Dr sygin

Item-scp-6999(dragon wolf)

Object class: Keter

Special containment procedures: scp-6999 is to be contained in a 30 by 30 foot long cell lined with 6 inch thick aluminum walls at all sides and must be checked for damage every 2 weeks. And to have 3 high rank mtf guards guarding its containment cell 24/7 for any changes in its behavior. And it also must be monitored on a camera 24/7 as scp-6999 has attempted to breach containment multiple times and has succeeded about 9 times in the past. And scp-6999 is contained at site -6.And only personal with level 4 or higher May have access to scp-6999 and if any lower want access must get permission from 3 - O5 members.It was discovered in (Redacted) in Western Europe in a field after reports of farm animals and kids going missing and only the victims heads were left behind and were missing there eyes .

Description: scp-6999 is a wolf like creature that’s head is kind of dragon like and it has three heads and extreme durability and regeneration and some spots on its legs look like fire color and it eyes glow bright like lava but it seems to have no puples and it’s tail seems to have sharp points on the end that it would seem to use to stab its prey mostly in the heart or skull . It also has 2 sets of long needle like teeth to tare the flesh of its victims. And it’s saliva seems to be very acidic and will melt the skin off you if it touches you. Resent testing has reveled a new property about scp-6999 when it was enter acting with 05 council member (redacted ) and instead of acting aggressive towards (redacted ) showed extreme affection towards (redacted) .

Testing : 3 D-class were put into scp-6999 containment cell to see how scp-6999 would react to there presence. Scp-6999 didn’t notice the D-class till they got with in 20 inches of it and then scp-6999 suddenly got up and barked a low deep bark at them as a warning. D -class were told to continue approaching scp-6999 . And when the D-class got with in 10 inches of scp-6999 it lunged at them with extreme amount of speed and tore all 3 D-class with in less then 1 min and feasted on there body’s but left there heads behind. And then scp-6999 suddenly used it claws to (redacted) the head of the D-class and then it returned to a docile stat.

Interview log 5:

Interviewer: so scp-6999 what is your purpose?

Scp-6999: growling

Interviewer: come on scp-6999 I know you can talk you have before.

Scp:6999: ugh fine and my purpose is to destroy .

Interviewer: were did you come from?

Scp:6999 :same as any other wolf.

Interviewer: do you have any past experience with scp-682?

Scp -6999 suddenly starts to attack the interviewer and scp-6999 is trancqulized .

(End of log)