Ring Ring Ring...
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 3m x 3m x 3m soundproof containment chamber. SCP-XXXX’s chamber is to be constructed using concrete at least 1m thick with an earthed copper wire mesh (Faraday cage) surrounding the chamber’s exterior. The chamber interior is to receive two coats of high-frequency shielding (HFS) paint every 3 days, as well as weekly structural integrity assessments.

The containment chamber is to only be observed via an audio less video feed with an 8-hour shift-rotation amongst all staff observing the object. At the end of each rotation, all staff finishing a shift are required to undergo a psych evaluation to determine if they are exhibiting signs of exposure to SCP-XXXX’s influence. Any staff experiencing a desire to interact with SCP-XXXX are to be administered Class C amnestics and assigned to a different project immediately.

Frequency jammers with a range of 30m (configured to disrupt frequencies 1850 MHz - 1900 MHz and 824 MHz - 894 MHz) are to be installed at each corner of the containment chamber. Standard Foundation ADS (Auditory Deprivation Suits) have proven ineffective at prevention of exposure to SCP-XXXX’s cognitohazard (see Incident Log - X.), thus personnel tasked with applying the routine coating of HFS paint and regular maintenance of SCP-XXX’s containment chamber (primarily Class-D personnel) are required to be clinically deaf or are to be surgically deafened beforehand to prevent influence from SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is a common office telephone manufactured by █████. SCP-XXXX’s interface consists of a standard 0-9 keypad, an LED display, and twenty-seven multi-functional configurable buttons. SCP-XXXX was recovered from █████████, Scotland on ██/05/2018 following a series of reports related to sudden erratic behavior amongst affected individuals and ultimately, the death of 11 employees working within a ████████ ██████████████ call center. Item was secured through the use of frequency jammers and a cellular phone to isolate and pinpoint the origin of the anomalous calls.

SCP-XXXX is capable of making outbound calls regardless of connection to a telephone network or a viable power source being present. Recipients of these calls, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-1, appear to be selected at complete random are not influenced by the target’s current location, network provider or presence of a valid network connection/signal. SCP-XXXX will continuously change the target until the call is successfully accepted.

SCP-XXXX-1 subjects receiving outbound calls report having spoken to a close friend or relative of the subject and are typically disturbing and malicious (See Experiment Log XXXX-A), often resulting in severe psychological distress in SCP-XXXX-1 instances (See Interview-1A). Testing has revealed that SCP-XXXX seems to mimic the individual the subject holds most dear. Records provided from telephone network providers have shown no evidence of these calls being made nor any trace of the telephone number associated with SCP-XXXX.

No time constraint has been observed for these calls but will continue until terminated by SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX will continuously attempt to re-establish a further call with SCP-XXXX-1, regardless of a device being switched off, disconnected or damaged to the point that calls should not be possible. In the event, SCP-XXXX-1 attempts to distance themselves from any cellular devices, SCP-XXXX will extend its reach to devices possessing the capability of emitting sound, and attempt to contact SCP-XXXX-1 through these means.

Further calls will follow a similar abusive format, with the speaker gradually declining in quality as the call progresses, changing from self-wallowing to directing graphic obscenities towards SCP-XXXX-1 before the call quality eventually becomes too distorted to decipher any discernible words (See Experiment Log XXXX-B). SCP-XXXX-1 subjects at this stage of exposure will begin to exhibit signs of chronic insomnia and severe paranoia, with the majority of subjects becoming reclusive regardless of their previous personality characteristics.

After approximately 1 month after exposure to SCP-XXXX, subjects will begin to exhibit sensitivity to both natural and artificial light. Subjects exposed to light during the stage will develop deposits of alpha-keratin beneath the skin of affected areas, causing severe discomfort, inflammation, and pain in the surrounding area. Afflicted subjects suffering from this condition often attempt to self-mutilate in an attempt to relieve the itching sensation caused by these deposits, or while attempting to remove said deposits. Administration of standard anti-itching treatments and usage of morphine have proven ineffective in providing relief in subjects. Testing has shown no visible changes to the subject's biology that would cause such a drastic change, the cause of this light sensitivity remains unknown at this time.

D-1931 was exposed to SCP-XXXX on ██/06/2018 in order to study its effects (See Experiment Log - XXXX:B). Soon after the initial experiment, D-1931 developed the aforementioned sensitivity to light and was unfortunately exposed to his cell’s overhead lamp for approximately █ hours before security personnel responded. The result of this exposure is 7█% of D-1931’s subdermal tissue being converted to alpha-keratin, surgery to remove some of these deposits has been rejected due to the risk of death as a result of surgery is too high. D-1931 is to be housed in a separate dark unit to be observed for any further effects and to have his vitals monitored at all times.

Request for anesthesia to be administered at 21:00 hours each night to assist D-1931 in resting.
Request Approved. - Lead Researcher Monteiro

Incident XXXX-A:
Date/Time: ██/07/2019
Subject: D-1931
Summary of Incident:
Security personnel were called to D-1931's housing unit by Dr. G█████ at approximately 21:11 due to D-1931 entering a state of delirium and attempting to escape his cell. D-1931 was administered with a mild sedative in and once he was complacent, an interview was conducted by Dr. G█████ to find the source of the outburst.

