Dr Theodore

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4238 is currently contained in a 6m x 6m x 6m incubation chamber, at Biological Containment Site-103. Only atheist individuals [see incident 4238-2] of 03 levels or higher may enter the incubation chamber at the request of the head of Anomalous Biology (currently) Dr. Creed. When entering the incubation chamber the individual must be stripped of any religious or sentimental items and will don a new coat. [see incident 4238-A]

Once entering the incubation chamber of SCP-4238 the individual must refrain from any religious thoughts, and must not by any means get any blood on SCP-4238 or it’s surrounding soil [see incident 4238-B] Individuals are permitted to bring in a flashlight as long as it is not there own, individuals must also make sure they do not believe the flashlight is something that will ‘protect them’ or ‘keep them safe’ as all individuals expressing this behavior have not been permitted to enter SCP-4238 incubation chamber.

Description: SCP-4238 is a brown bush of unknown genus. It is described as being dry, rough or dead with something about it being ‘inherently wrong’ when questioned about this further every person who is asked will answer “no it's too cold.” When the temperature was measured it came back at the normal human body temp of 37°C or 98.6°F.

SCP-4238 was first brought to the Foundation's attention on ██/██/20██ when a backpacker exploring the remote parts of ████, Egypt disappeared. The Egyptian government alerted the foundation when the body of James ██████ was found. An autopsy of the corpse revealed that the body had begun to ████ from the inside out. There was a thin coating of carbon on the exterior of the body. Several ██████████ like bodies were found near the body which all ██ of which were brought in for analysis and subsequently burned.

The Biological branch of the Mobile Task Force known as the Rancid Fox was deployed to contain SCP-4238 and discovered that SCP-4238 cast a ‘reverse shadow’ known as SCP-4238-1. When a light was shone onto SCP-4238 the shadow would appear on the side the light was shone. It was revealed in later tests that with prolonged exposure to SCP-4238-1 the rate at which one would suffer the effects of sunlight deficiency would be increased.

Praying in a ██ meter radius of SCP-4238 will result in SCP-4238 catching fire. Having any belief in a higher power or having objects that represent a certain religion be brought within a 5-meter radius will also cause SCP-4238 to ignite. The temperature of the fire has varied the lowest being █°C and the highest ███°C which caused a substantial amount of damage to the incubation chamber which subsequently had to be repaired. No new containment breach has been recorded.

Furthermore, when a branch of SCP-4238 was attempted to be cut off for analysis, the disconnected branch instantly ignited. The temperature recorded was ██°C which immediately caused 3rd-degree burns on the D-class’ hand. The branch burned for █ seconds until it extinguished. The ashes of which revealed no further information on the nature of SCP-4238. The branch was then instantly regrown within approximately 1█ seconds.


[Testing of 4238-1A]

A plant placed in SCP-4238-1 revered to aerobic respiration in under 10 minutes and died in ██ minutes.

[Incident 4238-2A]

Dr. Creed authorized the testing of SCP-4238-1 on D██ however did not anticipate the individual being spiritual which lead to the second containment breach ever faced at Biological Containment Site-103. As soon as D██ entered a 5-meter radius of SCP-4238 D██ immediately began praying to the bush and whilst doing so SCP-4238 began to catch fire. After █ minutes D██ became semi-transparent and will henceforth be known as SCP-4238-2. After rewatching video surveillance SCP-4238-2 was heard mumbling passages from the Qur’an. SCP-4238-2 was able to pass through walls and easily escaped containment, all projectiles fired by security personnel went through SCP-4238-2 and a ceasefire was ordered by Dr. Creed as there was a high risk of friendly fire. After 3 minutes SCP-4238-2 collapsed and became opaque again. {SCP-4238-2 was taken in for questioning held for 3 days in an isolation chamber then terminated} It is currently unknown why this is so however Sgt █████ believes it has something to do with the time changing to 01:17 however no one can currently find a connection. By the time SCP-4238-2 was contained SCP-4238 was no longer on fire and was still at human core temperature.

