn all new information.

Current Assignment Position: : Ethics Committee, Department of External Affairs (DEA), Mobile Task Forces, Intelligence Agency.

History: http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/chronicneo


Dr. ShadowLight currently has a office. | In his office he has a cat. | ShadowLight cat often changes colors to grey dark black. And tabby orange or nighttime purple for some strange reason unknown reasons why.

this cat also follows ShadowLight everywhere shadow goes. | Unknown why. It seems ShadowLight. Likes midnight more then daytime. This is also unknown no further research has ever been made about this however. While it is unknown Who ShadowLight is. | It is thought ShadowLight is genderless or has a unknown gender due to being SCP-???.
Further information

Dr. ShadowLight is also a scp or.. Currently theorized as a scp.

Further information as of why or how Shadowlight turned into a scp.

Currently shadowlight is a O5 as well witch is O5-0.


Dr. ShadowLight is Currently classed with Class-A. | Class-C. | Class-X. | classified reasons. |.

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