Dr Stochwitza (Not Finished)
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Item #: SCP-N/A

Object Class: Euclid Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-N/A is to be kept in a cubic meter box at Site-██,guarded by 2 armed guards and monitored by CCTV at all times. Only staff with level 4 access, and authorization by O5 Council is to make any physical contact with SCP-N/A.

Description: SCP-N/A is a flash drive that appears to be manufactured by the "Sandisk" company. unlike any other Sandisk flash drive, the printed writing on SCP-N/A is scratched off, and only a sticker with the word "Universe" appears over top. The anonymous properties of SCP-N/A only occour when plugged into any windows-based computer from Windows Vista to now. When plugged in, SCP-N/A's hard drive is a staggering 9.4 yottabytes of memory, to which all is used. Within SCP-N/A are several folders with random syllables for names. The number of folders vary per user, but each folder contains the same files. Any edit or add-on to SCP-N/A's files alter our reality by editing or adding a physical property to our universe. This was learned when Dr. ██████, and his staff caused a supernova of star HD-2051 by [DATA REDACTED]. From learning this, many feared that SCP-N/A could accidentally cause a ZK-Class scenario. However,SCP-N/A contains every file for every object and entity in the universe, including other SCP's. This led to the Experiment granted by the O5-Council of removing certain SCP's from our universe which would otherwise be unremovable/unkillable using SCP-N/A. (See Addendum 001)
Addendum: 001