[Testing of 4238-1B]

Dr. Creed authorized another test using D-Class personnel that has no religious affiliation. D██ was selected for the operation and was run through detailed analysis to ensure they had no spiritual beliefs. D██ was then brought to the incubation chamber of SCP-4238 and was stripped of all physical possessions and given a standard 02 lab coat. D██ was instructed to lie in 4238-1 and was given a torch to assist them. D██ turned on the torch and lied his leg in 4238-1 for █ minutes when they began to alert the staff of a pain they were feeling in their leg. (This pain was most likely due to vitamin D deficiency.) D██ was instructed to continue and was told that the pain in their leg was normal. After ██ minutes D██ noted they could no longer feel their leg. Dr. Creed then instructed D██ to place his head in 4238-1. D██ complied and after █ minutes stated he could no longer see. Dr. Creed then instructed D██ to remove his head from 4238-1 where he stated he could still not see. (Note: D██ is permanently blind and is currently learning braille for future experiments.)

[Incident 4238-A]

Following the events of the incident, 4238-2 Archbishop █████ was called to Biological Containment Site-103. He was requested to see if any correlation could be found between SCP-4238 and the burning bush of the old testament. Archbishop █████ came to the conclusion that the bush was indeed a sign of God which Dr. Creed dismissed. When Archbishop █████ requested to see SCP-4238 the request was denied. Dr. Creed remembers faintly the Archbishop giving him rosary beads which he later gave to Dr. Kowalski to dispose of. Dr. Kowalski failed to do so and held high sentimental value towards the rosary beads as she believed that Dr. Creed had just given them to her. On 14/██/20██ Dr. Kowalski entered the incubation chamber of SCP-4238 and as video surveillance shows immediately combusted along with SCP-4238 for ██ minutes until both Dr. Kowalski and SCP-4238 where no longer inflamed. Upon entering SCP-4238’s incubation chamber to collect the ashes of Dr. Kowalski, Sgt█████ noted that despite every other part of Dr. Kowalski being incinerated the rosary beads were unscathed. (Note: From that point on no 02 personnel were permitted into SCP-4238 chamber.)

[Incident 4238-B]

D██ is instructed to cut himself near the SCP-4238. (Note: This experiment was based on the recent information gathered by Rancid Fox, that traces of blood matching that of James █████ was found in the soil near where SCP-4238 was recovered.) After cutting himself, D██ was then instructed to spread his blood in the soil surrounding SCP-4238. Once this objective was completed D██ complained that it felt as if his blood was moving inside his veins. After █ minutes SCP-4238 caught fire and from D██ wound 13 snakes emerged. D██ lost consciousness from shock immediately. (Note: the snakes are labeled phonetically ie. 4238-Alpha) . Only 4238-Charlie and 4238-Hotel were kept alive the rest were subsequently killed and brought in for autopsies then incinerated.



Interviewed: SCP-4238-2

Interviewer: Dr. Creed

Foreword: Dr. Creed settles SCP-4238-2 into a calm state and undergoes interrogation. SCP-4238-2 seems dysfunctional and can only speak in Arabic. A rough translation is provided by onboard staff Dr. M██████, written in all capitals to show translation.

[Begin Log.> 02:46 12/██/20██]

Dr. Creed: How are you feeling, are you feeling okay?

4238-2: نعم انا بخير (YES I’M FINE)

Dr. Creed: Are you aware you’re speaking Arabic?

(Subject looks confused)

Dr. Creed: Did you hear me?

4238-2:نعم فعلا. لا بد لي من الوعظ طريق الرب (YES. I MUST PREACH THE WAY OF THE LORD)

Dr. Creed: This Lord of whom you speak is it God?

4238-2: بمعنى ما (IN A SENSE)

Dr. Creed: Is the SCP-4238 ‘the lord’?

4238-2: لا (NO)

Dr. Creed: Is SCP-343 ‘The Lord’?

(Subject slams hands on tables and begins rambling incoherently, at which point security personnel moves in to retrain the subject.)

Dr. Creed: We'll continue this tomorrow.

[End Log.> 14:50 12/██/20██]


Interviewed: SCP-4238-2

Interviewer: Dr. Creed

Foreword: Following the events of INTERVIEW SCP-4238-01A no mention of SCP-343 is permitted around SCP-4238-2 and following incident 4238-A no religious items or sentimental items are permitted within the isolation chamber of SCP-4238-2. Dr. M██████ is still providing a rough translation until a proper translator can be transferred to the facility. Dr. Creed was stripped and given a fresh coat before entering.

