SCP-11956 (Ioana Serban, Damping Witch)

Item #: SCP-11956 (Ioana Serban)

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Item SCP-11956 and SCP-11956-2 are to be kept separate from each other at all times. The containment cell of either SCP-11956 or SCP-11956-2 must not be made of any conductive materials. In the instance of needed repair or immediate danger, SCP-11956-2 is to be restrained by 5ft nonconductive poles with a crescent head to subdue a humanoid form. It is recommended that no less than two able bodied personnel subdue SCP-11956-2, though one is often enough to overpower SCP-11956. The floor of SCP-11956-2 is a layer of cork on top of the plastic cell’s base. Annealed glass makes up a majority of the holding cell. In the event of gradual containment or the lack of an able-bodied individual to restrain SCP-11956-2, Thermostat controls are to be set to -30°C. After the period of hostility, SCP-11956-2 will become docile, falling asleep. These temperatures are to be raised after fifteen minutes, unless termination of SCP-11956-2 is required.

1-A: In the event of an individual making skin to skin contact with SCP-11956-2, the individual is to report of the event and be isolated for 10 days. An exemption to this procedure is during a test, though variable contact with others is unrecommended.

1-B: After each day, SCP-11956-2’s cell is to be cooled to 11°C between the hours of 20:00 and 06:00.

1-C: Diseased individuals killed by SCP-11956-2 are to be transported away. Skin to skin contact with the diseased causes no harmful qualities. The same is true for a terminated SCP-11956-2.

1-D: SCP-11956 must be kept in a nonconductive container with dimensions of at least 10 by 10 by 10 meters. In the event of transport, SCP-11956 must be kept in a sealed nonconductive box. Nitrile gloves are recommended for handling SCP-11956. Skin to SCP-11956 or SCP-11956 contact is prohibited without consent from the facility executive. SCP-11956 is effective while sealed, thusly is suggested to not to be handled manually, apart from creating a new instance of SCP-11956.

Manners: Foundation members are to be courteous to SCP-11956-2. Any requests made by SCP-11956 must be approved by the facility manager with requisition form RD-ID-11956-. Failing to properly file paperwork will result in immediate termination. Foundation members that prove to irritate SCP-11956-2 to the point of making SCP-11956 become offline are to be reviewed.

1-E: SCP-11956-2 is to be housed in a humanoid containment cell at Humanoid Containment Site-06-3. SCP-11956 is to be housed separate from SCP-11956, with the exemption of the creation of a new SCP-11956-2 instance. In the event that SCP-11956 must be brought to Humanoid Containment Site-06-3, SCP-11956 is to be moved in a nonmetallic containment device. Wheelchair-11956 has been designated for use of SCP-11956-2’s transport, having been constructed of a nonmetallic silicon-based plastic. If SCP-11956 cannot be properly contained away from SCP-11956-2 due to a site breach, SCP-11956 is to be terminated.

Gas event: The glass walls of SCP-11956-2’s chamber is spaced to allow airflow into SCP-11956-2’s cell. In the event of immediate termination or to administer a substance, these panels may be closed. After closing the panels, administration of substances via atomized particulate may be administered. In the event of SCP-11956-2 not taking its heart medication, this system is not to be used to subdue it.

1-F: Specialized protective equipment (SPE): Nonconductive suits, Series 920-TMG rebreather, 1 5ft nonconductive crescent pole.

1-G: In the event of SCP-706 or any other non-facility personnel interacting with SCP-11956-2, SCP-11956-2 is to have their left arm tied by a nonconductive material behind their back. An exemption to this rule is when testing SCP-11956-2. In the event of SCP-706 visiting SCP-11956-2, SCP-11956’s cell must be made to accommodate SCP-706’s fragile skin.
See SCP-706 On-site links.

1-H: SCP-11956-2 is to be denied visitors while SCP-11956 is in transport.

1-I: Individuals who are to come into contact with SCP-11956-2 are to be isolated from all information pertaining to SCP-11956 for ten days. Individuals are not allowed to document any information about SCP-11956-2 within 10 days of contact, regardless of skin to skin contact.

1-J: Under no circumstances are firearms permitted to subdue SCP-11956-2. In the event that SCP-11956-2 becomes charged, a liquid mercury atomized dispersion device may be used to lower SCP-11956-2’s temperature.

Description: Moved to Site-6-3 2011. SCP-11956’s origins are unknown as SCP-11956-2 is unwilling to give this information. SCP-11956 is a glass broach lined with the teeth of 10 separate children originating from eastern Europe in 1114 A.D. SCP-11956-2 appears as an older Romanian woman possibly around her late eighties. SCP-11956-2 identifies as Ioana Serban, though no records can prove this. Records do support instances of SCP-11956-2 appearing in modern day France and most recently the United States of America, immigrating in the late 1920’s.

