Item #: SCP-4374

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: due to the nature of SCP-4374 it cannot be fully contained at this time. Any reports of mass shootings,terrorist attacks and prison riots must be investigated for influence of SCP-4374. if found misinformation campaign X5-RAMBO is to be put in effect. If SCP-4374 has been confirmed to have affected subject (now referred to SCP-4374-1) mobile task force lota-10 (“Damn Feds”) and Mobile Task Force Lambda-5 (“White Rabbits”) must be dispatched to SCP-4374-1 for questioning and if needed containment of subject if still in influence of SCP-4374. Due to the dangers of SCP-4374 anyone who is found with possible influence of SCP-4374 is to be detained for intensive interrogation and questioning. If found to be affected SCP-4374-1 is to be put in Solitary confinement for a minimum 3 months to 12 months. Since discovery SCP-4374 has been linked to [REDACTED] deaths. As of ██/██/1███ there have been ████ SCP-4374-1 instances. If an SCP-4374-1 event is confirmed foundation agents must be dispatched to the area to if possible capture the target. Due to the dangers of SCP-4374 it is a top priority to intervene with subject. If anyone has interacted with subject they’re to be quarantine for 5 to 10 days due to the chance of becoming SCP-4374-1. No foundation personal level 3 or higher are to come within 5 meters of the subject to avoid becoming an instance of SCP-4374-1.
As of ██/██/20██ research into terminating 95% of SCP-4374-1 is ongoing

Description: SCP-4374 has thus far proven difficult to fully identify It is possibly an infohazard ,idea,phenomenon,parasite or an entity that affects a single or multiple individuals at a time (although it is more rare). SCP-4374 is infectious at a rate of 12.5 percent at 2 meters away per day from subject and 1% away at 5 meters per week. The changes to the subject now referred to as SCP-4374-1 at first have been noted to be subtle where they wouldn’t be noticeable. Around 1 month to 3 months after infection the subject will start to distance themselves from friends and family and start doing antisocial behavior at around 4 to 5 months this includes shoplifting,vandalism and assault :note around 15% of subjects do not have anti social behavior like the 85% do instead they will become paranoid and depressed and in 20% of subjects will commit suicide around 6-12 months subject will do one of two things one and most common SCP-4374-1 will gather weapons or anything and start killing people within a short amount of time usually 1 to 2 hours most deaths caused by an instance of SCP-4374 was ████ in [REDACTED] america what is noteable about this period is they will speak in Latin,will at least torture one person by whatever means they have and they will [REDACTED] the person .the most noticed symptoms is interviews and thoughout infection they say one of two things [DATA REDACTED DUE TO INFECTIOUS INFOHAZARD]. In the other case the subject will be unaffected by SCP-4374 but 5% of cases the subject was still able to infect others. Subject has to meet certain requirements to be possible of infection which is shown in document 4374-A which has been obtained from multiple interviews.

Interview 4368-1-A VIDEO RECORDING

Interviewed 4368-1.███ a 17 year old girl from [REDACTED]

Interviewer: Dr Will

Foreword: 4368-1.███ was caught by the police after shooting up an apartment building that left 24 people dead and 12 injured X5-RAMBO was put into place after the shooting and SCP-4374-1 was found and put into containment after 20 days when she displayed symptoms of infection.

<Begin log>

sounds of footsteps followed by door code being put in. door opens and dr Will sits down
At this point SCP-4374-1.███ stood up looking fearful

SCP-4374-1.███: p-please don’t hurt m-me i didn’t do anything wrong

Proceeds to cry

Dr. Will: Hey no one here is going to hurt you. You can trust me alright please sit down i just want to ask a few questions is that alright with you

SCP-4374-1.███: Y-yes

Dr. Will: alright then why did you kill those people 4 of them were your friends
SCP-4374-1.███ remains silent for 30 seconds and looks at the floor

Dr. Will: are you sure you want to do this interview now?

SCP-4374-1.███:[pause] y-yes but they’re here

Dr. Will: who is here?

SCP-4374-1.███ remains silent for 2 minutes unresponsive to questioning

Dr. Will: I think we should postpone the interview. Guards take her back to her cell

Dr Will now gestures to the guards to remove SCP-4374-1.███ guards grab SCP-4374-1.███
At this point SCP-4374-1.███ takes one of the security guards 1911 and shoots Dr Will in the chest 3 times and shooting both guards in the neck they were killed within 10 seconds before breaching containment. At this time all personnel are warned of SCP-4374 containment breach. For 20 minutes SCP-4374-1.███ is seen roaming the facility before being terminated by four facility guards. She was shot 25 times before dying. Dr will was found in the [REDACTED] part of the site. He lost 35% of his blood and one of the bullets damaged his left kidney. Dr Will was rushed to the medical facility where he was treated and then quarantined for 2 months. Dr Will made a full recovery but lost some of his memory due to him hitting his head as he fell on the ground.

Interviewer’s note: it has been 3 months since this interview has been done and yet we are getting more people affected i think we might have to use more foundation resources for this scp as it is hard to pinpoint affected until they have committed the attack so i urge we try and use what we know to contain these people and help them.

Document 4374-A Characteristics shared by SCP-4374-1

Between ages 11 and 40 years of age
Haven’t commited serious crimes yet
Iq of over 110
Strong fascination on guns,knives and military equipment
Extreme sudden emotional changes
Compulsive liar
Suffering from CPTSD
40% women 60% male

Note from Dr Sythe
After analysis of SCP-4374 i have given the Keter designation why? well have you ever wondered why people kill each other in mass amounts? In a short amount of time like school shooters and terrorists? Well SCP-4374 is the answer we do not know how long it has been around but this is true SCP-4374 has killed more people than most things you can imagine but let me say this you might be thinking why don’t we just contain one instance and problem solved just have a drone or machine help it that will never work cause we tested as you read and that it can affect people behind walls and through solid objects. But put this into account most affected people of this become unaffected but it is a huge number that go unchecked and lets say 100 people are affected and the rarer option happens where they are fine most likely 5 of them will be affected now the infection rate is low but put into account that these people will go into populated areas so the infection will continue. Now my proposal is too find these people and terminate them they are too dangerous and may cause a ik class end of civilization event if enough people become infected.
Dr Sythe to 05 council

Dr Sythe has petitioned for termination of most SCP-4374 instances when discovered as the 05 council we have agreed to your plan to start the termination of 95% of confirmed infected individuals this will in turn cause the deaths of [REDACTED] infected across the world. The method of the termination of the infected is to release a airborne pathogen that targets the DNA of the affected but we need time to fund and research so this mustn’t go wrong. Unless we are to cause an possible XK.

addendum 4374-01

as of ██/██/20██ testing of the airborne pathogen has resulted in mild success but causes non affected to have a 25% chance of sterilization more research is needed to avoid a major change in the earth's population

addendum 4374-02
foreword: these experiments are to see if infection of SCP-4374 will not only affect the mind of a affected but the physical body as well since the first interview the subject showed training of the average US army soldier and possible increase in intelligence these experiments will hopefully give us an understanding on this SCP but they need to be approve since we may get affected

experiment log has been denied by the 05 council due to the possibly that a major containment breach happens since one of the experiments could cause further infection or worse the site being taken over. put all attention with SCP-4374's termination and containment.