[Begin Log.> 15:29 13/██/20██]

Dr. Creed: Have you settled down from yesterday?

4238-2: لم يذكر الآلهة الزائفة مرة أخرى (DO NOT MENTION FALSE GODS AGAIN)

Dr. Creed: I won't. Now can you tell me, what do you think about SCP-076 and SCP-073?

4238-2: One is a traitor that is atoning for sins it cannot the other is a weapon of The Lord.

(note how SCP-4238-2 is now speaking English again.)

Dr. Creed: What does your ‘lord’ know of SCP-001?

(SCP-4238-2 began mumbling in a language that was unknown to both Dr. Creed, Dr. M██████ and the translator that came a day after.)

4238-2: ليس هناك فكرة (NO IDEA)

(Subject became unresponsive immediately after this.)

Dr. Creed: Keep him for one more day, if he does anything of note contact me, in the meantime termination is to occur in 48 hours.

[End Log.> 15:50 13/██/20██]


Note: Dr █████ seems disinterested talking about SCP-4238, using comedy as a coping mechanism, Dr. Creed is not amused. Dr. █████ also appears unsettled with Dr. Creed’s rude exit.

Interviewed: Dr. █████

Interviewer: Dr. Creed

[Begin Log.> 17:09 20/██/20██]

Foreword: Dr. █████ was there during the events of incident 4238-B and was the lead doctor in the autopsy of Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Golf, India, Juliet, Kilo, Lima, and Mike. Dr. █████ also was the lead doctor on the now terminated 4238-2.

Dr. █████: Do you ever get tired of doing interviews? Ever wondered what it's like in my seat ████?

Dr. Creed: The only time I'll sit there is if I’ve killed someone of value, or am being interrogated, neither of which I'm particularly fond of. Also, I’m the one who’s supposed to be asking questions so if you could refrain from asking me anymore non related questions that would help, also, refrain from using my first name it will help the redactor a lot.

Dr. █████: Right, I’ll keep that in mind. Well, where to begin?

Dr. Creed: The incident, tell me about it.

Dr. █████: You were there so what is there to say?

Dr. Creed: For the log.

Dr. █████: Right for the log. Well, when the D-Class began shooting snakes out of his arms that's when I got concerned.

Dr. Creed: Can you please take this seriously.

Dr. █████: Oh, of course. Look, when you see the shit I've seen. When you chop open the amount D-Class I have pulling out intestines that have been replaced with snakes hearts that never cool you realize sarcasm and comedy are the best medication to keep you from going insane.

Dr. Creed: There seems to be a snake theme with SCP, what's your take on that.

Dr. █████: Always looking at fine details, Creed. The theme of snakes seems very biblical, the Qur’an speak and the whole fear of 343 I'm assuming the SCP’s redacted from the second document where Cain and Abel so, I would assume on my doctorate that this bush that clearly resembles the burning bush of the bible is somehow associated with the burning bush or at least whoever keeps track of all the spiritual entities.

Dr. Creed: So what you’re saying is there is a higher force responsible for 4238, 076, 073, 343, etc.

Dr. █████: Honestly. I don’t know. It could be that 343 is responsible for all of this, but then you have 4238-2’s comments. I don’t know Creed.

Dr. Creed: As I expected. Now let's talk about 4238-Charlie and 4238-Hotel.

Dr. █████: As you expec… Forget it. 4238-Charlie and 4238-Hotel along with their brethren seemed to resemble serpentine from the Ophiophagus genus. They consisted of flesh and tissue that matched the DNA of the now terminated D██. When I autopsied both D██ his flesh, tissue and nerves had been stripped away in similar to that of James █████, the first known victim of SCP-4238. The exit wound where D██ cut himself did not get any larger as the snakes exited the body in single file.

Dr. Creed: Excellent. Thank for your time.

(Dr. Creed stands and exits the room, leaving Dr █████ by himself)

[End Log.> 17:21 20/██/20██]

After 9 days of close study 4238-Charlie and Hotel requested to be moved to Containment Site ██ for further containment by Head Anomalous Biology Dr. Creed. No issues have been noted from on-site staff.