2-A: Contact with SCP-11956-2 via skin to skin is highly unrecommended. SCP-11956-2 will immediately know the future of the individual’s next 10 days and all events they can see or hear during this time in an instant. If SCP-11956 or other acts to alter this reality, SCP-11956 retains the original premonition but not that of the new future. Alternatively, SCP-11956-2 will drain the individual of their ATP as well as other kinetic sources of energy. The result is instantaneous loss of brain function and death. High amounts of kinetic energy such as gunfire or open flames can result in SCP-11956-2 to actively seek out this source of energy to charge its self. Such sources of energy are ineffective at harming SCP-11956-2. When SCP-11956-2 has absorbed over 10,254 watts of energy, it may discharge the energy by grasp of her hand causing severe electrical damage. It has yet to be determined the extent of how much energy SCP-11956-2 may absorb. While in this state, SCP-11956-2 is considered charged. Energy absorbed by SCP-11956 may only be transferred via skin contact with SCP-11956-2.

2-B: Additionally, when SCP-11956-2 grasps an individual via skin to skin contact with both of its hands, the individual is teleported to be grasping SCP-11956 while it is live. SCP-11956 may turn SCP-11956 offline or online at will, while awake. Individuals touching SCP-11956 via skin contact, immediately make SCP-11956-2 aware of the location of SCP-11956. If an individual is teleported to SCP-11956 while another individual is holding it via skin contact, the individual holding SCP-11956 with teleport to be holding both of SCP-11956’s hands.

Absorption Quality: SCP-11956 hold interest in the eyes of the foundation for its dampening quality. Many energy or reality altering instances cease to function within 10.58976 meters of SCP-11956 and SCP-11956-2. Due to this and the fragile nature of SCP-11956, care must be undertaken to not damage SCP-11956. Conductive surfaces such as metal are slowly broken down within skin contact with SCP-11956-2 over many days as it absorbs the energy from the substance. Touching a conductive substance while SCP-11956-2 is in skin contact with it fails to provide any results. While SCP-11956 is in a charged state, steel as thick as 8ft can be dismantled in seconds.

SCP-11956-2 Personality: It is very dangerous, clever and resourceful. It appears to be motivated by financial and tangible things. SCP-11956-2 will cooperate with foundation staff if given exemptions from standard treatment of SCP. Threatening the destruction of SCP-11956 is no longer effective as SCP-11956-2 has figured out the importance of SCP-11956. SCP-11956-2’s obsession with SCP-706 is seen as healthy for SCP-706. Dr. Summerland suspects that though a compassion does exist, that SCP-11956-2’s inability to interact with SCP-706 via skin to skin contact due to SCP-706’s skin, plays a role in the relationship. Given the opportunity, SCP-11956-2 will attempt to escape, mercilessly killing any foundation members it does not take kindly to. SCP-11956-2 will go out of its way to indulge in hunting staff in these events. SCP-11956-2 was once thought to just possess divinatory qualities prompting a safe classification.

3-A:Initially, SCP 11956 was classified as safe. Upon the entity allowing itself to be willingly captured proving to be a deadly ruse, its classification was changed to Euclid. Then, cooperation improved after the second breach, SCP-11956-2 was reclassified as Thaumiel. Let the event of ████████ being found dead in ████:███████████████████████ by ████████████ in which their ███████████ was not located █████████ in a distance of over 400 kilometers from Site-06-3 for failing to change the channel of the television held outside of SCP-11956-2’s cell be an example to staff to not underestimate it.

SCP-11956-2 Instances: As it appears as an elderly woman, so does SCP-11956-2 process the qualities of an elderly woman. Having severe heart problems and arthritis, SCP-11956-2 hosts last roughly two years each. When a female woman comes into skin to skin contact with SCP-11956 even once, the transformation process occurs. New hosts for SCP-11956-2 must have been through one ot more phytologically traumatizing event. Failing to meet these criteria result in death upon transfer to stage 5. SCP-11956-2 is not to select new hosts as it targets young girls aged 13 to 15 with green eyes, brutally murdering their known loved ones.

-Stage 1 (2-7 days): host begins to isolate themselves from a cold environment, seeking heat. Individuals forced to stay in lower temperatures will become agitated or violent.

-Stage 2 (8-14 days): host loses personality, gaining dementia like symptoms.

-Stage 3 (9-23 days): host begins to molt, becoming physically warped as they change their bone structure to resemble an elderly female.

-Stage 4 (24-26 days): The host has taken the form of an elderly woman. At this stage, the mind of SCP-11956-2 has taken over the host.

-Stage 5 (27 days): The host has become the SCP, with access to SCP-11956's limited divination and absorption.

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