Dr. G█████: Care to explain yourself D-1931?

[D-1931 sobs lightly]

D-1937: Where the hell was your security team? Did you let that in there on purpose to screw with me some more? As if I've not been through enough for you people?

Dr. G█████: D-1931, nothing entered or left that cell. I personally oversaw you whilst you slept.

D-1937: Fuck you…just fuck you…please just kill me, I don't want to see that again.

Dr. G█████: What did you see in there? I promise you, we had no part in whatever happened in there.

D-1937: I…I don't know what it was…Oh god, will it come back? I don't think I can do it, doctor, I can't see that thing again.

[D-1931 begins to have a panic attack]

Dr. G█████: D-1931, calm down, describe what you saw. Once we're done here I'll request some stronger anesthesia to let you sleep soundly.

D-1937: I woke up and it was crouched by the side of my bed.

[D-1931's breathing quickens]

D-1937: It looked like a man at first, but he was missing a nose and eyelids and just had a black dot in the middle of each eye, no color at all. It didn't have any hair either, it was completely bald. Then I saw its mouth if you'd call it that. It looked like something had ripped off its lower jaw and it just had this big black tongue hanging out of the wound. The teeth on that thing…

Dr. G█████: Describe the teeth.

[D-1931 begins sobbing again]

D-1937: I don't fucking know man! Fangs I guess, they were huge.

[D-1931 takes a moment to collect himself]

D-1937: I couldn't move, it was just staring at me, breathing like it was struggling not to drown in its own spit. It had these big, thick, dark spines coming out from its back, like one of those… what's the name…

Dr. G█████: A porcupine?

D-1937: Yeah! That! Fuck, the sound it made…like it was chittering each time it inhaled. That and it kept making these god awful clicking sounds with its throat.

Dr. G█████: Other than stare at you, did it do anything else? Can you identify any other features?

D-1937: It just watched me for what felt like hours, then it moved out of sight…It was skinny as hell, looked like it hadn't eaten in a year.

[D-1931 pauses]

Dr. G█████: D-1931?

D-1937: It had four arms…it was using the bottom set to support itself, I remember that…

[D-1931 began to succumb to the sedative previously administered. D-1931 escorted back to his housing unit and administered further anesthesia.]

This event brings great concern as no staff present during the described event were able to perceive said entity nor was this event captured by security recordings. Further testing is required, entity designated SCP-XXXX-2.

Interview Log:

Experiment Logs:

Conducted by: Dr. G█████
Subject: SCP-XXXX-1:A (Mr. ████████ D██████) - Retrieved from █████████ Hospital - (██-06-2018) - Approximately 1 week after exposure to SCP-XXXX.
Date: ██/06/2018
Objective: To discover the motive behind the calls made by SCP-XXXX.
Experiment: SCP-XXXX-1:A is told to enter SCP-XXXX’s containment chamber and instructed to accept a call from SCP-XXXX. Using a provided script that has segments to document responses, SCP-XXXX-1:A is to attempt to converse with the entity while transcribing their conversation.
Materials: 1 x Pencil, 1 x Script, 1 x Eraser


[Ringing of subject’s cellular phone can be heard]

Dr. G█████: Alright Mr. D██████, go ahead and answer it.

[Ringing ceases]

Mr. D██████: Hello?

[Scribbling sounds can be heard]

Mr. D██████: Oh my god, Dad? Is that you? Where are you? Mom and I have struggled so much without you, not a day goes by I don’t regret not…

NOTE: Subject’s father was involved in a multi-vehicle collision in 2005 after a brake pad malfunction and was pronounced DITF by emergency services.

Dr. G█████: Please use the script provided, Mr. D██████.

[Subject pauses and can be heard breathing deeply for a moment]

Mr. D██████: Right, right, sorry.

[Sounds of rustling paper]

Mr. D██████: Who am I speaking to right now?

[Sound of scribbling on paper]

Mr. D██████: I said who am I speaking to right now?

Dr. G█████: If the response is unsatisfactory, please move on.

Mr. D██████: Why are you calling this number?

[Subject begins to hyperventilate]

Mr. D██████: Dad, please answer me.

[Frantic scribbling is heard]

Dr. G█████: Mr. D██████, I will not ask you again, follow the script we have provi…

Mr. D██████: I’m so sorry, please, I’m so sorry I didn’t think…

[Subject begins to sob]

Mr. D██████: I didn’t know it was that bad, please dad tell me where you are, I can send help!

[Subject can be heard scribbling on paper]

[At this stage in the experiment, Dr. G█████ requested security personnel to enter the chamber and forcefully remove Mr. D██████]

Dr. G█████: Mr. D██████, I’m terminating this experiment due to your refusal to cooperate.

[Sound of the containment chamber door opening followed by footsteps]

Mr. D██████: No, no, no I swear I never meant for it to happen!

[Subject is seized by security staff and escorted from containment chamber]

[Unintelligible babbling and sobbing can be heard from the subject.]