Dr Shoulder
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Item #: SCP-3507

Object class: Safe Euclid

Special Conatinment Procedures: SCP-3507 is to be kept in an unlocked box at site-15. Anyone with a clearance level-1 or above is allowed to use SCP-3507 at any given time, since it poses no threat to anyone whatsoever. After use, it is to return to its box. Beware that personnel using this item will most likely drop it due to its anomalous properties.

As of 29/4/2018, SCP-3507 is to remain in its containment box at all times, it is to be locked and it is to be hidden in a vault at site-15 where only personnel with clearance level-4 or above with approval of no less than three O5 council members are allowed to move it or use it. The location of this box is to be know only by the O5 council.

Description: SCP-3507 is a █████ brand calculator recovered from ██████████, Sweden because the entire [REDACTED] where it was located knew about its anomolues properties. Amnestics were given to every person with knowledge of SCP-3507. The origin of this calculator is unknown and the previous owner explained how he simply bought it at ███████████.
It is made up of the calculator itself and the casing used for protection. Both the casing and the calculator itself has minor scratch marks in various places, most likely due to drop damage. Even though there are scratches, it doesn’t seem to ever have suffered any serious internal damage. SCP-3507 works like any type of calculator. SCP-3507 exhibits no anomalous properties if not touched by any one person. However, if a person is to come in contact with SCP-3507, it will trigger its anomalous properties exactly once from the time a person first touched it, to the point where it will be placed down. This effect is that SCP-3507 will with a 100% likelihood be dropped by the user/users exactly once per day by any means possible.
All test ever done on SCP-3507 where a PERSON or many PEOPLE have touched it has ended in the dropping of the object (see test logs 1-5 ,8 and 9).
The drop seems to need to be entirely accidental (see test log 4). SCP-3507 seems to have extensive knowledge of how long it will be used for, even though it doesn’t seem to be sentient (see test log 2).
No matter how long the user of SCP-3507 will use it, the user/users will always drop it once (see test log 1-4). This process is daily and resets after the day has past (see test log-5).
The manner of which SCP-3507 is dropped has been described as “bad luck” or “fate” by test subjects.

Addendum: During the retrieval of SCP-3507, the team member responsible for carrying SCP-3507 on the way to the foundation nearly dropped SCP-3507 into the airplane engine when SCP-3507’s effect triggered.

Test logs

Note: all tests except test 10 was directed by Dr. █████████.

NOTE: Only personnel with clearance level-3 or above are allowed to read the following test log. Any unauthorized personnel reading the following document will be demoted immediately.

NOTE: The following audio log is restricted and only personnel with clearance level-3 or above are allowed to listen. Any unauthorized personnel who listens to the following document will be demoted immediately.